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CTF players versus professional penetration testers

I decided to write this post after several friends of mine, CISOs within different organizations, asked me if Capture the Flag (CTF) experience makes any difference when evaluating incoming CVs for internal IT security auditor or...

2015 CyberPatriot Awards

Cybersecurity competitions – Make a difference

Cybersecurity competitions like CyberPatriot, MITRE/ISC2 CTF, and NCCDC are promoting learning and professionalism outside the classroom.

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How CISOs can beat the information security skills-gap

The information security skills gap may have become a huge issue for Chief Security Offices (CSOs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), but there are a number of ways infosec teams can work around the shortage so to...

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Study: 81% of large health care organizations breached

In the past two years, 81 percent of hospitals and health insurance companies have had a data breach, according to a report released by KPMG

Intel's new power-efficient graphics core

Intel says GPU malware is no reason to panic, yet

Malware that runs inside GPUs (graphics processing units) can be harder to detect, but is not completely invisible to security products.

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Researchers discover new keychain vulnerability in OSX

Antoine Vincent Jebara and Raja Rahbani, the co-founder and lead engineer of MyKi – an identity management company in Beirut - have discovered a vulnerability in Apple's password management system (Keychain), which if exploited,...

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Cybercrime by wire fraud – what’s covered?

Perhaps the only thing worse than falling victim to a business email compromise or “CEO fraud” that results in millions of dollars in wire fraud theft – is wondering whether your insurance will cover any of the loss.

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Tired of memorizing passwords? A Turing Award winner came up with this algorithmic trick

Passwords are a bane of life on the Internet today, but one Turing Award winner has an algorithmic approach he thinks could make them not only easier to manage but also more secure.


Do boards of directors actually care about cybersecurity?

There’s no shortage of arguments that cybersecurity needs to be aligned with the needs of the business, or that security is now a “boardroom issue.” And it seems that a new report or study is issued every day that states that boards...

security little league world series

Behind the scenes: Security operations at the Little League World Series

Each year in late August, the Little League World Series (LLWS) in South Williamsport, Pa., kicks-off. However, before the games, there’s a ramp –up on security at the Little League Baseball World Series Complex, which requires months...

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The mission and capabilities of the FBI Cyber Division

Find out about the mission of the Cyber division, the resources available, how best to engage the FBI, among other topics.


Cyber sharing bill shares too much, critics say

There is general agreement between industry and government that sharing cyber threat information could improve defenses against ever-escalating and more sophisticated attacks. But critics of this year’s proposed legislation say it has...

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CSO burnout biggest factor in infosec talent shortage

The real cause of the talent shortage in the information security field isn't a lack of new people entering the profession, but retention and churn at the highest levels, according to a new report by IDC.

NSA headquarters.

NSA bulk call records collection extended for last time

The U.S. National Security Agency's controversial program for the bulk collection of domestic call records has been granted extension for the last time, according to documents released.

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FBI issues supplier scam warning to businesses

The FBI's Internet Complaint Center (IC3) issued a warning last week about a type of scam that has exposed businesses to a total of $1.2 billion in losses, once the numbers from October 2013 until August 2015 are added up.

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Teen jailed for supporting ISIS on Twitter

A 17-year-old Virginia resident has been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison, after he used Twitter to provide financial and recruiting support to the extremist Islamic group known as ISIS.

content marketing failure

Security missives from the front lines

This is a curated collection of my own encounters as well as some that were contributed by others. If you have some gems to share please send them along or leave a comment below. I’d love to build this list out as I know there are...

wdbj memorial facebook

Facial recognition wouldn't have prevented the murders of two WDBJ reporters

A security vendor is using the tragic murders of two journalists as promotional tool for new product. However, there is nothing their product could have done to prevent this horrific event.

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