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Each meeting space at Axxess is designed to reflect the cultures of a different continent.

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Best tools for red and blue teams are methodology, experience

Since the tools vary based on environment, it's the skills and know-how that red/blue teams need most

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Not so startling revelations of how a hacker broke in

These 10 ways are becoming all too common approaches, but yet users still fall for them.

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Treasures attackers look for in the sea of email

Which swimmers can be trusted in the sea of emails exchanged every day put businesses at risk

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Security myths that can make you laugh… or cry

To help organizations cut through the noise to focus on improving security structures, security experts identify industry myths and provide suggestions to avoid falling for them. 

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Five social engineering scams employees still fall for

You’ve trained them. You’ve deployed simulated phishing tests. You’ve reminded your employees countless times with posters and games and emails about avoiding phishing scams. Still, they keep falling for the same ploys they’ve been...

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Investment fund loses $6 million in BEC scam, suspends operations

A lawsuit filed on Friday by Tillage Commodities Fund alleges that SS&C Technology showed an egregious lack of diligence and care, when they fell for an email scam that ultimately led to hackers in China looting $5.9 million. Tillage...

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Awareness training: How much is too much?

The goal of security awareness training is to help employees recognize and avoid security risks. The key, experts say, is to make them skeptical but not operate in a “constant state of distrust.”

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Russian spies blamed for WADA hack, leaked documents confirm drug exemptions

On Tuesday, a group calling itself Fancy Bear, and claiming association with Anonymous, said they've hacked the World Anti-Doping Agency, and offered drug-screening results as proof. Only, the leaked documents don't contain...

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Is your security awareness training program working?

The metrics to use to determine where to make improvements in security awareness training


New tech can help catch spearphishing attacks

Highly-targeted spearphishing attacks slip past spam and anti-virus filters, but new approaches that look for more subtle patterns can help reduce the threat

Phishing trends

What is phishing success?

A recent article asking the question to security professionals seemed to miss the mark, and raises more questions than it answers.

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Mark Cuban's new app leaves messages in the dust, not the cloud

'Dust' enables people to send private, encrypted, self-destructing text messages.

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Combating insider threats faced by utilities

Today, grid operators face daily external threats from cyber hackers and criminals vandalizing or destroying company assets. While protections are in place to help prevent these external threats, utilities must realize that insiders...

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Voice technologies make waves in security

Advancements in voice technology could help law enforcement identify social engineers and other frauds and hoaxers

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Journalists are easy targets for hackers, and that shouldn't surprise anyone

Earlier today, the news broke that Russian intelligence is suspected of hacking journalists at the New York Times and other media outlets. The idea that intelligence agencies would target the media isn't at all surprising. But what...


How do you measure success when it comes to stopping Phishing attacks?

What's considered a win when it comes to Phishing? This question was posed to IT workers and non-executive types earlier this month, and everyone had a different opinion on the topic. The general feeling among defenders was that a...

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10 year-old teaches hackers a valuable lesson in privacy

Evan Robertson, age 10, took a science fair project and turned it into a valuable lesson in privacy earlier this month at rootz Asylum, a kids-only gathering at DEF CON where children can learn about security in a safe, encouraging...

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Salted Hash Rehashed: Vegas Adventures (Part II)

Welcome to this week's second installment of Rehashed. Today's post has a quick recap of the shenanigans that took place earlier this month in Las Vegas, along some updated information and additional insight that didn't appear in our...

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