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Here's why the scanners on VirusTotal flagged Hello World as harmful

Last week, on August 10, a security researcher who goes by the handle "zerosum0x0" posted an interesting image to Twitter, it was the code behind a debug build of an executable. The code was 'Hello World' – the training example used...

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Security pros choose their top enterprise-class cybersecurity vendors

Cisco, IBM, Symantec and McAfee lead the cybersecurity vendors in mind share, but the race has just begun.

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Network defender innovation: time to throw out the old best practices

We have reached a tipping point, a point in our community’s evolution where the security vendor mambo is no longer sustainable.

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Acalvio weaves a web of deception on demand

In cyber security, nothing remains static for very long, and already new contenders are emerging with completely different takes on how deception technology should be successfully deployed. We took ShadowPlex from Acalvio for a spin...

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Russian hackers used leaked NSA hacking tool to spy on hotel guests

Fancy Bear, a Russian government-sponsored cyber-espionage group, has been accused of using a leaked NSA hacking tool in attacks against hotels in order to spy on guests.


Cylance blamed for DirectDefense’s ‘botnet’ disclosure

Twenty-four hours after Carbon Black responded to a report from DirectDefense that their Cb Response product was leaking customer information (it doesn't), one company executive is pointing the finger at Cylance as the source of the...

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How to address the cybersecurity analytics and operations skills shortage

The ability to detect and respond to threats is greatly impeded by a lack of cybersecurity skills and staff. Leading organizations offer a few suggestions.

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IT's 9 biggest security threats

As this list of the biggest security threats shows, hacking has evolved from a one-person crime of opportunity to an open market of sophisticated malware backed by crime syndicates and money launderers.

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Fraud stories, Part 1

Welcome to Fraud Stories, a new blog focused on digital identity and online fraud, one of the most defining issues of our day.


Pentest firm calls Carbon Black "world’s largest pay-for-play data exfiltration botnet"

On Wednesday, DirectDefense, Inc. disclosed that they've discovered hundreds of thousands of files from Carbon Black customers. The discovery is said to pose a significant risk to Carbon Black's clients, because of the company's...

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Patrolling network traffic with SecBI

SecBI's new software aims to eliminate two of the problems with using traffic analysis in cybersecurity: volume processing of data for actionable threat intelligence and a reliance on network trapping hardware. Here's how it works.

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Time to get serious about volumetric DDoS mitigation

If 2017 is the “Year of DDoS Attacks,” perhaps it is time for enterprises to get serious about DDoS mitigation.

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When it comes to the cloud, do CISOs have their heads in the sand?

Not only has the cloud enabled companies to access multiple applications online via Software as a Service (SaaS), but it has also made internal infrastructure more agile and scalable, and fueled flexible workforce collaboration. This...

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Moving forward with machine learning for cybersecurity

Cybersecurity professionals see potential in machine learning, but they need education and guidance.

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12 signs you've been hacked -- and how to fight back

Redirected internet searches, unexpected installs, rogue mouse pointers: Here's what to do when you've been 0wned.


Black Hat 2017: Insightful, but too much hype

Black Hat 2017 was a busy show, highlighting a healthy cybersecurity industry. But there was too much hype, misunderstanding, and proprietary agendas.

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Cybersecurity skills shortage hurts security analytics, operations

Security staff and skills deficits lead to weaknesses in areas such as threat hunting, prioritizing security alerts, and computer forensics.

What to expect at Black Hat: Security hype and reality

Look for machine learning, automation, orchestration, integration and threat intelligence to dominate the Black Hat security conference.

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