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Black Hat 2015
piggybank target threat

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350% more cybersecurity pros in Washington, D.C., area than rest of U.S.

Looking to capitalize on the large number of cybersecurity professionals in Washington, D.C., two entrepreneurs place a big bet on cybersecurity startups along the Beltway.

security analytics

How to improve security analytics and operations

Many organizations struggle with processes, tools and the working relationship between security and IT operations teams.


Do developers care about security?

They certainly do, according to Sarah Gibson, application security consultant at Veracode, who talks with CSO senior writer Fahmida Rashid about the issues around application security, and how having a collaborative security team is...


CIO Career Coach: Be a good storyteller

Stories are the most powerful communication devices available. Tell better stories, and you’ll become a better CIO.

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Closing the IT and cybersecurity skills gap with programming games

New board games that teach code through concepts may help narrow the skills gap by making coding fun for all ages.

Cybersecurity operations more difficult than it was 2 years ago

New ESG research finds more threats, more work and more alerts make it difficult for cybersecurity professionals to keep up.

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What is gamification? Lessons for awareness programs from Pokemon Go

Gamification is a way to reward people for exhibiting a desired behavior. It is not merely creating a game for people to play, nor making training a game. As Pokemon Go turns a year old, here are some of the things awareness programs...

Buses helped extend the reach of Africa Code Week in October, 2015.

Can computer science education be fun?

Games that focus on concepts over programming languages teach students to think like a computer while having a little fun.


4 questions new leaders should ask

Phil McKinney, president and CEO of CableLabs, Inc., offers up advice about the new set of skills required to be a successful leader.

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Trust and safety 101

Creating a trust and safety team, even if it consists of a small group of part-time employees, can pay dividends in brand equity and user trust.

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Guide to the top college and university cyber security degree programs

CISOs and CSOs should be heartened by the fact that more colleges and universities are offering academic programs and degrees in cyber security specialties. They are also doing their best to place young professionals into the...

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Cybersecurity has a huge skills gap! Will you be part of the problem or the solution?

There is currently a projected shortfall of 1.6 million qualified persons to fill cyber security roles. Since it is very clear we are vulnerable to cyber attacks and need to mitigate them we need people now. Complaining about...

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Where to spend your next security dollar

Use executive security education to build your security program.

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Cybersecurity spend: ROI Is the wrong metric

Think about what your network defenders do throughout the day, every day, in the course of getting their jobs done. Can you describe it in one sentence? How would you characterize the thousands of tasks that the InfoSec team fields...

Healthcare: Are you prepared to trade privacy for treatment?

The U.S. HHS Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force and the U.K.'s ICO in separate reports highlight the need to better protect patients' information.

Election 2016 teaser - Electronic voting security for digital election data

We can't accept election hacking as a new normal

As the investigations into whether Russian hackers influenced the 2016 Presidential election in the US continue, the rest of the world prepares for the new normal of election hacking.

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Ancient lessons for a modern security program

As security programs become more and more complex, the need to see as much of what’s happening as possible is becoming one of the most critical aspects of success for any organization. But with complexity comes a need to specialize,...

Gmail Google Mail

Google uses machine learning for new security features in Gmail

Google has pushed four new security features to enterprise users on G Suite, the search giant's hosted business offering. The new protections come shortly after Citizen Lab report exposed a Russia-linked Phishing and disinformation...

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