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08 prediction

Top 15 security predictions for 2016

Cyber security experts and analysts weigh in on what the new year will bring in the world of evolving threats and solutions.

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Twitter warns users targeted by state-sponsored hackers

Twitter has warned some of its users that they may have been targeted in an attack by state-sponsored hackers.

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Physicians and social media – where there’s no second opinion

A patient can post just about anything they want about a physician. But physician’s may be violating HIPAA if they reply to their patient via social media.

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Infosec jobs: Use keywords to boost your LinkedIn ranking

Hiring experts share the keywords you must use to rise to the top of LinkedIn searches for security professionals.

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Facebook warns users of potential state-sponsored attacks

Facebook will now warn people if it has a strong suspicion an account is being targeted by a nation-state.

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The technocracy is over – innovation is here, plan your security accordingly

Information technology (IT) is going through an age of “technocracy” decline. Innovations in the IT sector have made way for various platforms that can be leveraged to support employees’ workflows and processes. As a result,...

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Fake LinkedIn profiles lure unsuspecting users

No doubt you've received a LinkedIn invitation from someone you don't know -- or you're not sure you know. Next time, you might want to think a little harder before accepting.


SocialRank focuses on data mining followers instead of content pulls in all of your followers from Twitter and Instagram, giving you control to see who your followers really are, segment them and do things with them.

identity theft

Identity theft in the enterprise

Identity theft, historically considered a consumer threat, is expanding its horizons. Looking for bigger game, attackers are targeting the enterprise with similar tactics used to hijack online and financial accounts belonging to...

whatsapp flaw

WhatsApp fixes dangerous flaw in Web app

WhatsApp, the widely used messaging program, has fixed a dangerous flaw in its Web app that could be used to trick people into installing malware, according to Check Point.

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Update: Alleged Va. shooter uses social media to post video of killings

The man who allegedly shot and killed two journalists in Virginia while they were doing an on-air interview, posted video he took of the murders to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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Darkode vendor of Facebook malware pleads guilty to one charge

A New York man pleaded guilty Monday to one federal spam-related charge for selling access to a botnet of Facebook accounts on a now-shuttered cybercriminal forum.

avoid social media mistakes

Social media can quickly take down your business if not monitored

Not having a plan in place to protect your brand risks losing public trust and confidence that build long lasting relationships. Trying to restore them can be an arduous undertaking. And a costly one.

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Microsoft follows Google to crack down on revenge porn

Microsoft will make it easier for people to request the removal of links to intimate images or videos from the company's Bing search engine if such content was posted online without their consent.

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New York judge rules against Facebook in search warrant case

A New York judge ruled Tuesday that Facebook has no legal standing to challenge the constitutionality of search warrants served on its users, highlighting the limits to online companies' abilities to protect user privacy.

Behind the mask

Can pseudonyms be friendly and authentic?

Facebook has made some significant changes to their username policies to allow people more flexibility in choosing their "authentic name". But there are still plenty of people who are running afoul of the amended rules who use...

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5 reasons why newer hires are the company’s biggest data security risk

Those fresh-faced new hires and interns who have invaded the office this summer bring with them eager minds and new perspectives, but they also carry a higher data security risk.

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LinkedIn says private bug bounty program works for it better

Vetting researchers prior to submitting bugs means getting higher quality reports, LinkedIn said

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