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Ransomware is a sneaky, dangerous cyber threat

Over the past few years, ransomware has been increasing at an alarming rate, and according to various sources it is estimated that cybercriminals made around $1 billion in 2016. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated in getting...

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Salted Hash: RSA Conference 2017 – Live Blog

All this week, Salted Hash will be on location at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. We'll be updating the blog multiple times a day (each day) with news and other content from the show – so check-back often and refresh this post.

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Indiana distributor hit by W-2 scam twice in two years, more than 600 affected

Monarch Beverage, Indiana's largest distributor of beer and wine, said they were victimized by scammers targeting W-2 records this week, affecting more than 600 employees. However, the situation went from bad to worse after an...

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The flaw in applying culture to awareness programs

I appreciate that organizations are beginning to realize that they need to understand their corporate culture in their implementation of awareness programs. It is long overdue. Unfortunately as a concept, it is being grossly...


29,000 taxpayers affected by W-2 scams, IRS issues new warning

Last week, the Internal Revenue Service issued a new warning to employers, urging them to stay alert as reports of compromised W-2 records started to climb. At least 29,000 taxpayers have been affected by W-2 scams since the tax...

kaboom election hacking

Hacking the 2016 election: A timeline

Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election played out in a series of hacks taking place over several months. Here’s how the attacks unfolded.

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IRS to delay tax refunds as a security precaution

Refunds for more than 40 million low-income families could be delayed by the IRS this year, as the tax agency looks to leverage the extra time to combat identity theft and fraud. These delays will surely impact some of the families...

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How White Hat hackers do bad things for good reasons

Some companies are love struck with social engineering. White hat hackers are used to poke holes in your network and physical building.

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7 tips for better security awareness training sessions

At their worst, security awareness training sessions are boring wastes of time, both for employees and the IT people responsible for them. At their best, however, they are interactive, discussion-driven, and genuinely helpful...

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In hindsight, preparing for security in 2017

What experts learn from looking back at 2016

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What fake news means for IT—and how IT security can help fight it

The debate over fake news is roiling the political world, but elements of it look very familiar to tech veterans—and represent a potentially new attack vector that IT needs to worry about.


Increasing the cybersecurity workforce won't solve everything

Many organizations focus on technology to solve their security woes, while desperately trying to hire more security practitioners. But there are other ways to address social cybersecurity challenges. This article discusses the recent...

phishing threat

Phishing email scams 108 government employees, 756,000 people affected by breach

On Friday, The LA County Chief Executive Office issued a public notice that 756,000 Californians were going to be receiving breach notification letters, after a single Phishing email scammed more than one hundred county employees. The...

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The rise of ransomware-as-a-service

Ransomware is a lucrative, growing business for online criminals. Stu Sjouwerman from KnowBe4 explains why

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2016: A reflection of the year in cybercrime

A look back at 2016 predictions in cyber crime and how it all actually played out.

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Does security awareness training need a new, stronger name?

Security awareness training can help change the security culture through ongoing attention on relevant topics like social engineering. Nevertheless, stale, old, awareness material certainly doesn’t help and too many programs keep...

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Malicious images on Facebook lead to Locky Ransomware

Researchers have discovered an attack that uses Facebook Messenger to spread Locky, a family of malware that has quickly become a favorite among criminals. The Ransomware is delivered via a downloader, which is able to bypass...

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Suspected Russian hackers target US think tanks after election

Hours after Donald Trump won the presidential election, a suspected Russian cyberespionage team was blamed for targeting several U.S. think tanks with phishing emails designed to fool victims into installing malware.

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