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Lenovo shipping laptops with pre-installed adware that kills HTTPS

Lenovo is in hot water after it was revealed on Wednesday that the company is shipping consumer laptops with Superfish (Adware) pre-installed. Security experts are alarmed, as the software performs Man-in-the-Middle attacks that...

funeral hearse

Scammers using obituary notices to acquire new victims

It's a low, ruthless way to make a living, but criminals rarely have a conscience to speak of, if at all. Still, it takes a special type of person to target those already suffering form the sudden and tragic loss of a loved one; but...

student data protection ts

Is student data at risk due to out-of-date privacy laws

Members of Congress warn that an aging privacy statute hasn't kept pace with technology in the classroom and urge that restrictions be placed on third-party use of student data.

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Apple's Tim Cook warns that sacrificing privacy 'risks our way of life'

Apple's chief believes the personal impact of security breaches can be devastating

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Personal weather stations can expose your Wi-Fi network

In the latest Internet of Things security blunder, personal weather station devices made by Netatmo were found sending users' Wi-Fi passwords back to the company over unencrypted connections.

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US lawmakers introduce two bills to protect email privacy

Both bills would require law enforcement agencies to get court-ordered warrants for older stored communications

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Jeb Bush's email dump puts constituents' personal data online

The emails posted on a Bush website included personal data such as Social Security numbers

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Security, privacy gaps put U.S. drivers at risk of hacking

New standards are needed to plug security and privacy gaps in cars and trucks, according to a report released by U.S. Sen. Edward Markey.

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US takes another shot at stopping warrantless reading of emails

The bill was introduced Wednesday in the Senate and House of Representatives

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Anthem confirms data breach, but full extent remains unknown

Anthem, the nation's second largest health insurance provider, confirmed that outsiders were able to compromise an unknown number of records, including complete profiles for individuals.


Big Brother is watching Thailand

I first read George Orwell’s book, 1984 many years ago. I remember thinking that was such a horrible idea and it couldn’t possibly come to pass. But, the more I read the news in the last year alone I see a shift taking place. Two...

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Top password managers compared

Unless you're living off the grid in a cabin in the woods, you have more passwords than you can manage -- the simple answer is to use a password management program

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Beyond passwords with biometric technology

Biometric technologies can supplement or even replace passwords entirely when used in conjunction with a password management program.

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How three small credit card transactions could reveal your identity

A new study suggests anonymous data sets aren't very anonymous after all

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Cyberthreat sharing must include strong privacy protections, advocates say

Lawmakers will push for information-sharing legislation, but some groups want them to address past privacy concerns

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New Chrome extension spots unencrypted tracking

TrackerSSL is aimed at alerting websites of insecure tracking via Twitter

neon appliances

Five myths (debunked) about security and privacy for Internet of Things

IoT has the potential to enable improvements to so many facets of life, the list is endless. Its primary advancement is enabling the interconnectedness of “things” and resulting insights and synergies. Yet that same connectedness...

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Facebook goes ‘deep’ in getting to know you

Facebook's artificial intelligence initiative known as "deep learning" is designed to protect user privacy, in some cases from themselves. But some privacy advocates say users should be aware that nothing they do on the site is...

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