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Why the recent court ruling on Gmail matters to you

Email may be coming under different guidance when it comes to warrants and subpoenas as society and the courts address the evolution of technology. Are you prepared to engage in the discussion?

Security Manager's Journal: A ransomware flop, thanks to security awareness

People like to ask the security manager, "What keeps you up at night?" My usual answer: "Employees." And there's good reason

In a hyper-social world, some seek a little privacy

People are getting more selective about what they want to share, and online firms are picking up on it

CISOs still struggle for respect from peers

Despite greater security awareness, most C-suite executives continue to undervalue CISOs, survey shows.

Homeland Security wants corporate board of directors more involved in cyber-security

DHS will include the National Association of Corporate Directors “Directors’ Handbook on Cyber-Risk Oversight” handbook on the U.S. CERT website.


British hacker Gary McKinnon launches SEO start-up

Charges £40 an hour for his services

Privacy groups call for action to stop Facebook's off site user tracking plans

Authorities should act immediately to stop this new vast expansion of Facebook's data collection and user profiling, privacy groups said

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Can information sharing stop bots in their tracks?

Bots are exceedingly prevalent on networks, but information sharing among security professionals may be the key to fighting them off

Former Coca-Cola CISO joins Accuvant

Renee Guttmann, former Coca-Cola chief information security officer, has joined Accuvant in the company's office of the CISO

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A practical survival guide to Black Hat and DEF CON

Every year, thousands gather in Las Vegas to attend Hacker Summer Camp, or collectively the Black Hat, B-Sides Las Vegas, and DEF CON conferences. There's always a discussion surrounding personal and technical security before the...

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Insecure Connections: Enterprises hacked after neglecting third-party risks

Third-party security is continuously lacking, yet few leaders show concern or take action

Security must evolve to be ‘all about the data’

Experts on panel discussion sponsored by Dell agree that the current security model is obsolete, and that to face the expanding and evolving threat landscape will require embedding data itself with smart security protection

Changing times in the CSO suite

The role of the CSO is continuing to evolve and becoming more distant from being a technologist as the IT C-suite becomes one with the business, according to EMC CSO Dave Martin.

Are you prepared to address the security impact of aging coders on key systems?

Recognizing the impact of aging coders on the security of key systems is not yet a priority. Which is precisely why it’s important. Here are some considerations.

Dutch spy agencies can receive NSA data, court rules

Because raw data is shared in bulk, less stringent privacy safeguards apply, the court said

Tor Project working to fix weakness that can unmask users

The anonymity software's developers believe they've identified the problem

Black Hat presentation on TOR suddenly cancelled

The presentation revolved around de-anonymizing users of the privacy tool

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Misconceptions about targeted attacks

Trend Micro's Spencer Hsieh published a blog recently that caught my attention. It's focused on misconceptions surrounding targeted attacks. It's an interesting read, which I thought was worth sharing on Salted Hash.


Cybercrime: still only a tiny percentage of GDP, but it’s growing

Cybercrime claims only a tiny slice of America's economy - less than 1%. But experts warn that it is growing fast. Worse, is that too many companies aren't taking even basic steps to reverse, or even slow the trend.

US court says warrant for access to all content of email account is justified

The government was granted a warrant to obtain emails and other information from a Gmail account

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