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Schneier: Internet has delivered a ‘golden age of surveillance’

Security guru Bruce Schneier talks about power and privacy when there is no limit on the amount of data that can be collected, stored and analyzed

Turkey, Twitter & Censorship: VPN, Tor and more

Well, it seems that even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and again. It appears from reports that the Turkish government finally figured out how to remedy their laughable attempt to block Twitter by using DNS. The citizens...

Twitter blocked in Turkey

The average person on the streets of Turkey awoke this morning to discover that their government had taken a drastic step. They have now blocked access to the popular social media site, Twitter.

CDW Integrates with Google Apps for Cloud Collaboration

Through a partnership with Google and Esna Technologies, CDW has rolled out native access to the CDW Cloud Collaboration suite within Google Apps.

Why you need to rethink the benefits of SMS authentication to improve security

The quest for perfect authentication gets in the way of good solutions that raise the bar for attackers while easing the process for the people who need to use it. Stepping back to reconsider authentication and the problem to solve...

Social media scams rampant. Water is wet.

I'm rather amused reading this article in the Globe and Mail today about social media scams. It talks about how people are falling for scams on social media sites time and again. While my initial reaction is to scoff, I have to...

Canadian high school students learn about online privacy

Now this is a story that I rather enjoyed. At a high school in Winnipeg Manitoba the students are learning about the implications of social media and privacy. The exercise was to help demonstrate to students what their social media...

Twitter fixes protected tweet bug

Twitter issued a fix on Sunday for a problem that affected protected Twitter accounts. These are accounts for user who wish to have some level of control over who views their social media missives for whatever reason.

Cloud Computing eGuide

In this eGuide, CIO, Computerworld, and InfoWorld offer advice, tips, news, and predictions regarding cloud implementations in the coming year and beyond. Read on to learn how to make cloud work for your organization.

Security pros see increase in Meetup-like DDoS extortion

Company refused to pay $300 ransom before being hit with attack


12 terrific tech and security-related TED talks

From thoughts on the NSA spying controversy, to an explanation of how one presenter hacked her own online dating profile

Facebook advised to give WhatsApp a security review

Weaknesses in the app, while not crucial, include not enforcing SSL pinning when WhatsApp establishes connection to backend server

Malware has changed, but its name hasn't — and likely won't

Experts say re-naming 'malware' would be pointless. But they agree it has become much different and much more dangerous

Why Projects Fail

CIOs are expected to deliver more projects that transform business, and do so on time, on budget and with limited resources.

Online love scams flourish around Valentine's Day

Online dating and romance sites are obviously popular and because of that, regardless of the millions of admonitions to watch out for con artists, they are also a growing favorite of heartless scammers.

6 tips for smartphone privacy and security

Computer forensic expert Ronald Kaplan thinks you should stop using your smartphone if you want any semblance of privacy in today's digital world. But, if you insist on keeping yourself electronically tethered, here are some ways to...

More governments want Twitter user data

Twitter has complied roughly 70 percent of the time with data requests from the US government


Facebook turns 10: A look back at the milestones

A lot has happened since Mark Zuckerberg and his friends launched a website from their dorm room.

Why Projects Fail

CIOs are expected to deliver more projects that transform business, and do so on time, on budget and with limited resources.

Curious point about CNN's Twitter account compromise

Tonight as I was kicking back in my seat reading reams of documentation, my flight winged its way to my destination. Little did I realize that on the ground far below was yet another case of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)...

Net neutrality ruling unlikely to immediately impact broadband market

U.S. Court of Appeals for District of Columbia Circuit finds that FCC overstepped authority in net neutrality rule against ISPs

Is your Twitter password secure?

Are you ever finding yourself sitting there in a coffee shop, while updating your social media accounts to let people know how awesome your haircut was today wondering, is my password strong enough?


7 security mistakes people make with their mobile device

Mobile devices, especially smartphones, have ushered businesses into a new era of productivity and working on-the-go. But with those advances and added convenience comes a wealth of security blunders just waiting to happen. Here are...

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