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SpyHunter anti-malware maker files lawsuit over bad review

Bleeping Computer, one of the Web's largest self-help portals for computer problems, has been sued by Enigma Software Group after posting a bad review of their core product SpyHunter. The lawsuit was filed on January 8, but the review...

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Security negligence goes to court

The number of people whose data was breached in 2015 exceeded that of the previous year. How do we plan to regulate these cases? What should organizations be compelled to do in order to protect the sensitive information they store?...

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Seven security cultures that can help or hurt your organization

Some organizational cultures are good for security, while some make protecting information assets and infrastructure harder. There's no one best security culture to aim for, but these three good, three bad, and one ugly examples of...


What those new to security can learn from the biggest breaches of all time

OPSWAT's CEO Benny Czarny talks about what can be learned from a breach.

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Data destruction 101: There's more to it than wiping your drive [Infographic]

What you need to know about preparing hard drives for reuse, recycling, and disposal.

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Free Wi-Fi is not free from cyber security threats

Security isn't only about knowing what is going on inside the enterprise, but staying abreast of the way technological changes in society impact the threats to cyber security through end users.

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Exposed HP LaserJet printers offer Anonymous FTP to the public

Networked HP LaserJet printers, which have been made available to the public by the organizations hosting them, offer potential attackers a ready-made Anonymous FTP server. At present, there are thousands of these devices online.

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Worst passwords of 2015. We get it, we’re stupid

Yes, we get it. Humans are dumb panicky animals. According to some of the nastier aliens in the universe we humans are, “Nothing but undeveloped, unevolved, barely conscious pond scum, totally convinced of their own superiority...

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Thousands of gamers’ passwords easily cracked in 3 minutes

Every year SplashData releases a list of the world's worst passwords, and for the last five years that list hasn't changed much. However, while the list is an amusing look at password blunders, the real lessons are in how and why...

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CISOs should take security training seriously

Security awareness training is pivotal to your organization’s information security posture, and, now, it’s more important than ever before.

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Better passwords are possible with better security leadership

Renewed focus on “bad passwords” and blaming people overlooks the real problem and the need for security leaders to drive change

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RSA Conference registration page collecting Twitter credentials

On Thursday, security experts on Twitter noticed something odd about the final registration page on the RSA Conference website, a promotional social media offering was collecting usernames and passwords and sending them to the...

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Security awareness: Training moms and end users to spot a scam

Char Yarema is of the generation of parents who did not grow up using technology, so her son, Jonathan Yarema, security consultant at Trustwave, has impressed upon her the importance of using caution and patience when surfing the web....

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5 stages of a Web app attack [Infographic]

How well do know your Web attack anatomy?


This is how much spear phishing costs companies

New research from messaging security provider Cloudmark and technology research company Vanson Bourne finds that despite spending an average of $319,327 on spear phishing prevention in the past 12 months, an estimated 28 percent of...

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Sample password protection policy

The password protection policy of a large financial services institution with more than 5,000 employees.

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Sample Internet usage policy

The Internet usage policy of a mid-sized manufacturing company with fewer than 50 employees.

Computer and email usage policy

Sample computer and e-mail usage policy

A one-page computer and email usage policy of a manufacturing company with less than 50 employees. Covers unauthorized access, software licenses, harrassment and pornography issues; establishes right to monitor.

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