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privileged accounts

unveil disclosure

Defining ransomware and data breach disclosure

Does a ransomware attack cause the “acquisition, access, use or disclosure” of ePHI?” No court decision has yet to address this issue, but expert commentators have taken either side of the argument.

Safe Skies TSA Lock

Rehashed: Lessons learned from the Safe Skies TSA master key leak

Over the weekend, Salted Hash broke the news that hackers had released the eighth and final TSA master key, which opens locks created by Safe Skies LLC. Today we'll discuss a key takeaway point from the story, as well as provide a...

Hackers leak Safe SKies TSA master key

Hackers create Safe Skies TSA master key from scratch, release designs

On Saturday evening, during the Eleventh HOPE conference in New York City, three hackers released the final master key used by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which opens Safe Skies luggage locks. The public release...


This Tinder scam promises to verify your account, but actually sells porn

Tinder users beware. The popular dating app generally doesn’t verify user accounts, but that hasn’t stopped spammers from pretending to offer the service.

saip app

In Nice attack, government's official terror alert comes too late

"Take cover," the French government warned people in Nice via its official terror alert app, hours after the immediate danger had passed.

tesla fatality

Tesla asked to brief Senate committee on fatal car crash

Tesla Motors has been asked by a U.S. Senate Committee to brief it on the circumstances leading to a fatal accident that killed the driver of a Tesla Model S, while the vehicle’s Autopilot driver-assistance feature was turned on.

rio olympics tickets

Fake Olympic tickets and Zika news apps scam users

These days not a headline goes by without some cybercriminal jumping all over it. Now, with the Olympics coming up and travelers wary of the Zika virus, scammers are creating fake websites and apps to steal money or to infect users...

petrochemical plant

Stealthy cyberespionage malware targets energy companies

Security researchers have discovered a new malware threat that goes to great lengths to remain undetected while targeting energy companies.

high voltage substation electrical

Security from the outside looking in

Utilities that utilize red team exercises can benefit from the knowledge they produce, so long as you have executive buy in and are willing to take potential criticism.

swift security breaches

SWIFT brings in external support as it fights wave of bank hacks

SWIFT is bringing in additional security support after a series of high-profile bank heists and attempted bank heists conducted via its financial transaction network.

pokemon go

Muggers used Pokemon Go to lure victims, police say

With the launch of Pokemon Go last week, it's not just players but police that "gotta catch 'em all."

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go players robbed at gunpoint, suspects arrested

Last week, people all over the U.S. started walking around in circles staring at their phones. No, they're not lost; they're playing a game – Pokémon Go. Most of those who have started playing, are reporting positive experiences, but...

smartphone woman coffee

What I learned playing prey to Windows scammers

Three months of phone calls prove Windows scammers are more skilled at social engineering than you think

Citibank credit card with an EMV chip

Merchants slow to migrate to EMV, see rising fraud costs

The deadline for switching to chip-based card readers was last October, but most merchants still have not upgraded and are now liable for point-of-sale payment card fraud

storm cloud

Forecast: Mostly cloudy with a chance of failure

The same diligence you use when operating on premises should be used when you move to the cloud.

mobile retail ts

The National Retail Federation is dead wrong about PCI

Ben Rothke and David Mundhenk question why the National Retail Federation (NRF) is trying to lawyer-up on PCI.

insider threat

9 critical controls for today's threats

Many controls we've used for years can't effectively deal with today's threats. We must extend some and add others to prevent, detect, and respond to emerging threats to our business operations.

nj transit

Big Brother is listening as well as watching

The professed goal of audio surveillance on mass transit systems may be to protect passengers. But privacy advocates say it crosses a line, amounting to violations of free speech and the right to be free from unwarranted and...

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