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Alibaba's UC Browser found leaking users' data

Alibaba claims it has fixed the issues


Secom security drone follows, photographs intruders

These flying security cameras will be rented out to large-lot businesses such as shopping malls

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Experts bust Android security myths

A set of mobile security experts provides insight on the current state of Android security.

Android tips for contacts and communication

8 Android security tips for IT, corporate users

A set of security experts shares actionable tips for IT departments and users to help reduce the risk associated with the popular mobile OS.

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Protecting our people from the risks of wanderlust

Let’s help give our people the tools they need to wander the world safely.

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Citrix Workspace Cloud lets users be productive and secure from virtually anywhere

At Citrix Synergy this week Citrix unveiled the new Workspace Cloud platform that enables customers to manage and deliver workspace services from a cloud-based control plane.

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Anonymous-tied DDoS botnet shows insecure routers are legion

Researchers found a botnet of over 40,000 routers that are being used to launch distributed denial-of-service attacks

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The Internet of Things to take a beating in DefCon hacking contest

Hackers will compete on findings flaws in off-the-shelf Internet-enabled embedded devices

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Mobile ransomware targets Canadian porn viewers

The latest variety of the Koler Android ransomware has been localized to show Canadians a warning message purporting to be from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, according to a report by mobile security company Appthority

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Flaw in Realtek SDK for wireless chipsets exposes routers to hacking

Unauthenticated attackers can exploit the vulnerability to execute arbitrary code on affected devices, researchers said

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Zombie apps haunt BYOD workplaces

According to a new study of around 3 million apps on employee smartphones, 5.2 percent of iOS apps and 3.9 percent of Android apps are actually dead, removed from their respective app stores and no longer supported.


SSL certificate flaw allows hackers to crash devices running iOS 8

When combined with another exploit, the No iOS Zone flaw can make iPhones, iPads and iPods impossible to use

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Lightning strike more likely than mobile malware

The threat of mobile malware infection is substantially overblown, according to a new report, with a typical user more likely to hit by lightning than be infected.


Solo drone has Linux smarts, GoPro mount

The Solo drone from 3D Robotics has preset flight features like the "orbit shot" which will fly around a central point or the "selfie shot" which will fly away from the pilot while keeping him in the frame.

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West coast gang robs banks with texts, phone calls

A gang of criminals based on the West coast is robbing banks in the East, using text messages and voice recordings to target small, local banks and credit unions.

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Dropbox to pay security researchers for bugs

Dropbox said Wednesday it will pay rewards to independent researchers who find software flaws in its applications, joining a growing list companies who see merit in crowdsourcing parts of their security testing.

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AirDroid app fixes severe authentication vulnerability

AirDroid, a popular management tool for Android devices, has fixed a severe authentication software flaw in its Web interface that could give a hacker complete control over a mobile phone.

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Report: Internet of Evil Things is your next nightmare

While the number of actively Evil Things is still small, the vast majority of enterprises are home to Things that have the potential to turn evil at any moment, according to a new report from Boston-based security firm Pwnie Express.

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