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Researcher uses Regsvr32 function to bypass AppLocker

A researcher in Colorado has discovered a feature in Regsvr32 that allows an attacker to bypass application whitelisting protections, such as those afforded by Microsoft's AppLocker. If the technique is used, there's little evidence...

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19 open source GitHub projects for security pros

GitHub has a ton of open source options for security professionals, with new entries every day. Add these tools to your collection and work smarter

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Survey: Investment in identity management is booming

IT spending may be in a slump, but investment in identity management continues apace, according to a new survey.

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The CSO identity management survival guide

Research firm Gartner says identity management is "a crucial undertaking for any enterprise." This guide will you communicate through the challenges, learn from success stories, and dive into the most valuable features of today's...

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Defining the threat in the energy sector

What are the categories of adversary faced by the energy sector in 2016? By analyzing their motivation and procedures we gain a better understanding of who might be a target and why.

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Only a third of companies know how many vendors access their systems

The average company's network is accessed by 89 different vendors every week, according to a new research report that surveyed more than 600 IT decision makers at mid-sized and large enterprises -- but only a third were confident...

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Former Scotland Yard detective discusses cybercrime and threat intelligence

Former Scotland Yard detective discusses cybercrime and threat intelligence. Steve Santorelli, passionate about Internet Security and committed to bringing folks together to attack the problem in many ways.

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The impact of the new Trans-Atlantic privacy law

After 20 years of relative calm regarding the handling of personal data of EU citizens by U.S. companies, events over the past six months have instigated widespread reform. While the resolution is yet to be confirmed, the building...

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Keeping your kids safe along with your network

Security pros talk about the lessons learned when dealing with kids and computers.

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Unexpected security issues and unpleasant surprises

Years ago I was working for a company and one of the finance directors was having difficulty getting his financial application to work. He rang me up late on a Friday (still can’t believe that I remember that) and he declared...

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Aetna CISO talks about threat intelligence and enterprise risk management

The growth of ISACs will continue as more companies learn that mature cyber security programs all share information to make their enterprises more resilient. Enterprise risk management today has significant upside to improve maturity...

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A boatload of money to be spent on securing PCs, IoT and mobile devices

Forecast says $655 billion will be spent on securing personal computers, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices.

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With little time to react, staying ahead of threats is top-of-mind for C-level execs

IoT, 5G wireless, Software Defined Networking are among trending enterprise security interests, but many companies are caught in a 3-6 month event horizon that doesn’t leave them with much time to respond, let alone plan for the...


Is mobile the new squirrel?

Putting mobile into ‘perspective’ with other areas of security

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Good security begins with the endpoint in mind

In my work with new customers, I have yet to find a single one who has even a simple majority of workstations -- or endpoints as they are often known -- patched properly. Since much of the malware in existence takes advantage of known...


DOD to invite security experts to Hack the Pentagon

The Department of Defense plans to ask computer security experts to Hack the Pentagon as part of a push to improve its cyber defenses.

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University of California Berkeley breached again

Almost a year later, it seems that the University of California Berkeley has been breached yet again. In September of 2014 the school’s Real Estate division was the victim of a digital interloper who compromised their systems....


How an audit can shore up your security strategy

The high-profile data breaches of recent years have forced many organizations to take a closer look at their security technologies and policies, experts say.

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