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Hackers launch Apple ID phishing campaign playing on iCloud security worries

Phishing emails masquerade as security alerts from Apple about rogue iTunes purchases, researchers from Symantec said

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Phishing emails fool most employees. But is this their problem or email's?

Test finds people struggle to distiniguish real from fake

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Email security still a struggle for most companies

Banks and social media firms have taken steps to protect their customers from email scams, according to recent research. However, the travel and healthcare industries remain vulnerable. All the more troubling: Spam and phishing show...


JPMorgan breach likely impacts UCard users – again

The story is nearly identical to one from nearly a year ago. It starts with JPMorgan Chase disclosing that they've suffered a data breach. The bank says that an unknown number of records have been compromised, but it's certain that...

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Suspect Phishing? Chase Bank says to click links

Chase Bank tells customers to click a link if they question the authenticity of a given message, ignoring (and training customers to ignore) one of the primary rules when it comes to avoiding Phishing attacks - don't click anything.

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FBI issues warning about creative Google searches

A memo dated July 7, issued by the FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center, warns law enforcement and private security agencies about the practice of Google Hacking and what can be done about it.

Spam industry reinvented as messages containing malicious links surge

Malicious links now in one in six spam emails

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Workers at U.S. nuclear regulator fooled by phishers

Nuclear Regulatory Commission employees were tricked into disclosing passwords and downloading malware in three phishing attacks that occurred over a three-year period.

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Stolen data allegedly used by Irish credit unions to find debtors

Private investigators, said to be working on behalf of credit unions in Ireland, didn't need to be social engineering experts in order to convince staff at the Department of Social Protection (DSP) and other government agencies to...

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Why it is time to intensify employee education on phishing

Companies should consider intensifying employee training to combat the increasing craftiness of phishers who are working harder to obtain personal details on targets in order to trap them in scams.


Salted Hash: Live from DEF CON - Social Engineering

Social Engineering and DEF CON have always gone hand-in-hand, but after some of the things I've seen on the floor this weekend, it would seem that people have forgotten this – or the surge of new attendees have erased that barrier of...

Nigerian 419 scams and 'Silver Spaniel' targets Aussie businesses

Businesses need to be more aware of common malware campaigns such as ‘Silver Spaniel' and Nigerian 419 scams, which are targeting Australian organisations.

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A practical survival guide to Black Hat and DEF CON

Every year, thousands gather in Las Vegas to attend Hacker Summer Camp, or collectively the Black Hat, B-Sides Las Vegas, and DEF CON conferences. There's always a discussion surrounding personal and technical security before the...

10 new social media scams to watch out for

Scams on social networks are nothing new, but they're constantly changing to keep up with and take advantage of the latest apps, trends, and news. Here are some of the most recent scams that are making the rounds.

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Duo sentenced to 14 years for Apple Phishing scheme

Two people have been sentenced to a total of 14 years in prison for conducting a Phishing campaign that targeted banking details. The criminals accused, Constanta Agrigoroaie, 23, and Radu Savoae, 28, used the stolen funds as a means...


Nigerian scammers move from gullible consumers to businesses

Nigerian scammers known for grammatically challenged emails promising riches in return for a small up-front payment are moving into the business of launching malware attacks against companies

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URL redirect flaw on NBC News website a spammer's dream

A URL redirection flaw on the NBC News website could be used by scammers to give links a false sense of added trust. This is in addition to ongoing abuse of MSNBC's publicly available Bitly API key, which is being used in an active...

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Study examines the problems with metadata and file sharing

A study by Workshare, a company focused on secure file sharing applications, says that 68 percent of the 800 professionals surveyed failed to remove metadata before sharing documents. Due to this oversight, potentially sensitive...


Criminals target Flight 17 (MH17) discussions on Twitter

The tragedy that is Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has sparked plenty of outrage, grief, and dismay on Twitter. Seeing an opportunity, criminals have targeted those discussions in order to spread malware.

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