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Obama's cybersecurity recommendations a small step forward, but need teeth and political willpower

Last week's report by the nonpartisan Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity recommended training 100,000 new cybersecurity professionals and increasing federal R&D funding for cybersecurity by $4 billion over the next decade...

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What can CSOs learn from the Dyn attacks?

BitSight co-founder Stephen Boyer chats with CSO about key takeaways from the DNS attacks on Dyn, and how to prepare for future attacks

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Why security leaders need to embrace the concept of reasonable security now

Vanessa Henri explains the legal definition of reasonable security and why now is the time to embrace the concept and prepare

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Cybersecurity's crystal ball, 2017 predictions

As 2016 comes to a close, industry analysts and practitioners alike are thinking about how to prepare for what is to come

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Why cybersecurity companies fail at selling to CISOs... and what to do about it

One CISO is so fed up with cybersecurity vendors, he wrote a manifesto for them.


Microsoft can virtually teleport you from one place to another

Using a combination of mixed reality displays and 3D cameras, users of Microsoft's "Holoportation" technology can interact with remote participants as if they were in the same physical space.

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ProofPoint, Rapid7 and CyberArk lead the field of publicly-traded cybersecurity companies

Q3 2016 financial results are in for publicly-traded cybersecurity firms -- and three names outpaced the rest of the market: ProofPoint, Rapid7, and CyberArk.

Computerworld Tech Forecast 2017 [dart flying towards target]

Tech Forecast 2017: Hiring, budgets, disruptive tech and more

Senior tech execs are optimistic heading into 2017, but with budgets and head count flat, should IT workers be worried?

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Will data breach notification laws be good for partners?

Many think impending legislation would be a boon for industry but loopholes could make it toothless.

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Unwitting attacks from the inside

Employee involvement top causes of most expensive breaches

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Shall we care about zero-day?

Gartner says that 99% of exploited vulnerabilities are publicly known. Does it mean we can ignore zero-days?


4 great gifts for mobile professionals

These four gifts for gadget lovers are guaranteed not to be re-gifted.


In an emergency, this drone will sail to the ground on a parachute

The LRX drone by Altus Intelligence is built to be fool-proof, equipped with a number of redundant systems and a parachute when all else fails.

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Who has the most impact in driving security advancement?

Advancing security in the enterprise doesn't happen without the right people getting on board


For this drone, the high seas are home

Aerovel's Flexrotor drone is designed to work over oceans thanks to its ability to land and take-off vertically.

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Hospitals lack staff needed to combat cyber attacks

healthcare sector number one cyber attacked industry has a workforce shortage

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Does security awareness training need a new, stronger name?

Security awareness training can help change the security culture through ongoing attention on relevant topics like social engineering. Nevertheless, stale, old, awareness material certainly doesn’t help and too many programs keep...

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Facebook working with fact-checkers to weed out fake news

Returning to the controversy over fake news on the social networking site, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said over the weekend that the company was working with fact-checking organizations to put in place third-party verification of...

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