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10 facts every small business leader must act upon

Small businesses aren't immune from attack. In fact, a recent Ponemon study revealed 55 percent of small businesses surveyed have been compromised. Small business leaders need to understand 10 key fundamentals and take immediate...

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What your users need to know about ransomware [Infographic]

Who's a target, how it gets in, and what to do if you're infected.

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Pokemon Go: What security awareness programs should be doing now

Pokemon Go represents a tremendous security threat. As with all tremendous threats, it can also be your greatest opportunity.


Legacy systems that security newbs need to watch

The systems that still work that can't be ignored.

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Security from the outside looking in

Utilities that utilize red team exercises can benefit from the knowledge they produce, so long as you have executive buy in and are willing to take potential criticism.

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Experts say Pokémon Go exposes players to security and privacy risks

Last week, Pokémon Go was officially released in the U.S. and players downloaded the application in droves. Overall, gamers are reporting a mostly positive experience, after a few server issues, but security experts warn that the app...

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Apple devices held for ransom, rumors claim 40M iCloud accounts hacked

Since February, a number of Apple users have reported locked devices displaying ransom demands written in Russian. Earlier this week, a security professional posted a message to a private email group requesting information related a...

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Phishing scam focuses on the basics to harvest business credentials

Criminals are using basic CSS and HTML to scam victims out of their credentials, and in some cases, their phone numbers too. The Phishing campaign is driven by an easily customized kit that uses blurred images as a lure.

11 signs your kids is hacking -- and what to do about it

11 signs your kid is hacking -- and what to do about it

Here’s how to find out if your child is involved in malicious online activity -- before the authorities do

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9 critical controls for today's threats

Many controls we've used for years can't effectively deal with today's threats. We must extend some and add others to prevent, detect, and respond to emerging threats to our business operations.

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Account security: moving past the password

Password management tools and biometrics are changing the future of passwords

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The quickest way to annoy a privacy pro

Trevor Hughes, president & CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), explains the difference between privacy and security and how both fields can work together.

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LinkedIn data breach blamed for multiple secondary compromises

The LinkedIn compromise has been linked to a number of confirmed incidents where data exfiltration has taken place. It's possible these incidents are only the tip of the iceberg though, as many of the organizations compromised are...

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Cybersecurity: Why do we spend more but get less?

Cybersecurity is as much how you think about security as it is what you do about security.

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How to get employees security engaged

Employee engagement is a major concern for organizations, especially since studies show that most people are not committed to or enthusiastic about their jobs. This has implications for companies in general and for security teams...

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How to combat new college grads' lack of security awareness

New graduates aren’t just bringing their skills and experience to the workplace – they’re also bringing poor cybersecurity habits.

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Need to bypass Google's two-factor authentication? Send a text message

Over the weekend a screenshot circulating on Twitter caught our attention. Normally, this would be a one-off story for the weekly Rehashed round up, but this scam teaches a lesson that's worth some focus. The lesson is that Social...

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Salted Hashed Rehashed: The weekly news recap for June 3, 2016

After a week away from Salted Hash for a much needed vacation, it's time for your weekly recap of news and other items of note. This week's recap will cover SCADA malware, Ransomware, FOIA requests, TeamViewer, and more.

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