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Black Hat 2015
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I Am Henry the Eighth I Am (Not)

Many of us can be forgiven if the recent HBO hack has us recalling the Sony Pictures incident, singing ‘Second verse, same as the first.’ Pub culture aside, the HBO hack actually has little in common with the Sony incident. But HBO’s...

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The merging of enterprise and consumer identities means it’s time for a universal identity

The different ways enterprise and consumer identities are becoming even more similar and what we as a security community should do about that.

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Cost of insider threats vs. investment in proactive education and technology

When it comes to security, education- or technology-based solutions can potentially save organizations a significant amount of money.

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It’s time for defensive worms

In this article we explore the next generation of potential defense toolkits – defensive worms.

credit card fraud

Fraud stories, Part 1

Welcome to Fraud Stories, a new blog focused on digital identity and online fraud, one of the most defining issues of our day.


Cybersecurity maturity is growing up

Performing a cybersecurity maturity assessment on your organization's security will likely yield valuable insights.

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A quantum of solace

A digital weapon of mass destruction is just over the horizon. If corporate and government leaders were caught off guard during the recent ransomware attacks, this will truly terrify them.

hacking cybersecurity padlock motherboard

Balancing Trust and Safety with Growth

By using checkpoints, your trust and safety team can protect your customers, brand and bottom line, while continuing to enable rapid customer growth.

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How CIOs can avoid the next ransomware attack

A rash of recent ransomware and cyberattacks has shown clearly just how vulnerable many organizations are to inbound phish emails. Here's what CIOs can do to sidestep the Achilles heel of cybersecurity.

Mingis on Tech: The future of Enterprise devices

Mingis on Tech: Why companies are turning to 2-in-1s

Your next corporate computer may not be a traditional computer at all: it may well be a tablet or a hybrid laptop/tablet combo. Here's why.

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Can Shakespeare solve our messaging app crisis?

The messaging app Telegram announced earlier this week it was stepping up its efforts to thwart terrorism communication. A college literature professor may have the perfect solution for the problem.

Anonymized identity

The thorny issue of verifying humans

Customer identity access management and how verification of users is not working. A look at the concept of levels of assurance (LOA) as an integer based system that needs a rethink. How probability based identity is the way forward....

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Are your corporate cyber defenses adequate?

Most of the organizations I speak with are talking about cyber-risk these days, and for good reason. Unfortunately, many of them are doing a lot more talking than actually doing. Some of this is human nature – threats are “somebody...

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3 compliance considerations for containerized environments

Compliance needs to transition into an ongoing activity that can be done continuously through software and deliver both visibility and policy enforcement.

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Ghosts in the machine

On May 19, 1996, Leslie Isben Rogge become the first person on the 10 Most Wanted List to be apprehended due to the Internet. The FBI hasn’t been the same since.


4 questions new leaders should ask

Phil McKinney, president and CEO of CableLabs, Inc., offers up advice about the new set of skills required to be a successful leader.

Mobile management acronyms explained

Mobile management acronyms explained

Confused by the jumble of acronyms surrounding mobile device management? This video simply defines three key concepts: Mobile application management (MAM), enterprise mobility management (EMM) and unified endpoint management (UEM).

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Cybersecurity for Family Offices: Q&A with the director of the Global Family Office Group at Citi Private Bank

An interview with Edward Marshall, director, Global Family Office Group at Citi Private Bank. Jeremy King asks questions about how Family Offices deal with cybersecurity risks and threats.

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