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FireEye acquires Invotas; Who's next?

FireEye adds security orchestration and automation to their global threat intelligence platform.

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How to build a top-notch vulnerability management program

The vulnerability management program can be elevated from good to great by close and tight integration with several key associated systems

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How to protect security product investments

A security workforce shortage and other factors compound the problem of misconfigured security tools. There are solutions.

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REVIEW: Cyphort makes advanced threat protection easier than ever

Over the past few months, we’ve reviewed a variety of cutting-edge security tools that combat advanced persistent threats (APTs); everything from threat intelligence to virtual sandboxing to privileged identity management. And while...


Network security vs. app security: What's the difference, and why does it matter?

The idea that time and resources should be invested in either network security or application security is misguided as both are equally as important to securing the enterprise.

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Beyond the basics: The certifications you need based on the path you choose

Turns out that a lot of people have a lot of differing opinions on what education, certifications, and training folks new to security ought to have. This is the third of a three-part series on certifications.

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OpenSSH patches information leak that could expose private SSH keys

A vulnerability in OpenSSH clients could expose users' private SSH keys to rogue or compromised servers.

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11 tips for spotting insider threats

Security pros are constantly being warned about insider threats. We’re told our companies need next-generation software, integrated threat intelligence, and the ability to correlate massive amounts of event logs and context to arm...

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DDoS attack on BBC may have been biggest in history

A group calling itself New World Hacking said that the attack reached 602Gbps. If accurate, that would put it at almost twice the size of the previous record of 334Gbps, recorded by Arbor Networks last year.

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Blocking Shodan isn't some sort of magical fix that will protect your data

Earlier this week, a threat alert from Check Point singled out Shodan as a risk to enterprise operations. The advisory warns Check Point customers about the service, highlighting some of the instances where sensitive data was exposed...

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Rip and replace can create security issues

When IT leaders think about “rip and replace” efforts, the first thoughts that probably come to mind are about the potentially huge cost and the inevitable disruption to the business. But these massive system replacement efforts also...

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ArcSight vs. Splunk? Why you might want both

ArcSight and Splunk are highly-rated products in the SIEM market. But user reviews at IT Central Station suggest that, instead of making an either-or choice, IT security managers might want the combo.

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A lesson from Juniper. What’s in your software?

Frankly, I’m surprised. Is it the revelation that Juniper had “unauthorized code” in their Netscreen product? Is it that a third party could reportedly remotely access these systems? Is it that VPN traffic could be...


Security can't be left behind at a rapidly growing company

CIOs are finding ways to meet both the growing business needs as well as the evolving and increasing security requirements – without sacrificing the speed needed in fast-growing companies.

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Maximum security: Essential tools for everyday encryption

Thanks to technical advances and increased adoption, securing your data and communications is a lot easier than you might think

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Endpoint security still inadequate despite growing threats

There’s not enough good endpoint protection to go around for every endpoint type. Using protections that do exist to the fullest takes extra care.

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Review: Best password managers for the enterprise

Password managers are an important first step for organizations that want to strengthen their security by helping users cope with multiple logins.

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Fending off cyber extortion can be difficult

There is a common theme running through many of the recent massive data breaches: cyber extortion. This new trend is gaining popularity on both corporate and individual level. To effectively combat this threat, a good understanding of...

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