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Second man pleads guilty of hacking entertainment industry celebrities

A second man has pleaded guilty to using a phishing scheme to get access to private and sensitive videos and photographs of people in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.

Calendars and keys

Salted Hashed Rehashed: The weekly news recap for July 1, 2016

Welcome to the weekly recap of news and other interesting items. This week's installment of Rehashed kicks off the month of July, and will be the start of a long weekend for many of us here in the U.S. Today we’re talking about...

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Broken Phishing scam targets several tech journalists

On Saturday, Salted Hash received a Phishing email from a PR contact (the second one this year) that was targeting corporate credentials. Unlike the previous Phishing email received from a professional contact, this one was poorly...

The best free weapon to fight phishing fraud

How to identify and recognize the best weapon in your arsenal to fight phishing emails

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Spearphishing attacks target boards

With great power comes great responsibility -- and also a great big target painted on your head. At least, that's the case lately with corporate boards of directors and cybercriminals launching spearphishing attacks

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Need to bypass Google's two-factor authentication? Send a text message

Over the weekend a screenshot circulating on Twitter caught our attention. Normally, this would be a one-off story for the weekly Rehashed round up, but this scam teaches a lesson that's worth some focus. The lesson is that Social...


93% of phishing emails are now ransomware

As of the end of March, 93 percent of all phishing emails contained encryption ransomware, according to a report released today

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How to craft a security awareness program that works

Organizations struggle with making security awareness training programs that work. One expert says that's because we treat security awareness training as an event rather than a continuous program of education that adapts to the risks...

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The frustrating aftermath of a data breach at American Type Culture Collection

In April, American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) was targeted by a Phishing attack seeking W-2 records. The attempt was successful, leaving employees stressed about their finances and the long-term impact this breach could have on...

managed security service providers

Security training programs don't do enough to mitigate insider risk

The threats posed by negligent insiders top many security professionals' lists of security concerns, but even organizations that have data protection and privacy training programs aren't getting through to their employees.

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Milwaukee Bucks hit by W-2 Phishing attack

Players and staff with the Milwaukee Bucks had their 2015 W-2 records compromised, after a staffer with the NBA franchise released the records to an email address spoofed to appear as if it came from team president Peter Feigin.

security phishing hook

Basic Phishing scam successfully targets PR agency, reporters

On Tuesday evening, Salted Hash received a pitch from a PR agency we've worked with in the past. Such things are normal in the day-to-day life of a journalist. But the problem is, this email wasn't a pitch, it was a Phishing attack...

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7 reasons to gamify your cybersecurity strategy

Thanks to gamification, organizations are finding new ways to educate employees on the importance of cybersecurity, through gaming elements like one-on-one competitions, rewards programs and more.

Phishing attack

Phishing scams erode trust and compromise brand

While common and persistent, when potential client receive phishing scams from your organization, they make think twice about engaging in future business transactions

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Alpha Payroll fires employee victimized by W-2 Phishing scam

Punishing the victim of a crime feels wrong, but that's exactly what happened to one unnamed employee at Alpha Payroll Services in Trevose, Pennsylvania. The firm recently disclosed they were the victim of a Phishing scam targeting...

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Thousands of taxpayers affected by W-2 Phishing attacks this year

Thousands of taxpayers have been impacted by a wave of Phishing attacks targeting W-2 records, with more than sixty organizations reporting such incidents this year alone. By taking advantage of the trust relationships that exist...

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Security pros concerned about Facebook payment expansion

Facebook's Messenger app has allowed users to send money to friends using their debit cards since last spring, but recent reports indicate that Facebook may be considering a move into the retail payments space as well, following in...

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Enterprises fall behind on protecting against phishing, detecting breaches

The ninth annual Verizon Data Breach Report contains bad news on multiple fronts, including click-through rates on phishing messages, how long it takes companies to detect breaches, and even whether companies spot the breaches at all....

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