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Extreme Hacks to Be Paranoid About
Scott McNealy

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Common cybersecurity myths debunked

One of the greatest challenges for organizations attempting to address cybersecurity risks is the number of fundamental security myths that cause organizations to incorrectly assess threats.

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Ensuring data security with a bucket of worms and a hammer; goggles optional

Getting in the habit of destroying sensitive data in junk mail and on old drives and devices isn't just about proper use of approved technology. Sometimes what you need is creativity, a sense of humor, and a good fire extinguisher.

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News and IoT sites flunk security and privacy tests

News and IoT websites fail security / privacy testing

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Two years after Snowden leaks, US tech firms still feel the backlash

Continued pressure for data localization laws will hurt tech vendors, trade groups say

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How secure is your email?

Encrypted email has long been a complicated problem to solve, but a combination of Internet titans and innovative startups are working to make it practical for real people. Google has an "End-To-End" project developing a plugin for...

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Don't expect major changes to NSA surveillance from Congress

After passing the USA Freedom Act, many in Congress may be unwilling to extend surveillance reform

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Researcher warns popular gaming plug-in puts millions of web users at risk from data thieves

In a demo posted on YouTube, the researcher shows how a flaw in the Unity Web Player could let an attacker access a Gmail account

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Tim Cook takes shots at Google, NSA during speech on privacy and encryption

The Apple CEO is highly critical of companies that sell personal user data -- email, search queries and even photos -- to advertisers. But is Cook throwing stones in Apple's glass house?

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Heartland issues breach notification letters after computer theft

In a letter to the California Attorney General, Heartland Payment Systems has disclosed a data breach impacting personal information. The letter says that the data exposure is the result of a break-in at one of their offices, which...

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Google's new cybersecurity chief cooking up exciting projects

Meet Gerhard Eschelbeck, Google's VP of Security Engineering.

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Whose privacy matters most?

No one wants their private information falling into the wrong hands, but this is especially true of the younger generation, as they lack the resources to address such a compromise directly, and parents often don’t think to monitor...

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Researchers discover hidden shell in Hola VPN software

Hola pushed software updates out to users over the weekend, but they do not fix the vulnerabilities disclosed last week by researchers. On Monday, researchers released new details about the Hola VPN client based on their examination...

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Hola VPN client vulnerabilities put millions of users at risk

Hola, an Israeli company that develops a browser plug-in promoted heavily as a means to bypass region locks on Web-based content and anonymous surfing, has several critical vulnerabilities that put users at risk, researchers warn.

Tor connections to hidden services could be easy to de-anonymize

It's safer to access Internet websites over Tor than hidden services, researchers said

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Security checks that rely on PII put businesses and consumers at risk

The problem of using personal information as a security check has existed for more than a decade, but as the Internet grows and personal data becomes more easily accessible, should such information remain a key security resource?


Secom security drone follows, photographs intruders

These flying security cameras will be rented out to large-lot businesses such as shopping malls

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NSA planned to hijack Google Play Store, Samsung app store to deliver malware

The program also exposed a major browser vulnerability, which government agents reportedly exploited for years.

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Tech companies ask Senate to pass NSA reform bill

The USA Freedom Act was earlier passed by the House of Representatives

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