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Anthem: 78.8 million affected, FBI close to naming suspect

On Tuesday, Anthem, the nation's second largest health insurer, said that 8.8 to 18.8 million people who were not customers could be impacted by their recent data breach, which at last count is presumed to affect some 78.8 million...

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Low tech 'visual hacking' successful nine times out of ten

Researchers were able to get sensitive corporate information just by looking around corporate offices in 88 percent of attempts, according to a new study

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Scammers using obituary notices to acquire new victims

It's a low, ruthless way to make a living, but criminals rarely have a conscience to speak of, if at all. Still, it takes a special type of person to target those already suffering form the sudden and tragic loss of a loved one; but...


7 social engineering scams and how to avoid them

Even the most savvy IT professionals can fall victim to social engineering attacks. Here’s how to recognize these threats and avoid falling prey to them.

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Omaha's Scoular Co. loses $17 million after spearphishing attack

Fraudsters targeting an Omaha company last summer used extremely well-targeted emails to convince its controller to send a series of wires totaling $17.2 million to a bank in China.

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Many PayPal lookalike phishing websites taken offline

PayPal has worked to shut down a handful of phishing websites that sought to steal people's login credentials by appearing to be the company's real website, according to a security company.

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Warning: Anthem data breach used as lure in Phishing campaigns

Hours after the nation's second largest health insurer announced that they've suffered a data breach that could impact millions of people; criminals started sending Phishing emails related to the incident, seeking personal...

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Social Engineering at the Superbowl

Two Irish men easily defeated the complex, coordinated security efforts at the Superbowl with nothing more than a smile. What can security leaders learn from their sneak-in success?

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Ransomware isn't a serious threat says threat intelligence firm

Emails containing malicious links are spreading under the pretense that they offer access to updated versions of Google's Chrome browser. But instead of a new browser, victims are being directed to copies of a Ransomware variant known...


The worst of the worst phishing scams

The depths a phishing scammer will stoop to in order to gain a buck are remarkable. Here are some of the bottom feeders to guard against in your inbox.

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CSO50 2015: Creating a Human Firewall

UL charges up employees to ID & report phishing scams through behavior modeling.

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Blackhat movie: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

If you still haven't seen the new movie Michael Mann movie "Blackhat" with Chris Hemsworth playing the lead, you won't be getting any new insights into how hackers work. If you are not a security professional, however, then the movie...

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Social engineering attacks from the front lines

Professional penetration testers share their real-world stories on how they hack the hearts and minds of enterprise employees.


9 common security awareness mistakes (and how to fix them)

Most of the security mistakes that workers make fall into the "careless or clueless" category. Better security awareness could cut the risk to most organizations by 45% to 70%. But that takes effective, regular training.

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Deconstructing an IRS Phishing scam

Taxes. Avoiding them is illegal, and paying them is painful. Criminals know the type of stress the IRS can cause a taxpayer. They also know that most will immediately pay attention to something from the IRS. Perhaps not out of fear,...

Happy New Year and welcome to XSS

CSO has launched a new blog geared towards consumers

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Ham-fisted phishing attack seeks LinkedIn logins

The emails contain an HTML attachment that seems to be slipping past spam filters

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Six Social Engineering tricks that can be avoided if you're careful

Social Engineers work on multiple levels. The key to their success is to target human nature and emotion.

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