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Adobe announces end-of-life for Flash, the InfoSec world cheers

Support for Flash Player will end in 2020, so now is the time for website owners to migrate from it.

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Police, municipalities are using highly insecure Bright City app

Researcher claims the Bright City app, meant to be used by cops, local governments and citizens, lacks security controls and exposes data.

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Las Vegas UPS Store makes risk adjustments due to DEF CON

The UPS Store in Caesars Palace is preparing to host thousands of hackers this weekend by issuing a warning to hotel guests who are looking for printing services – no USB printing and no links.

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Configuration errors blamed for sensitive data exposed via Google Groups

Researchers at RedLock, working within the Cloud Security Intelligence team, say they've discovered hundreds of organizations exposing sensitive data via Google Groups, pinning the cause on basic configuration issues.

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U.S. company will implant microchips in employees

A Wisconsin company wants to implant RFID microchips in employee "volunteers," saying the microchipping of humans is "inevitable."

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Hacker made off with over 5.5M Social Security numbers

Personally identifiable information of 6,367,467 users from 10 states was exposed when America's JobLink Alliance Technical Support was breached.

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Oracle’s monster update emphasizes flaws in critical business applications

Oracle hasn’t been “just” a database company in a long time, and nowhere is that more evident than in its quarterly critical patch update release, where the bulk of the fixes are in business applications like PeopleSoft and E-Business...

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Scammers demand Bitcoin in DDoS extortion scheme, deliver empty threats

The FBI has issued an advisory to businesses over a recent string of DDoS extortion attempts. The perpetrators are claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous or Lizard Squad, and their demands threaten sustained attacks unless a Bitcoin...

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Hackers can remotely control, hijack a Segway MiniPro hoverboard

Leading up to the Black Hat conference, IOActive shows how a Segway Ninebot MiniPro hoverboard can be hijacked.

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Hacker allegedly stole $7.4 million worth of Ether in 3 minutes

A hacker allegedly stole $7.4 million worth of the cryptocurrency Ether in three minutes during CoinDash's Token Sale.

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Top 10 phishing email subject lines that launch ransomware

Give this list of top 10 most-clicked phishing email subject lines to your employees, then go phish yourself.

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Elon Musk’s top cybersecurity concern: Preventing a fleet-wide hack of Teslas

Elon Musk discussed his top security concern, preventing a fleet-wide hack of Teslas, and the AI threat to humanity.

Election 2016 teaser - Lack of trust in a broken election or divided vote

White House released voter-fraud commenters' sensitive personal information

The White House published voter-fraud comments, including voters' sensitive personal information.

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Hackers again stole guests' credit card data from Trump Hotels

Trump Hotels admitted that hackers stole credit card and other sensitive data about guests who stayed at 14 Trump properties; the third-party reservation booking system was breached.


Kaspersky Lab denies leaked emails prove it has been working with Russia’s FSB

Bloomberg says leaked emails prove Kaspersky Lab has closer ties to Russia than the cybersecurity firm has acknowledged. Kaspersky claims that is not true.

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Smart home device calls cops during domestic dispute

A smart device is being credited for potentially saving a life when it misheard what was said, took it as a command and called the cops.

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Insider wreaks havoc on company—after he resigns

Over the course of several weeks, a former Navarro Security employee used off-the-shelf tools to destroy files, compromise email and redirect the company's web traffic to a competitor.

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11 tips to prevent phishing

From rewarding employees for savvy security smarts, to showing them how breaches are relevant to their every-day duties, we've got the phishing prevention tips you need.

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