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Healthcare organizations still too lax on security

Data breach at Community Health is symptom of broader problem, security experts say

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Senator questions airlines' data privacy practices

Jay Rockefeller raises concerns about airlines collecting and sharing personal information

Messenger app users worry how Facebook uses a device's phone, camera

Facebook ignited a flood of criticism last week when it began requiring mobile users to load its Messenger app for Android and iOS separate from its basic Facebook app

China's Xiaomi faces privacy hurdles ahead of international expansion

Xiaomi apologized on Sunday for causing privacy concerns related to its phones

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Why your online identity can never really be erased

A ruling by a European Court may make it more difficult to find certain information that people claim is 'inadequate ... irrelevant ... or excessive,' but that doesn't mean it will disappear. Some critics, who call the ruling...

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Nothing is secure, your calls aren't private and your car could kill you

BlackBerry's enterprise security briefing in New York intended to highlight the firm's acquisition of Secusmart – but the speakers discussing leaks of confidential diplomatic phone calls and easy hacks of driverless cars stole the...

In a hyper-social world, some seek a little privacy

People are getting more selective about what they want to share, and online firms are picking up on it


Tor releases updates to address traffic confirmation attacks

According to an advisory posted on Wednesday, Tor discovered an attack that had been active for nearly five months, which could have revealed identifying details and other information related to people using the network to access...

Tor Attack Confirmed

The maintainers of the Tor project have confirmed an attack against it’s users.

Privacy groups call for action to stop Facebook's off site user tracking plans

Authorities should act immediately to stop this new vast expansion of Facebook's data collection and user profiling, privacy groups said

Dutch spy agencies can receive NSA data, court rules

Because raw data is shared in bulk, less stringent privacy safeguards apply, the court said

Tor Project working to fix weakness that can unmask users

The anonymity software's developers believe they've identified the problem

US court says warrant for access to all content of email account is justified

The government was granted a warrant to obtain emails and other information from a Gmail account

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NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden plans to work on easy-to-use privacy tools

Edward Snowden has some plans for the future and they include making privacy and encryption tools easier to use

Net neutrality a key battleground in growing fight over encryption, activists say

Both carriers and government now have an interest in how users keep their online lives private

Chaos Computer Club bolsters NSA spying complaint with Tor snooping evidence

The Chaos Computer Club wants new evidence to prompt an investigation into mass surveillance of German citizens

BC Health Ministry hacked

It appears that the British Columbia has suffered a privacy breach involving their PhamaNet system.

EA dismisses claim its Origin software spies on users

A screenshot posted on Reddit does not represent information collected by Origin, an EA spokeswoman said

big brother

Wearables: Are we handing more tools to Big Brother?

The growth of wearables, especially fitness trackers, is explosive - users love the convenience of tracking not only their workouts but their sleep patterns and other health-related information. But privacy experts warn that the...

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