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Top U.S. universities failing at cybersecurity education

Cybercriminals are only getting better at what they do, which means the skills gap is growing between the people who hack and the people who stop them. And universities aren't catching up fast enough: A recent study reveals dismal...


Microsoft joins lawsuit in fight for individual privacy

Microsoft is suing the United States for violation of its First Amendment right and your Fourth Amendment rights.

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Why can’t the public security sector and the government get along?

The divide between government and the security industry presents several challenges when looking to form partnerships with the goal of improving cybersecurity. In order to illustrate what it will take to move forward with these...

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Cyber threats come from all angles at the financial services industry

Reputational loss and reduction in customer confidence can severely impact the long-term well-being of a financial institution ill prepared for the threats that they face. Each organization must develop a strategy that finds the right...

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Woman loses $1,825 to mystery shopping scam posing as BestMark, Inc.

A woman in Houston, Texas is out $1,825 after scammers targeted her using the name of a legitimate company that specializes in mystery shopping. The victim came to Salted Hash's attention after a family member read a post on CSO's XSS...

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The Simpsons math secret is the key to better security

A Simon Singh keynote at InfoSec World 2016 revealed an opportunity for better security by following the advice given to the writing team

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Are IT executives blind to cybersecurity threats?

If IT leaders and IT workers can’t agree that there’s a problem, what are the chances that they’ll actually implement the cybersecurity policy they need?

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In the event of an emergency, you will be prepared

Preparedness drills for physical safety are commonplace. Why not begin doing the same for digital safety? And what would such a thing entail?

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The impact of the new Trans-Atlantic privacy law

After 20 years of relative calm regarding the handling of personal data of EU citizens by U.S. companies, events over the past six months have instigated widespread reform. While the resolution is yet to be confirmed, the building...


Without information security processes, you are flying blind

When done well, the creation of an information security process catalog can provide significant benefits for an enterprise.


Merging firms appealing targets for attackers

Companies going through a merger or acquisition, as well as their lawyers, financial advisers, and other associated firms are all tempting targets for cyberattackers, according to a new report from Digital Shadows.

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How long is a piece of string? The challenges and benefits of benchmarking security culture

Measuring security culture is challenging, but increasingly important to information security as we seek to maximize the value of people as well as technology to protect organizations. Asking how a security culture stacks up is like...

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A healthy dose of skepticism never hurt a security professional

Whether you are in an entry-level position or have years of experience under your belt, there are always lessons to learn in the ever changing threat landscape of cybersecurity.

9 tips to prevent you from falling for a tax scam

Tyler Moffitt, senior threat research analyst at Webroot, provides tips for staying secure this tax season.

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Surfing porn can lead to infections

Could not resist that as a clickbait title. My apologies. Malware is a tiresome fact of life online. Ever since my first encounter with the Stoned virus years ago it has never ceased to be amaze me that the pace of this sort of...

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How MSSPs can address the cybersecurity talent gap

Managed security services providers can help companies struggling to fill security roles.

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Why every leader needs to understand Apple vs. FBI

We must avoid any solution that provides a master key to any encryption technology. Violating the privacy of our citizens must remain the exception and not the rule.

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27% of US office workers would sell their passwords

In a survey released today, 27 percent of U.S. office workers at large companies would sell their work password to an outsider, compared to a global average of 20 percent

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