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Breach insurance might not cover losses at Sony Pictures

Documents leaked by the group claiming responsibility for the attack on Sony Pictures show that the company has upwards of $60 million in cyber insurance coverage after consolidating coverage with Sony Corporation of America. But will...

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Retailers must not ignore security alerts, court says

In what some are calling a "game changer," a Minnesota federal court said Target could liable for data breach losses because the company had ignored its own security alerts

death of antivirus

Death of antivirus software greatly exaggerated

After years of predicted demise, AV software continues to protect.


How to bridge and secure air gap networks

The state of the art on Air Gap networks is changing with both better protective technologies and sneakier threats that take advantage of some very elegant and extreme hacks.

sony pictures studios

Mandiant to Sony Pictures: Nothing could have prepared you for this

In a letter to Sony Pictures' top executive on Saturday, Kevin Mandia, the CEO of Mandiant, said that the company's recent security problems were a well-planned crime that is unparalleled to anything his company has seen in recent...

patch ie

Microsoft slates 7 security updates for next week, resurrects Exchange fix

Microsoft plans to release seven security updates on Tuesday, three of them critical, to patch Internet Explorer, Windows, various pieces of the Office suite, and the SharePoint and Exchange server software.

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Bank-backed security utility service to serve all industry sectors

Soltra Edge is a free, standards-based communications network that connects public and private cyberthreat intelligence providers with enterprise security technology platforms that can put this information to use

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FBI memo warns of malware possibly linked to hack at Sony Pictures

A Flash Alert issued by the FBI on Monday is warning those within its distribution circle about a type of malware that has the ability to destroy any system it infects. Those who have seen the memo, including the group where it was...

Siemens patches critical SCADA flaws likely exploited in recent attacks

The vulnerabilities allow remote attackers to extract files from WinCC SCADA servers and execute arbitrary code on them

blue robots

Over 23,000 Web servers infected with CryptoPHP backdoor

The backdoor script is distributed through pirated plug-ins and themes for WorPress, Joomla and Drupal

Syrian Electronic Army posts hacking message on several news sites

The group reportedly hijacked the DNS settings for Gigya, a customer management platform

sony headquarters

Sales contracts and other data published by Sony's attackers

On Saturday, the group responsible for the attack on Sony Pictures published sales and contract data from Sony Pictures Television, taken after the group compromised the entertainment giant's network last week.

sony headquarters

Report: Sony Pictures facing full network compromise

Sony Pictures is said to be in the middle of a security incident, after a group calling themselves GOP (Guardians of Peace) left a threatening message that was displayed on monitors across the network.

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Governments act against webcam-snooping websites

Insecam, which broadcast feeds from unsecured webcams, no longer works

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NSA chief says cyberattacks on industrial systems are his top concern

Nation states and groups are engaging in risky behavior in the absence of cyberspace rules

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Next year's DDOS attacks to come from Vietnam, India and Indonesia

Vietnam, India and Indonesia are viewed as potential botnet sources in 2015, according to a new report from Black Lotus Communications.

kerberus microsoft patch

Microsoft patches Kerberos vulnerability with emergency update

Microsoft released an out-of-band patch on Tuesday, addressing a vulnerability in Kerberos KBC, a component that handles authentication on local networks. The patch was supposed to have been released earlier this month, but Microsoft...

alliance cooperation

Microsoft: Competing AV vendors need to remember who the bad guys are

Some vendors, particularly in China, are playing hardball to get their antivirus products installed

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