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Real-life examples test whether you are prepared for a cyberattack

Incident response is still largely a human response. Multiply an outdated response plan by the many human errors that can innocently occur during response and you have a recipe for potentially cataclysmic results in the threat event...

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How can we improve awareness training?

Bill Rosenthal from Logical Operations chats with CSO about the failings of end user security training, and where security managers can look to make improvements


How do you measure success when it comes to stopping Phishing attacks?

What's considered a win when it comes to Phishing? This question was posed to IT workers and non-executive types earlier this month, and everyone had a different opinion on the topic. The general feeling among defenders was that a...

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How to get your network and security teams working together

Your network and security teams may have different goals and objectives, but as networks grow more complex, it’s time to get these two teams on the same page to help avoid miscommunication around security threats.

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How cyber attacks work [Infographic]

How attackers get in, the tools they use, and how data is stolen.

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Snowden and Huang hope to help smartphones go dark

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and superstar hacker Andrew “bunnie” Huang are working on a device that will let journalists know if their phones are betraying them.

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Mobile malware – same attacks – different pathogens

I’ve been blogging about mobile attacks and how they can be different than attacks on more traditional platforms. For example, I wrote about: Mobile phishing – same attacks – different hooks Mobile pharming – same attacks –...

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90% off Become an Ethical Hacker With This Complete eLearning Bundle - Deal Alert

With cyberattacks putting everyone on edge, companies are looking for ethical hackers--IT pros paid handsomely to hack their network, expose security flaws, and fix them before someone else breaks in. Learn the tools of the ethical...

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Security by the people

Sometimes it takes a village. In the case of information security, sometimes it takes an employee. Forward thinking enterprises can go beyond simply providing IT security awareness training and hygiene tips for their users, and enlist...

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What awareness gamification programs can learn from Pokemon Go

At the moment, the only intended gamification of Pokemon Go is to encourage people to spend money within the game. There are potentially future uses of the game, such as to get people to spend money at partner vendors. For now...

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4 signs you're a victim of ransomware

The word ransomware conjures images of kidnappers and ransom notes. But that doesn't quite capture the reality of PC ransomware.


CIO Career Coach: How to build your brand Blogger Martha Heller shares the secrets to building a brand that highlights what you do best.

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Black Hat basics: Ruminations on 19 years of Black Hat Briefings

As this is my first venture into the world of blogs for CSO, the timing coincides with one of my favorite summer activities—traveling each August to the American desert, to roast in the Nevada sun, and attend the Black Hat Briefings....

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Salted Hash: Phishing study reveals frightening password habits

Passwords are a problem, and yet they're the primary means of authentication used when at work or at home. Recently, Salted Hash examined 126,357 passwords for accounts compromised during Phishing attacks in 2016. What we discovered...

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Enhancing cyber security by implementing a robust threat and vulnerability management program

Most recent attacks exploit known vulnerabilities for which a patch or mitigating control was available. This makes vulnerability management a strategic component of any advanced threat defense strategy, providing benefits at multiple...


Digital security officer recruitment challenges and victories on the cyber battlefield

Veteran cybersecurity recruiter and leadership adviser S. A. Spagnuolo, of global executive search firm ZRG Partners, offers greetings to the reading audience, provides a quick primer on his background and sets his agenda going...

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10 facts every small business leader must act upon

Small businesses aren't immune from attack. In fact, a recent Ponemon study revealed 55 percent of small businesses surveyed have been compromised. Small business leaders need to understand 10 key fundamentals and take immediate...

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What your users need to know about ransomware [Infographic]

Who's a target, how it gets in, and what to do if you're infected.

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