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Money talks: Send your kid to cybersecurity school

Parents may want to think about cybersecurity as an alternative to medicine and law for their ambitious college-bound kids.

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NotPetya ransomware hits hospitals, while Shadow Brokers touts its July VIP service

U.S. hospitals were hit by the NotPetya ransomware—despite a vaccine already being available—while the Shadow Brokers touts its July dump of the month and its VIP service.

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Microsoft plugs another critical hole in Windows Defender

Microsoft patched a critical RCE vulnerability in its Malware Protection Engine that could have been exploited without any user interaction.

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U.S. defense contractor arrested for giving U.S. secrets to Chinese operatives

Kevin Mallory, a U.S. defense contractor, was arrested for allegedly passing secret and top secret U.S. documents to Chinese intelligence.

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Ohio government websites defaced by pro-ISIS hackers

Team System DZ hackers defaced at least 12 government websites in three states, with Ohio suffering the most defacements on Sunday.

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Developer uses code to get revenge on tech support and IRS scammers

Tech support and IRS scams have become as common as random emails proclaiming that you've won the lottery, or emails from prince in some foreign land who wants to share their wealth. One potential victim used a bit of code to take...

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Even weak hackers can pull off a password reset MitM attack via account registration

Even weak attackers can pull off a password reset man-in-the-middle attack by getting you to register at a new website.

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It's time to upgrade to TLS 1.3 already, says CDN engineer

Businesses dragging their heels over rolling out TLS 1.2 on their website might have an excuse to delay a little longer: Version 1.3 of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption protocol will be finalized later this year, and...

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Cybersecurity job market to suffer severe workforce shortage

10 facts, figures and statistics summarize the cybersecurity labor market.

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Banks and Fed sites score as least trustworthy in OTA 2017 security and privacy audit

60% of banks and US government sites analyzed for security and privacy received failing grades in one or more category during the Online Trust Alliance's 2017 audit.

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198 million American voter records found unprotected on the internet

Thanks to a third-party’s misconfigured server, the personal information of 198 million American voters – the largest known leak of voter records – was stored on a public server and could have been downloaded by anyone without needing...

Reckless abuse (again) of surveillance spyware that was sold to governments

Another case of NSO Group surveillance spyware Pegasus, which is sold to governments to secretly infect phones, being used recklessly to try to spy on reporters, a minor, and human rights defenders.


CEO lies, commits fraud, and yes, the startup craters

WrkRiot CEO Isaac Choi was indicted for defrauding the employees of his tech startup.

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Republican data analytics firm exposes voting records on 198 million Americans

Researcher Chris Vickery has discovered nearly 200 million voter records in an unsecured Amazon S3 bucket maintained by Deep Root Analytics (DRA), a big data analytics firm that helps advertisers identify audiences for political ads....

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Hackers attacked 4 Florida school districts, allegedly hoped to hack voting systems

Hackers who targeted four Florida school districts also allegedly wanted to hack state voting systems.

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It's time to update XP, Windows Server 2003 despite Microsoft's emergency patch

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are supposed to be dead, but Microsoft's emergency update to address serious vulnerabilities gives organizations another excuse to hang on to these legacy operating systems a little longer.

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IDG Security Day features events in 9 countries

On June 21, IDG Enterprise will follow the sun and discuss the challenges organizations across the globe face when attempting to identify or mitigate risk. To do this, IDG has organized Security Day, a global event that is coming to...

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DHS and FBI issue alert about North Korean 'Hidden Cobra' hackers

DHS and FBI warn about North Korean 'Hidden Cobra' hackers, give details about the group’s DDoS botnet DeltaCharlie.

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Crash Override: Malware that took down a power grid may have been a test run

Meet Crash Override, aka Industroyer, malware designed to attack power grids and responsible for the partial power outage in Kiev.


South Korean web hosting company infected by Erebus ransomware

An Erebus ransomware attack hit Nayana web hosting company and infected thousands of South Korean sites. The ransom demand is astronomically high.

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