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7 warning signs of could-be rogue employees

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Who ‘owns’ an investigation into a security breach?

When things go wrong, as they inevitably will in any organization, the way to resolve those problems starts with an effective investigation. But an advisory council says too often those investigations are plagued with confusion and...

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Is it possible to determine if your Internet connection has been hijacked?

This post will describe the difference between HTTP and HTTPS connections, as well as what it means to you as you're browsing the Web. After that, we're going to talk about things that can impact HTTPS (e.g. Man-in-the-Middle...

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Google scraps annual Pwnium bug-hunting contest

Google is scrapping Pwnium, its annual bug hunting event, and folding it into an existing year-round program in part to reduce security risks. But Tim Willis of the Chrome Security Team wrote in a blog post that the annual event isn't...

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How ‘Power fingerprint’ could improve security for ICS/SCADA systems

Every digital device or system has a power fingerprint. A new company says monitoring that fingerprint in ICS/SCADA systems can detect intrusions or malfunctions in real time. But some experts say that while it will improve security,...

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After the Anthem breach: How we can help secure health data

The Anthem breach may have seemed a baffling or inexcusable security lapse. But once you understand what’s going on in healthcare security and technology right now, you can see why this was inevitable and how we can help prevent such...

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Lenovo says Superfish problems are theoretical, but that simply isn't the case

On Thursday, the world woke to the news that commercial-grade Lenovo PCs were being shipped from the factory with adware pre-installed on the system. Designed to provide a visual shopping experience, the software is insecure and...

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FAQ: How to find and remove Superfish from your Lenovo laptop

Lenovo has shipped consumer PCs with software designed to offer a visual shopping experience, but in reality it's adware that breaks HTTPS online – leaving customers vulnerable to attack and information theft. Here’s how to determine...


It’s time for a National Cybersecurity Safety Board (NCSB)

With regards to information security, the Sony breach of 2014 shows that the time has arrived to create a National Cybersecurity Safety Board (NCSB).

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Lenovo shipping laptops with pre-installed adware that kills HTTPS

Lenovo is in hot water after it was revealed on Wednesday that the company is shipping consumer laptops with Superfish (Adware) pre-installed. Security experts are alarmed, as the software performs Man-in-the-Middle attacks that...


Millennials becoming known as Generation Leaky

Millennials, who will soon become the largest population group in the workforce, bring high expectations for convenience and collaboration from technology, but little apparent concern about security. That's a major problem, experts...

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Awareness on the cheap

Our manager finds several ways to expand awareness training without breaking the bank.

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Senators to push privacy, security legislation for IoT

Some Democratic senators want new laws that mandate security and privacy measures on the Internet of Things, as concern grows over personal data collected by connected devices.


Five sneaky ways companies are changing employees’ security behavior

Like precocious teenagers, some employees don’t want to be told what to do when it comes to cyber security. Too many rules about what they can and cannot do with technology can lead to bad decisions that inadvertently put company data...

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Hackers target health care as industry goes digital

With more health providers and insurers incorporating IT into clinical care, hackers are viewing the health care industry as their next target.


Time to reprioritize security awareness efforts

Security awareness programs are frequently treated as minor elements of organizational security programs. The awareness program is frequently first to have its budget cut, and usually is minimally funded to begin with.

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Blackhat movie: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

If you still haven't seen the new movie Michael Mann movie "Blackhat" with Chris Hemsworth playing the lead, you won't be getting any new insights into how hackers work. If you are not a security professional, however, then the movie...

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Malware uses video and tags to infect 100,000 people on Facebook

Facebook - the world's most active social media website, boasting some 1.4 billion registered users, is no stranger to viral attacks that spread quickly. Over the weekend, researchers started noticing an uptick in tag spam that was...


9 common security awareness mistakes (and how to fix them)

Most of the security mistakes that workers make fall into the "careless or clueless" category. Better security awareness could cut the risk to most organizations by 45% to 70%. But that takes effective, regular training.

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