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Researchers disclose four unpatched vulnerabilities in the mobile version of Internet Explorer

The reports contain limited information, making exploit development hard and unlikely

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Researchers disclose four unpatched vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer

Security researchers published limited details about four unpatched vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer because Microsoft has not moved quickly enough to fix them. The flaws could potentially be exploited to execute malicious code on...

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Microsoft follows Google to crack down on revenge porn

Microsoft will make it easier for people to request the removal of links to intimate images or videos from the company's Bing search engine if such content was posted online without their consent.

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Five arrested in JPMorgan hacking case

U.S law enforcement officials have arrested five individuals who reportedly were involved in the high-profile 2014 computer hacking of JPMorgan.

Report: Microsoft paying $320 million for cloud security provider Adallom

Adallom provides a range of security and data gathering tools to businesses

data explosion

Data explosion offers challenges, opportunities to security pros

Enterprises are dealing with a flood of security data from firewalls, networks, email systems, individual work stations, servers, and other devices -- Big Data analytics helps companies process all this information, prioritize the...

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Why you need to care more about DNS

There’s one key part of your network infrastructure that you’re probably not monitoring, even though it keeps you connected, can tell you a lot about what’s happening inside your business – and is an increasing source of attacks. DNS...


10 steps to managing a successful network penetration test

Much has been written about various tools and technical methods for running network penetration tests or pen tests. However running an effective and successful pen test requires some amount of technical management skills, effort and...

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Security and the Internet of Things – are we repeating history?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the networking of endpoint products and objects that can be accessed via the Internet. The objective of this level of networking is to make our every day experiences more streamlined and...


Privacy talk at DEF CON canceled under questionable circumstances

Earlier this month, several news outlets reported on a powerful tool in the fight between those seeking anonymity online, versus those who push for surveillance and taking it away. The tool, ProxyHam, was the subject of a recently...

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OPM director resigns after unprecedented data breach

The director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management resigned on Friday, a day after her agency announced hackers had stolen information on 21.5 million current, former and prospective government employees and their families.

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Top global security experts defend encryption

As government officials continue to plea the case against strong encryption, a group of high-profile international security experts have published a paper arguing that allowing government agents special access to communications would...

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Apple drops Recovery Key in new two-factor authentication for El Capitan and iOS 9

Apple said at WWDC it would build a more integrated and comprehensive two-factor security system into its next OS releases, and today explains what that means.

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NYSE suffers hours-long outage due to computer issues

All trading was halted on the NYSE due to an unspecified 'technical issue'


8 penetration testing tools that will do the job

Eight great pen test tools for testing your network security’s metal!


Cisco leaves key to all its Unified CDM systems under doormat

Cisco Systems recently realized that its Unified Communications Domain Manager (Unified CDM) software contains a default privileged account with a static password that cannot be changed, exposing the platform to hacking by remote...

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Hacking Team responds to data breach, issues public threats and denials

On Sunday evening, someone hijacked the Hacking Team account on Twitter and used it to announce that the company known for developing hacking tools was itself a victim of a devastating hack. In response, they've issued threats and...

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Hacking Team hacked, attackers claim 400GB in dumped data

On Sunday, while most of Twitter was watching the Women's World Cup, one of the world's most notorious security firms was being hacked.

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VPN users, beware: You may not be as safe as you think you are

Thanks to IPv6 leakage, your data could be out there for anyone to see

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