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'Tis the season to watch out for W-2 phishing scams

Earlier this month, the IRS sent out an urgent alert warning employers that this W-2 phishing scam had spread beyond the corporate world to other sectors, including school districts, tribal organizations and nonprofits

Black Hat 2015

The CSO guide to top security conferences

CSO Online’s calendar of upcoming security conferences makes it easy to find the events that matter the most to you.

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Before you buy another cybersecurity buzzword

Your security posture should not be based on assumptions. It should be based on empiric evidence. That empiric evidence can be derived by validating your controls with security instrumentation solutions. You may very well discover...

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Google prevents 10 million malicious emails every 60 seconds; Gmail users beware

Gmail phishing and malware attacks on Gmail users can be prevented

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Phishing campaign uses Yahoo breach to hook email

A phishing email sent out within hours after the Yahoo breach news broke is preys on users' concern about their account security

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Salted Hash: RSA Conference 2017 – Live Blog

All this week, Salted Hash will be on location at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. We'll be updating the blog multiple times a day (each day) with news and other content from the show – so check-back often and refresh this post.

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Gartner and industry experts on the booming market for security awareness training

Training the world's employees on how to detect and respond to spear phishing and other hacks aimed at users will cost billions of dollars. But it may be the world's best ROI in the war against cybercrime - which is predicted to cost...

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Indiana distributor hit by W-2 scam twice in two years, more than 600 affected

Monarch Beverage, Indiana's largest distributor of beer and wine, said they were victimized by scammers targeting W-2 records this week, affecting more than 600 employees. However, the situation went from bad to worse after an...

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Study shows Americans are a cocky bunch when dealing with cybersecurity and nude photos

A majority of those surveyed by Blumberg Capital believe they know more about cybersecurity than President Trump and their mothers.

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What some cybersecurity vendors don’t want you to know

When evaluating security products, you might be doing it wrong if you’re not incorporating assurance testing.

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At Dulles, a security awareness success story

The detention of Norway’s former prime minister, when stripped of politics, was an example of proper security awareness.

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Ransomware 2.0: Anatomy of an emerging multibillion business

What to expect from and how to resist the fastest growing sector of cybercrime in 2017?

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The flaw in applying culture to awareness programs

I appreciate that organizations are beginning to realize that they need to understand their corporate culture in their implementation of awareness programs. It is long overdue. Unfortunately as a concept, it is being grossly...


29,000 taxpayers affected by W-2 scams, IRS issues new warning

Last week, the Internal Revenue Service issued a new warning to employers, urging them to stay alert as reports of compromised W-2 records started to climb. At least 29,000 taxpayers have been affected by W-2 scams since the tax...

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How AI is stopping criminal hacking in real time

Almost every day, there’s news about a massive data leak -- a breach at Yahoo that reveals millions of user accounts, a compromise involving Gmail phishing scams. Security professionals are constantly moving the chess pieces around,...

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25% off Logitech Professional Presenter R800, Presentation Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer - Deal Alert

Logitech Professional Presenter R800 gives you powerful control for high-impact presentations. The brilliant green laser pointer is easy to see, even on flat panel displays, projection screens, and in brightly lit rooms. Manage your...

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The private sector is the key to success for the Department of Homeland Security

Infrastructure protection is a shared responsibility that cannot be met by government alone.

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Cybersecurity among top IT skills that employers need in 2017

Here are the IT skills that will be in high demand for 2017.

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