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VTech data breach should serve as a warning for parents

Over the weekend, as families gathered for Thanksgiving and shoppers prepared for Black Friday, Hong Kong-based toy maker VTech confirmed that their Learning Lodge app store database had been compromised.

breach repair

Good news for security leaders on breach preparedness efforts

Good news for security leaders on their breach preparedness efforts with pointers on where to focus for further gains


Rome and situational awareness

A few weeks ago I had a quick 48 hour trip into Rome. Never having been there I was keen to take in the sights. In short order I found myself on a tour of the Vatican and later a tour of the Colosseum. At the end of the day I was...

comcast xfinity gigabit router

Comcast Xfinity Wi-Fi discloses customer names and addresses

The Xfinity Wi-Fi service from Comcast is disclosing the full name and home address of residential customers, which is something the company says isn’t supposed to happen.

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How to crowdsource your way to better security

Synack, a company founded by former NSA analysts, attempts to leverage the best of man and machine approaches to provide enterprise cybersecurity protection.

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Closing the cybersecurity talent gap, one woman at a time

The severe shortage of cybersecurity talent is leaving the U.S. vulnerable to attacks. Women, in particular, are key to closing the security skills gap.

top 6 GRC certifications - intro title

The top 6 Governance, Risk and Compliance certifications

CEOs are always on the lookout for dependable folks who can identify potential exposures and quantify the impacts of risk on an organization while protecting the interests of employees, shareholders, other organizations and the...

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FTC ruling suggests upcoming changes for data compliance regulation

Recent data breaches tell us what private and public sector victims are dealing with: disruption, reputational damage, and significant financial repercussions. They can also find themselves attracting the undesirable attention of...

it certifications earning the most

IT certifications that paid off the most in 2015

As 2016 quickly approaches, we look back to see which IT certifications earned IT pros the most over the past year.

isis portal on the darknet

After Paris, ISIS moves propaganda machine to Darknet

Less than a day after the horrific attacks in Paris, ISIS has taken the Al-Hayat propaganda machine to the Darknet and published a new video celebrating the Paris attacks.

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Six reasons why boards of directors must be engaged in cybersecurity

When one thinks of systematic risks to a large enterprise, cyber attacks and data breaches don’t usually top the list; such things as black swan events, natural disasters, poor business execution, and credit worries usually do. But...

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Holiday messaging tips for the security team

Early November is a good time to lean-in on security messaging from the security team. Rebrand and re-message your October Cybersecurity month content into November pre-holiday messaging or put together new messaging. Also do not...

great wall journey

When you realize security isn’t a sprint

A different way to think about security than quick sprints and finish lines.

linux penguin shoot

Linux Ransomware has predictable key, automated decryption tool released

Last week, researchers from Russian antivirus vendor Doctor Web discovered a new Ransomware family targeting Linux systems. On Monday, researchers at Bitdefender discovered a critical flaw in how Linux.Encoder.1 operates, meaning they...


10 reasons why phishing attacks are nastier than ever

Forget Nigerian princes -- today’s spearphishing is sophisticated business, fooling even the most seasoned security pros

comcast center philadelphia161

Comcast resets nearly 200,000 passwords after customer list goes on sale

Over the weekend, a reader directed Salted Hash to a post on a Dark Web marketplace selling a number of questionable, if not outright illegal goods. The post in question offered a list of 590,000 Comcast email addresses and...

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Heat map to show where burning need is for cybersecurity pros

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is funding creation of a heat map visualization tool that will show where cybersecurity jobs are open across the country. The first rendition should be out late next year.

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New England security group shares threat intelligence, strives to bolster region as cybersecurity mecca

Core members of the Advanced Cyber Security Center meet twice monthly to discuss the latest threats

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