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DDoS reflection attacks are back – and this time, it's personal

This time, instead of hitting data center servers or DNS servers, the attackers are going after personal computers on misconfigured home networks.

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Are commercial planes in danger of being hacked?

The information security community weighs in on the possibility that a commercial plane can be hacked through the passenger-facing entertainment network.

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Security researcher's hack caused airplane to climb, FBI asserts

The FBI contends a cybersecurity researcher said he caused an airplane's engine to climb after hacking its software, according to a court document. The FBI interviewed him after he flew into Syracuse, New York, and seized his...

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What's the difference between a vulnerability scan, penetration test and a risk analysis?

An often overlooked, but very important process in the development of any Internet-facing service is testing it for vulnerabilities, knowing if those vulnerabilities are actually exploitable in your particular environment and, lastly,...

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For containers, security is problem #1

It may take a disaster or two for the lessons of needing to do security right sink in. Only then will containers be ready for prime time.

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Traditional anti-virus is dead. Long live the new and improved AV

Despite its flaws, anti-virus remains an indispensable part of endpoint security protection.

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Old-school anti-virus vendors learn new tricks

Testing reveals that traditional AV vendors have added defense-in-depth, BYOD protection.


New Linux rootkit leverages GPUs for stealth

The Jellyfish proof-of-concept rootkit uses the processing power of graphics cards and runs in their dedicated memory

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Automating incident response lets IDT take battle to the enemy

By automating the incident response process, IDT was able to reduce the time before the infection was quarantined, shorten the remediation cycle, reduce investigation time, and free up security staff to go after the bad guys themselves...

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Increased encryption a double-edged sword

The Department of Homeland Security may be complaining that encryption is interfering with their attempts to eavesdrop on criminals and terrorists -- but they're not the only ones inconvenienced.

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Does DevOps hurt or help security?

Naysayers contend DevOps weakens security, others say DevOps enhances security.

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Flaw in Realtek SDK for wireless chipsets exposes routers to hacking

Unauthenticated attackers can exploit the vulnerability to execute arbitrary code on affected devices, researchers said

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Key management is the biggest pain of encryption

Most IT professionals rate the pain of managing encryption keys as severe, according to a new global survey by the Ponemon Institute


Hot security products at RSA 2015

See the latest security wares on display at RSA in San Francisco.

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Attacks against industrial control systems double

Attacks against industrial control systems doubled last year, according to a new report from Dell. In particular, attacks specifically targeting SCADA industrial control systems rose 100 percent in 2014 compared to the previous year....

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Why 'designed for security' is a dubious designation

Recent events suggest that pushing enhanced privacy- and security wares brings risks with few rewards

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Report: Internet of Evil Things is your next nightmare

While the number of actively Evil Things is still small, the vast majority of enterprises are home to Things that have the potential to turn evil at any moment, according to a new report from Boston-based security firm Pwnie Express.

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Second-hand devices – cheaper but risky

Second-hand smartphones and tablets can be a great financial deal for those who don't mind last year's technology that still functions perfectly well. The problem - to both individuals and the enterprise - is that it can be very...

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