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cropped defacement on ohio government websites

Ohio government websites defaced by pro-ISIS hackers

Team System DZ hackers defaced at least 12 government websites in three states, with Ohio suffering the most defacements on Sunday.

problem solution blackboard

Cybersecurity has a huge skills gap! Will you be part of the problem or the solution?

There is currently a projected shortfall of 1.6 million qualified persons to fill cyber security roles. Since it is very clear we are vulnerable to cyber attacks and need to mitigate them we need people now. Complaining about...

network security primary2

RedSeal offers powerful, passive network protection

The RedSeal appliance doesn't actually fix anything on its own, but it does act as a force multiplier for every other security device within a network.

telephone operators 1952

Developer uses code to get revenge on tech support and IRS scammers

Tech support and IRS scams have become as common as random emails proclaiming that you've won the lottery, or emails from prince in some foreign land who wants to share their wealth. One potential victim used a bit of code to take...

hacker login password cliche

Even weak hackers can pull off a password reset MitM attack via account registration

Even weak attackers can pull off a password reset man-in-the-middle attack by getting you to register at a new website.

SSL padlock icon security

It's time to upgrade to TLS 1.3 already, says CDN engineer

Businesses dragging their heels over rolling out TLS 1.2 on their website might have an excuse to delay a little longer: Version 1.3 of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption protocol will be finalized later this year, and...

phishing cyber theft hacked scam

New social media scams: Can you tell friend from foe?

Scams on social networks are nothing new, but they're constantly changing to take advantage of the latest apps, trends and news. As with all social engineering scams, the best defense is a skeptical user.

team teamwork global workforce

Cybersecurity job market to suffer severe workforce shortage

10 facts, figures and statistics summarize the cybersecurity labor market.

transporter effect

7 elements of a successful security awareness program

Action items for CSOs looking to bolster their security awareness programs.

Outside IT, few aware of projected skills gap to impact security by 2019

Teaching computer science is a first step toward building the next cybersecurity workforce

Bank vault

PII of 1 million compromised in Washington State University safe heist

WSU backed up their data for their Social & Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) and locked the hard drive in a safe. The safe was stolen and now the PII of 1million individuals has been compromised.

fail stamp

Banks and Fed sites score as least trustworthy in OTA 2017 security and privacy audit

60% of banks and US government sites analyzed for security and privacy received failing grades in one or more category during the Online Trust Alliance's 2017 audit.

cyber attack virus meltdown

Despite the warnings, corporate cyber defenses remain inadequate

If anything, 2017 will be remembered as the year of the cyber-attack. No business is safe. No industry is exempt. In this article, Mike Overly takes a detailed look at the WannaCry ransomware attack and recent cyber-attack statistics,...

security incident responder

What it takes to be a security incident responder

A wide range of technical skills and curiosity about the mechanics and goals of an attack are key for effective incidence response.

linux penguin security

5 things you need to know about Stack Clash to secure your shared Linux environment

Qualys shows that attackers can locally exploit the privilege escalation vulnerability to gain root access over Linux, Solaris and BSD machines. This is bad news for Unix-based servers, and even more so for multi-tenant environments.

Election 2016 teaser - electronic voting button on blue circuitry

198 million American voter records found unprotected on the internet

Thanks to a third-party’s misconfigured server, the personal information of 198 million American voters – the largest known leak of voter records – was stored on a public server and could have been downloaded by anyone without needing...

Hacking stealing password data

Two years after the OPM data breach: What government agencies must do now

Recent reports show declining grades for government agencies’ efforts to improve cybersecurity. Experts weigh in on what needs to be done.

Reckless abuse (again) of surveillance spyware that was sold to governments

Another case of NSO Group surveillance spyware Pegasus, which is sold to governments to secretly infect phones, being used recklessly to try to spy on reporters, a minor, and human rights defenders.

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