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avoid social media mistakes

Social media can quickly take down your business if not monitored

Not having a plan in place to protect your brand risks losing public trust and confidence that build long lasting relationships. Trying to restore them can be an arduous undertaking. And a costly one.

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Microsoft follows Google to crack down on revenge porn

Microsoft will make it easier for people to request the removal of links to intimate images or videos from the company's Bing search engine if such content was posted online without their consent.

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New York judge rules against Facebook in search warrant case

A New York judge ruled Tuesday that Facebook has no legal standing to challenge the constitutionality of search warrants served on its users, highlighting the limits to online companies' abilities to protect user privacy.

Behind the mask

Can pseudonyms be friendly and authentic?

Facebook has made some significant changes to their username policies to allow people more flexibility in choosing their "authentic name". But there are still plenty of people who are running afoul of the amended rules who use...

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5 reasons why newer hires are the company’s biggest data security risk

Those fresh-faced new hires and interns who have invaded the office this summer bring with them eager minds and new perspectives, but they also carry a higher data security risk.

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LinkedIn says private bug bounty program works for it better

Vetting researchers prior to submitting bugs means getting higher quality reports, LinkedIn said

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Privacy settings smackdown: Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn vs. Google+

Hey, control freak, here's how the top 4 social networks let you manage your privacy.

social network privacy

How the top social networks compare on privacy -- in one handy chart

Not all privacy settings are created equal. Here’s an in-depth look at what Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ offer users.

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What, me worry? Despite Snowden leaks, Americans' use of the 'Net largely unchanged

Numerous leaks illuminating the massive scale of government surveillance programs have not rattled Americans. Relatively few people have made major changes to better secure their online communications and activities, even after the...

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Anthem accused of avoiding further embarrassment by refusing audit

Anthem Inc., the nation's second largest health insurer, has refused a request for an IT Security audit citing corporate policy. This is the second time the organization has refused an audit request from the Office of Personnel...

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ISIS supporters operated at least 46,000 Twitter accounts, study finds

Supporters of the Islamic extremist group known as ISIS operated at least 46,000 Twitter accounts at the end of last year, a new study says, underscoring the challenge facing social networks as they become powerful tools for...

Oculus VR

Are metaverse pioneers making the same old security mistakes?

Ask security pros what they would change about the Internet if they could go back in time knowing what they know now, and most can point to a list of mistakes we could have avoided. But according to some experts, we're still making...

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Facebook sees challenges to sharing threat data with US

Facebook's new platform for sharing information about security threats appears to be gaining support, though it's unclear if the U.S. government or law enforcement will get a seat at the table, something a Facebook official said is...

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Newsweek Twitter hack is a sign of the times

Account compromises are likely to continue unless businesses get smarter about security

cso50 winners

CSO50 winners announced

Find out the winners of CSO's upcoming event.

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Malware uses video and tags to infect 100,000 people on Facebook

Facebook - the world's most active social media website, boasting some 1.4 billion registered users, is no stranger to viral attacks that spread quickly. Over the weekend, researchers started noticing an uptick in tag spam that was...

facebook identity

Facebook goes ‘deep’ in getting to know you

Facebook's artificial intelligence initiative known as "deep learning" is designed to protect user privacy, in some cases from themselves. But some privacy advocates say users should be aware that nothing they do on the site is...


Cough up your social media password or go to jail

There are times when laws go well beyond rational thought. This week I read about one such law that has me rather put out is one from the legislature in Illinois. It isn't the law itself that has me upset rather it is the...

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