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Security must evolve to be ‘all about the data’

Experts on panel discussion sponsored by Dell agree that the current security model is obsolete, and that to face the expanding and evolving threat landscape will require embedding data itself with smart security protection

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Misconceptions about targeted attacks

Trend Micro's Spencer Hsieh published a blog recently that caught my attention. It's focused on misconceptions surrounding targeted attacks. It's an interesting read, which I thought was worth sharing on Salted Hash.

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6 steps to win executive support for security awareness programs

Obtaining C-Level support for security awareness programs can be tough, so Ira Winkler and Samantha Manke share a handful of tips for appealing to the executives in your organization

Survey: Corporate security thwarted by dialog failure between IT dept. and management

Ponemon survey of 4,881 IT and security practitioners also shows many want total security-product overhaul to counter advanced persistent threats.

Kenneth van Wyk: We can't just blame users

Yes, users sometimes do stupid things. Some always will. But developers need to do more to save users from themselves.

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No money, no problem: Building a security awareness program on a shoestring budget

Implementing a security awareness program seems rather straightforward, until you actually start to implement one - factoring in things like resources and the people (users) to be trained. At that point, it can seem complicated,...

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US lawmaker asks FTC to probe implications of Facebook 'big data' experiment

Senator Mark R. Warner wants to know what oversight, if any, would be appropriate for studies conducted by social media platforms.

US Senate Intelligence Committee approves cybersecurity bill

The bill has been criticized by civil liberties and privacy groups because of its potential privacy implications

Data Security

How the Target breach has affected small business data security

Data breaches continue to plague large retailers, but that doesn't mean small businesses are immune. In fact, hackers increasingly target small firms as a way to get to the big guys. Here's what companies need to do to step up their...

The CSO of the future

What skills, background and education does a security executive need if they want their career to evolve?

Turning your security strategy inside out: The convergence of insider and advanced threat

Jason Clark and James Robinson of Accuvant discuss how security leaders can think outside the box when developing or revisiting their insider threat strategies.

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Why the reseller ISS hack justifies third-party risk assessments

A security breach at Information Systems & Suppliers that exposed restaurant customers' credit card data illustrates why companies should consider third-party risk assessments, an expert says.


10 critical security habits you should be doing (but aren't)

Staying safe these digital days takes more than antivirus. Here are 10 fundamental things you do to protect your PC and other devices.


Microsoft stops email notification services

On Friday, Microsoft told security notification subscribers that the service would halt operations on July 1.

Security awareness and concern are both on the rise among IT professionals

A survey conducted by Lancope at Infosecurity Europe found that IT professionals are more aware of threats, and more concerned about security.


Court summons scam makes a comeback

Researchers at AppRiver have been tracking an uptick in the number of emails containing the Zortob Trojan. The surge seems to be focused on an old scam, which warns the victim that they've been ordered to appear in court.

Syrian Electronic Army

A security awareness success story

The recent Syrian Electronic Army attacks against IDG demonstrate that good security awareness works, say Ira Winkler and Samantha Manke

Decoding threat intelligence

There is much confusion about threat intelligence. Many of the organizations that need it don't have the elements in place to process the information and make it actionable.


CircleCityCon: The missing update

Last weekend, 240 people attended CircleCityCon, Indianapolis' first major security conference. It was an amazing time, offering a chance to lean form a wide range of professionals.

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