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Attackers launch multi-vector DDoS attacks that use DNSSEC amplification

Incident responders from Akamai recently helped mitigate a DDoS attack against an unnamed European media organization that used six different attack techniques, including DNSSEC-based DNS amplification.

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Microsoft fixes critical vulnerabilities in IE, Edge, Office, and Windows print services

Microsoft's new batch of security patches fixes 47 vulnerabilities across its products, including in Internet Explorer, Edge, Office, Windows and the .NET Framework.

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SWIFT brings in external support as it fights wave of bank hacks

SWIFT is bringing in additional security support after a series of high-profile bank heists and attempted bank heists conducted via its financial transaction network.

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4 tools for managing firewall rules

Poorly managed firewall rules can lead to security disasters. Here, security managers in the IT Central Station community review the top firewall management suites: Tufin, AlgoSec, FireMon and RedSeal.

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A pen test a day keeps hackers away

Penetration testing has evolved from a nice to have test to a mandatory test, Besides compliance a PEN test will tell you just how secure your organizations data really is. Your network is being scanned and attacked daily, don't wait...

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Report: Security teams plagued by poorly managed identity data

Security teams handling Identity and access management (IAM) are hampered by dirty data and need data-cleansing help from a chief data officer, according to TechVision Research. To learn more, download the free report “Getting Your...

How BalaBit adapted machine learning to secure privileged account 'blind spot'

How Hungarian newcomer BalaBit is using machine learning to secure risky privileged accounts

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Gartner’s top 10 security predictions

Gartner has taken a look at five key areas of security concern that businesses face this year and issued predictions on and recommendations about protecting networks and data from threats that will likely arise in each.

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Startup Preempt detects, blocks bad users, devices

Preempt is a startup whose virtual appliance acts as a behavioral firewall that ranks the risk a user or device represents and responds automatically based on policies set by corporate security pros.

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Cybersecurity: Why do we spend more but get less?

Cybersecurity is as much how you think about security as it is what you do about security.

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Identity: the new perimeter?

In this digital world, the traditional network perimeter we formerly relied on is no longer sufficient

Web attack silently modifies DNS configurations in routers

When you isolate your industrial control systems don't forget about DNS

Many organizations that run industrial control systems, whether they're manufacturers or public utilities, strive to isolate them from the Internet, but sometimes forget to disallow Domain Name System (DNS) traffic, which provides a...

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SIEM: 14 questions to ask before you buy

Today's SIEM technology boasts more brain power than ever, but many organizations fail to realize its full promise. Here are the key questions you need to ask to ensure the solution you choose will deliver.

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Top-level domain expansion is a security risk for business computers

The explosion of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) in recent years can put enterprise computers at risk due to name conflicts between internal domain names used inside corporate networks and domains that can now be registered on...

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Cisco patches high severity flaws in its Web Security Appliance

Cisco Systems has fixed four denial-of-service vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit to cause Web Security Appliance devices to stop processing traffic correctly.

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Ransomware attacks force hospitals to stitch up networks

The lessons to be drawn from recent incidents is the need for hospitals to develop and implement a strong cyber resiliency plan that incorporates incident response as well recovery operations from such attacks. The threat of...

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How to avoid vulnerability assessment gotchas

Common findings and exceptions when auditing or performing a post-breach exam of vulnerability assessment effectiveness.

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Panama Papers data breach is now searchable online

A month ago the sky ripped open for a lot of people who had opted to use offshore companies to hide financial assets in order to avoid paying taxes. The breach came in the form of the Panamanian based law firm, Mossack Fonseca,...

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