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Average business spends $15 million battling cybercrime

The average U.S. company of 1,000 employees or more spends $15 million a year battling cybercrime, up 20 percent compared to last year.

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IP camera makers pressure researcher to cancel security talk

An upcoming talk covering security problems in Internet-connected cameras has been canceled after opposition from some manufacturers.

usgovt supreme court
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Hacked Opinions: The legalities of hacking – Morey Haber

Morey Haber, from BeyondTrust talks about hacking regulation and legislation with CSO in a series of topical discussions with industry leaders and experts.

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4.6M customers impacted by Scottrade breach

In an email on Friday, brokerage firm Scottrade Inc., alerted customers to a data breach, which affected 4.6 million people. Scottrade learned about the problem after being contacted by the FBI.

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T-Mobile US says Experian breach exposed 15M customers

On Thursday, T-Mobile US T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, said that the names, addresses, Social Security numbers, birthdays, and ID information on more than 15 million customers has been compromised after a breach at Experian.


Profiling an insider

When the security threat comes from within your own company, it is often hard to see the signs beforehand.

usgovt supreme court
In Depth

Hacked Opinions: The legalities of hacking – Ian Amit

Ian Amit, from ZeroFOX, talks about hacking regulation and legislation with CSO in a series of topical discussions with industry leaders and experts.

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Strange Windows update creates confusion, panic

On Wednesday, Windows users – both home and enterprise – started sharing details on a strange update delivered by Microsoft. The update itself used a string of random characters in the description, along with resource URLs using a...


When contractors exact their revenge

IT contractors are often in positions to wreak havoc and extract money via "legbreaker" tactics. Think ahead to stay safe.

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Does security awareness training even work?

If even well-educated security experts mess up when it comes to security, can we really educate average employees to be more security aware?

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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

There are many things that you can do in October to leverage cybersecurity month for information security messaging in your organization

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Intel Security warns don’t open that email about Armin van Buuren and other ‘dangerous’ celebrities

The 9th annual Intel Security Most Dangerous Celebrities list is here and this year it is topped by DJ Armin van Buuren.

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XOR: Linux-based botnet pushing 20 attacks a day

In a report released on Tuesday, Akamai has profiled several recent attacks from the XOR botnet, which is capable of DDoS attacks in excess of 150Gpbs. Researchers, after examining the more recent incidents, say that a vast majority...


Salted Hash: Live from DerbyCon 5.0 (Day 2)

It’s Day two at DerbyCon, which is actually the day that most of the action takes place. This weekend has already seen some impressive talks, but today promises to be interesting with talks running the full spectrum of InfoSec, from...


Salted Hash: Live from DerbyCon 5.0 (Day 1)

DerbyCon 5.0 has officially started, and it didn’t take long before the halls were flooded with hackers looking to catch-up with their peers as they headed to the first talk of the day.


Salted Hash: Live from DerbyCon 5.0 (Day 0)

Salted Hash is in Louisville, Kentucky for DerbyCon 5.0. All weekend long, in-between talks and training, this blog will be updated with various items of note from the show or thoughts form those attending.

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Changing the whistleblower-retaliation culture

When an employee notices a major threat to the business' cybersecurity, you would think the company would want to hear about it. But more often than not, these whistleblowers suffer retaliation from their own employers.

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Organizations get vulnerability maturity model

Despite the age of the argument, disclosure is still a hot topic. However, some organizations aren't ready to deal with researchers who disclose vulnerabilities. Now, HackerOne is offering organizations a chance to discover their...

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