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Make your emails more trusted with DKIM

There are authentication systems -- DomainKeys and its successor DKIM -- that try to mitigate some of the risk of trusting that emails are actually from who they say they are from.

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How Windows Server 2016 is tackling security

Windows Server 2016 could be a generational shift in security on par with Bill Gates’ introduction of Trustworthy Computing in 2002.


12 hardware and software vulnerabilities you should address now

Hardware and software that live past their end-of-life dates pose serious risks to organizations. Find out which assets you should update, upgrade or replace ASAP.

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IP Expo Nordic and getting Popp’d by ransomware

Ransomware has become all the rage in the security field these days. Both from the perspective of the writers and the defenders. The media is lousy with these articles and I’m apparently not above writing about it myself. This...

Sophos false positive detection ruins weekend for some Windows users

A bad malware signature caused Sophos antivirus products to detect a critical Windows file as malicious, preventing some users from accessing their computers.


Windows 10 Anniversary Update: The good, the bad and the 'meh'

The new version of Windows 10 is a solid, if not dramatic, upgrade.

el capitan

Apple updates OS X El Capitan with final non-security fixes

Apple today updated OS X El Capitan, likely for the last time other than for security patches.

osx el capitan

Apple patches 56 vulnerabilities in OS X El Capitan, improves Live Photo sharing

Other El Capitan modifications fixed compatibility problems between the operating system and Cisco's AnyConnect VPN client, and improved the reliability of connecting a Mac to the Internet using the iPhone's Personal Hotspot tool.

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Why every leader needs to understand Apple vs. FBI

We must avoid any solution that provides a master key to any encryption technology. Violating the privacy of our citizens must remain the exception and not the rule.


Mingis On Tech: Apple events, iPads and smartphones, oh my!

Executive News Editor Ken Mingis talks with Computerworld reviewer (and Apple expert) Michael deAgonia and Senior Editor Keith Shaw about Apple's March 21 event and the trials and tribulations of smartphone ownership.

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Microsoft goes after pirates who allegedly activated 'thousands of copies' of Windows, Office

The keys used to activate the software had been stolen from the company's supply chain, used more times than legal, were actually keys assigned to someone else or were activated outside the geographic region they were intended for.

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Juniper faces many questions after spying code planted in software

The discovery of spying code nestled deeply in Juniper's networking equipment, the latest example of a major IT vendor caught up in an damaging cyberattack, raises many questions.

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Juniper's backdoor password disclosed, likely added in late 2013

Rapid7's Chief Research Officer, HD Moore, has posted some notes on the Juniper ScreenOS incident. After analyzing the patches released by Juniper, Moore's team discovered the backdoor password that enables the Telnet and SSH bypass. ...

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Microsoft updates trust list after private key for Xbox Live leaks

On Tuesday, Microsoft updated their Certificate Trust List (CTL) after the private key for xboxlive.com was leaked to the Web. The company didn't explain how the leak happened, but the exposed certificates were immediately revoked and...

covered bridge

Building bridges in a fractured security ecosystem

Because legacy systems are required and often critical to the daily operations of an enterprise, many companies are still using operating systems or applications that cannot be patched.

Microsoft targets Apple with Surface Book launch [2015]

2015: The most prolific year for OS X malware ever

2015 is a year that will be remembered and pinned for later reference by Apple's software and security engineers. This, is the most prolific year for OS X Malware in history.

bad apple

Windows users often forget to patch their Apple programs

A survey of applications installed on Windows computers found many people don't run up-to-date versions of Apple programs.

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Did Microsoft shove Windows 10 down people’s throats?

That’s what users are saying, shoved down their throats, with many users still having issues with the unwanted Windows 10 OS.

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