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Fortinet names Tyson Macaulay Chief Security Strategist and VP of Consulting Services

Fortinet on Monday announced that it has hired security industry veteran Tyson Macaulay as chief security strategist and vice president of consulting services.

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Comcast Xfinity Wi-Fi discloses customer names and addresses

The Xfinity Wi-Fi service from Comcast is disclosing the full name and home address of residential customers, which is something the company says isn’t supposed to happen.


OpenDNS listens for malicious melodies

Much like Pandora identifies patterns in music to come up with new songs that its users might like, OpenDNS is listening to the traffic patterns of the Internet as a whole in order to spot patterns of malicious activity.

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Network security primer: What is access control?

Access control is a complicated technology that’s key to strong security.

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How Cisco is trying to keep NSA spies out of its gear

Cisco is working to build the confidence of prospective customers in its products, two years after the NSA spying disclosures seeded doubt, particularly in China.

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10 dumb security mistakes sys admins make

Do as I say, not as I do: Admin mistakes often surpass the severity of those made by users. Here are 10 of the most common -- and their remedies

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Security issues cause some to be named top tech turkeys of 2015

Hillary Clinton's email server, Comcast's merger with TWC, and Draftkings and FanDuel highlight our annual recap of the technology industry's "turkeys."

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REVIEW: Best VPN routers for small business

We looked at six VPN routers designed for small businesses, ranging from the popular Cisco brand to lesser-known names like DrayTek and UTT Technologies. We setup and evaluated each to determine how they compare in regards to price,...

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Why desensitization is ruining your security strategy (part 1)

Our information security teams are understaffed, overworked, and a result are becoming desensitized to the tell tale indicators of compromise showing up wishing our enterprise infrastructures.

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Security tools' effectiveness hampered by false positives

False positives are a problem not only because they take up manpower and time to address, but also because they can distract companies from dealing with legitimate security alerts.

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User entity behavior analytics, next step in security visibilty

Using advanced analytics that provides context to behavioral analysis makes it easier to identify internal security threats and find individual offenders, said Gartner in a recent report on User Entity Behavior Analytics.

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EU will fund car, hospital and airport IT security research

The EU Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) is now studying the security vulnerabilities of smart cars, smart airports and smart hospitals.

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Review: The new face of endpoint security

We looked at two relatively new products, Carbon Black (now owned by Bit9) and Cylance Protect. Both are designed to approach securing your endpoints from a different and more complete perspective.

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New endpoint security tools target zero-day attacks

Most enterprises want an endpoint product that can prevent zero-day exploits and they want to be more proactive. We looked at two relatively new products, Carbon Black (now owned by Bit9) and Cylance Protect. Both are designed to...

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Mozilla mulls early cutoff for SHA-1 digital certificates

Mozilla is considering banning digital certificates signed with the SHA-1 algorithm in July 2016.

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HP sells TippingPoint to Trend Micro

HP is divesting itself of TippingPoint--selling the intrusion prevention and mitigation company to its strategic partner, Trend Micro, for $300 million.

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The technocracy is over – innovation is here, plan your security accordingly

Information technology (IT) is going through an age of “technocracy” decline. Innovations in the IT sector have made way for various platforms that can be leveraged to support employees’ workflows and processes. As a result,...


Journalist convicted of helping Anonymous hack the LA Times

A journalist accused of helping a rogue hacking group briefly take control of the LA Times' website was convicted by a federal jury in California on Wednesday.

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Quarter of firms can't tell how hackers get in

The majority of large companies have experienced a breach over the past twelve months, but almost a quarter, 23 percent, of firms do not know how the hackers got in, according to a new survey.

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