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Hacking the Gibson in the movie “Hackers”

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Phishing attacks targeting government agencies linked to Hacking Team breach

In an alert on Friday, the FBI has issued a warning about an active phishing campaign targeting various government agencies in the U.S. The alert says that recent phishing emails and those from June targeted the Adobe Flash...

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Cybersecurity and geopolitics are intertwined

Have you ever thought how the global economy and geopolitics influence cybersecurity and cybercrime? Some people may think that these are two completely different domains, however they are strongly and permanently related.

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How higher education deals with security threats

A culture of openness, two-factor authentication and incident response plans are some ways colleges and universities are dealing with security threats.

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Think your website isn’t worth anything to hackers? Think again

Many people think that if their website is not an e-banking application or e-commerce platform, hackers have nothing to steal. They think that a hacked website can be quickly and easily repaired, and nobody will ever remember the...

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Common cybersecurity myths debunked

One of the greatest challenges for organizations attempting to address cybersecurity risks is the number of fundamental security myths that cause organizations to incorrectly assess threats.

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Banks get attacked four times more than other industries

According to a new report from Websense Security Labs, the average number of attacks against financial services institutions is four times higher than that of companies in other industries. In addition, a third of all initial-stage...

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Leaked Saudi emails reveal new victim of Iranian hackers

Documents published by WikiLeaks, sourced from the Saudi government, have revealed the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) as a victim of the series of attacks in 2014 collectively called Operation Cleaver.

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Weaponized Word docs, spyware and malvertising sprouting in May

Very aggressive weaponized Word documents have been getting past standard defenses in May, according to a new report from security firm Invincea.

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Report: Scam phone calls up 30%

Phone fraud aimed at finance and retail companies rose by 30 percent last year, according to a new analysis of several million calls by Pindrop Security.

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Google's new cybersecurity chief cooking up exciting projects

Meet Gerhard Eschelbeck, Google's VP of Security Engineering.

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Red Bull scam will give your bank account wings

A scam email making the rounds offers to pay you to drive a Red Bull-decal adorned car. Sounds too good to be true? That's because it is

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Security checks that rely on PII put businesses and consumers at risk

The problem of using personal information as a security check has existed for more than a decade, but as the Internet grows and personal data becomes more easily accessible, should such information remain a key security resource?

IRS discloses breach, attackers used PII to clear security checks

On Tuesday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) disclosed a data breach that affects 100,000 taxpayers. In a statement on the matter, the IRS said that the attackers were able to access information through the "Get Transcript"...

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eNom discloses DNS attack to customers

On Thursday, Taryn Naidu, the CEO of domain registrar eNom, sent a letter to customers disclosing a "very sophisticated attack" that targeted the DNS settings on four domains. The email was sent in order to provide transparency, but...

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Social Engineering: Even Shakespeare understood security’s weakest link

What do Shakespearean tragedies and security issues have in common? Both are overwhelmingly the result of human error. Othello is one of Shakespeare's greatest plays, and Iago is one of literature’s first social engineers.

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Law firm says human error to blame for client breaches in 2014

The Privacy and Data Protection team at BakerHostetler, a law firm with offices across the U.S, has released a report stating that human error was responsible for the majority of the security incident cases they worked in 2014.

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Professional hackers talk social engineering threats and security awareness

With years of experience pen testing and human hacking, Chris Hadnagy and Dave Kennedy are experts at how social engineers work, and what techniques they use to successfully breach an organization. In this discussion with CSO Chief...

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CareerBuilder listings used as Phishing platform

Researchers at Proofpoint recently discovered a Phishing campaign that originated form select job postings on CareerBuilder.

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