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Cybercriminals adopt spies' techniques to pull off online bank heists

Researchers from security vendor Kaspersky Lab have identified three cybercrime groups that compromise and steal money from financial institutions using sophisticated techniques and custom malware.


User Behavior Analytics: A complement to baseline hygiene

Rapid 7 talks about alert fatigue, the benefits of UBAs, and the need for baseline security tools.

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For sale: The nuclear bunker of your dreams

Be the envy of your survivalist friends with this 235-bed beauty in Northern Ireland.

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Assessing the U.S. power grid after Ukraine

Security in the U.S. power sector is taken very seriously. But of course security can always be tighter.

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Risk vs reward: how to talk about bug bounty programs

Casey Ellis, co-founder and CEO of Bugcrowd Inc., offers some advice for security newbs on how to broach the topic of bug bounty programs.

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Security negligence goes to court

The number of people whose data was breached in 2015 exceeded that of the previous year. How do we plan to regulate these cases? What should organizations be compelled to do in order to protect the sensitive information they store?...

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The Dark Net’s Fraud as a Service (FaaS)

Fraud as a Service (FaaS) has matured to the level of diversification and specialization. In the arena of cybercrime, groups have emerged into areas of specialization, with the top of the food chain acting as general contractors.

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Does attribution matter to security leaders?

Levi Gundert shares his experience on when, how, and why attribution matters for security leaders

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Credit card security has no silver bullet

Credit-card security should improve with the launch of EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) technology. But EMV doesn’t address online purchases, which are growing much faster than in-person transactions.

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Security policy samples, templates and tools

New threats and vulnerabilities are always emerging. Are your security policies keeping pace? CSO's security policy, templates and tools page provides free sample documents contributed by the security community.

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Telephonic DoS a smokescreen for cyberattack on Ukrainian utility

The late December telephonic denial-of-service attack against a Ukrainian power company was a smokescreen to cover up a cyber attack, experts say.

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Defending against insider security threats hangs on trust

If your security strategy only considers malicious insiders when addressing the insider threat, you may be miscalculating the risk. Accidental incidents are nearly impossible to guard against.

Black bomb

Sample bomb threat procedures

These are the detailed bomb threat procedures for a U.S.-based non-profit organization that promotes environmental activism and causes. A bomb threat procedure was drafted after the organization received a threat.


Advertisers expected to lose $7.2B in 2016 due to fraud

A study from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and advertising security firm White Ops, says that an increase in spending will lead to a direct increase in losses due to ad fraud. The losses are expected to reach $7.2B by...

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5 biggest cybersecurity concerns facing CIOs, CISOs in 2016

Carl Leonard, a principal security analyst for Raytheon's Websense cybersecurity software unit, offers insight into the most serious threats CIOs and CISOs are likely to grapple with this year.

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IBM to tackle fraud with Iris Analytics

No, this isn't about using Watson AI systems to identify fraudsters by gazing deep into their eyes: IBM has acquired a German machine learning software firm called Iris Analytics to bolster its antifraud software.

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Sample concealed weapons policy

This concealed weapons policy of a large hospital with 10,000+ employees is written to apply to not only employees, but also those visiting the hospital.

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Sample workplace violence prevention policy

The workplace violence prevention policy of a mid-sized company with approximately 500 employees that specializes in educational software. This detailed policy covers harassment, stalking, and domestic violence concerns.

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