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Is a truce possible in the ad-blocking war?

Online advertisers and ad-blocking software makers don’t have much nice to say about one another. But amid the antagonistic rhetoric, both sides agree there is room for compromise – by making the user experience a priority.

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Women make their mark in national cyber competition

A growing number of female students contribute to the success of top performing teams

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IT leaders pick productivity over security

Implementing security measures can make systems run slower and essentially bog down productivity, which is causing some enterprises to abandon effective security measures. Two recent studies highlight the severity of lacking...


The expanding landscape of exploit kits

Angler, Magnitude, and Nuclear are a few of the most commonly used exploit kits criminals are using to deliver a variety of payloads from botnets to ransomware.

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Thousands of taxpayers affected by W-2 Phishing attacks this year

Thousands of taxpayers have been impacted by a wave of Phishing attacks targeting W-2 records, with more than sixty organizations reporting such incidents this year alone. By taking advantage of the trust relationships that exist...

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Is this the nuclear power hack we've all feared? Hardly.

Bavarian nuclear power plant discovers malware.

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Qatar National Bank claims customer data released by hackers is authentic

Qatar National Bank has admitted that its systems were hacked but said that the information released online was a combination of data picked up from the attack and from other sources such as social media.

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Salted Hash Rehashed: The weekly news recap for April 30, 2016

Welcome to the weekend! SWIFT attacks, Ransomware, Daesh hackers, and Doxing are just some of the topics in this week's report covering news and items of note for the week of April 30, 2016. Today marks the first post for Salted Hash...

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Toy maker’s website pushed growing CryptXXX ransomware threat

The website of toy maker Maisto was infected with malicious code that distributed CryptXXX, a new and increasingly widespread ransomware program.

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IBM offers advice on how to secure blockchain in the cloud

Cloud providers hosting the blockchain secure transactions technology should take additional security steps to protect those records, IBM recommends

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CISOs need to pay attention to IoT security spending

If these IoT security spending forecasts and cybercrime figures prove out, then CISOs and IT security executives will have some explaining to do. The big question they'll have to answer: Why did they underspend on protecting IoT...

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Supreme Court approves rule change that expands FBI computer search powers

The Supreme Court has adopted amendments to a rule to give judges the authority to issue warrants to remotely search computers whose locations are concealed using technology.

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Got ransomware? These tools may help

Ransomware on your system and no backups? Ouch. Check out publicly available decryptor tools and see if they can save you

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How to tell if you've been hit by fake ransomware

Ransomware is no joke, but sometimes, amateur attackers use 'pretend' ransomware -- and you can get your data back easily

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Phishing apps posing as popular payment services infiltrate Google Play

Researchers from security firm PhishLabs found 11 phishing applications hosted on Google Play this year, targeting users of popular online payment services.

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In the digital enterprise, everyone is a security newb

The responsibility of securing the extended network falls on more than just the security practitioners.

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Is your healthcare organization leaking data?

Recent news headlines and research has illustrated that healthcare organizations are either leaking data from various servers and medical devices or they are being hit with ransomware. This article looks at some of the reasons why...

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Security pros concerned about Facebook payment expansion

Facebook's Messenger app has allowed users to send money to friends using their debit cards since last spring, but recent reports indicate that Facebook may be considering a move into the retail payments space as well, following in...

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