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social threat

FTC website

FTC spam campaign snares thousands of targeted victims

Salted Hash has learned of a spam campaign that is using insurance document requests or the threat of an FTC lawsuit in order to get people to click a link included with the message, but the website doesn’t load anything malicious. In...

Computerworld Tech Forecast 2017 - Hottest Tech Skills for 2017

Security among the hottest tech skills for 2017

Are your assets bankable in 2017? Hiring managers say they'll seek out these skills most in the New Year.

49ers defense

Playing cyber defense is not enough to win

Where to draw the line when it comes to offensive cyber attacks

crime scence police tape

2016: A reflection of the year in cybercrime

A look back at 2016 predictions in cyber crime and how it all actually played out.

phishing money

Keeping the C-suite from getting speared by phishing

Executives are some of the biggest targets- and sometimes the easiest prey - for spear phishing criminals. Here are tips for how security managers can go beyond awareness training to keep the top-level out of danger

group of executives walking through office building

Who has the most impact in driving security advancement?

Advancing security in the enterprise doesn't happen without the right people getting on board

arrows target attack

3 ingredients of a successful attack

What we mean when we talk about method, opportunity and motive.

00 title awareness training

Does security awareness training need a new, stronger name?

Security awareness training can help change the security culture through ongoing attention on relevant topics like social engineering. Nevertheless, stale, old, awareness material certainly doesn’t help and too many programs keep...

mackeeper 2

Enjoy your malware, sucker!

Even those who know better can be caught off guard by malware.

00 holiday shopping tips

Security basics for the holiday season, and the year to come

Consumers face, and willingly accept, a moderate amount of risk when they shop online or out in their local neighborhoods. This holiday season is no different, but the risk is elevated some, because criminals are looking for easy...

hillary clinton florida campaign

Hillary Clinton might have been a pretty good president had she used Pretty Good Privacy

Had Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton employed basic email security techniques, she’d be President-elect.

looking ahead spying

12 steps to lower your espionage risk

Corporate espionage is the domain of companies that steal information to gain competitive advantage. Here's how to take the target off your back.

insider threats

Why senior managers are the most dangerous negligent insiders

If you really want to move the needle on data security in your organization, start at the top.

presidential seal podium 900x600

Cybersecurity advice for the next president

The numbers are in and the deal is done, so let's get back to that top priority of cybersecurity

robot attack

Robots present a cyber risk

The prospect of an army of robots marching in unison to launch an attack on an unsuspecting city belongs in the realm of science fiction—as do most images of menacing autonomous machines wreaking all kinds of havoc on civilization.

Election 2016 teaser - Republican vs Democrat

Salted Hash Live Blog – Election Day 2016

Salted Hash will be providing continuous coverage of today’s election. This year’s election is one of the first in living memory where the topic of hacking isn’t just a passive subject – it’s a reality. Throughout 2016, someone (the...

broken silver key

Fraud and privacy problems on the blockchain

Enemy at the Gates post explaining blockchain vulnerabilities that open opportunities for fraud and describing privacy problems introduced by potential fraud countermeasures.

laptop user sticky notes postits man

The worst people you meet doing IT security

Now I've collected specific kinds of insecure employees that infosec workers have had to deal with and protect—or protect their servers from. You'll definitely recognize people you work with on this list. Hopefully you won't recognize...

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