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Android flaw puts personal data at risk for millions

A flaw in Android could allow apps to be modified or replaced by malware, Palo Alto Networks said.

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Google's screening process could help mitigate new Android vulnerability

Researchers at Palo Alto Networks' (PAN) Unit 42 have disclosed the details behind a widespread vulnerability that impact 49.5 percent of the current Android base. The flaw enables attackers the ability to hijack the installation of...

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Google Play adds humans to the app review process

Google has announced that they're taking additional measures to lower the amount of malicious code appearing in the Google Play store.

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Fake patient data could have been uploaded through SAP medical app

SAP has fixed two flaws in a mobile medical app, one of which could have allowed an attacker to upload fake patient data. The issues were found in SAP's Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Unwired, which stores clinical data about...

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Mobile security: iOS vs. Android vs. BlackBerry vs. Windows Phone

Google's Android for Work and Samsung's Knox promise serious security, but how does they stack up against Apple's iOS and the rest?

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Hundreds of Android and iOS apps are still vulnerable to FREAK attacks

Hundreds of Android and iOS apps are still vulnerable to a dangerous attack revealed two weeks ago that can compromise encrypted data, a security vendor said Tuesday. The apps have not yet been patched against the FREAK attack, short...

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BlackBerry teams with Samsung and IBM to offer governments a secure tablet

BlackBerry is returning to the tablet market -- this time with the help of Samsung Electronics, IBM and Secusmart, the German encryption specialist BlackBerry bought last year.

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Apple Watch worries security advocates

The high price tag, short battery life and the lack of a clear killer app may deter broad adoption of the new Apple Watch, due to go on sale April 24. That might not be a bad thing, if it helps the companies involved address some...

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Survey: Trust in certificates 'near breaking point'

Half of all security professionals believe that trust in keys and certificates is in jeopardy, according to a new study of 2,300 information security professionals.

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2,400 unsafe apps on user phones in large firms

The average large global enterprise has about 2,400 unsafe apps on the mobile devices in its environment, according to a new study from mobile security vendor Veracode.

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Dropbox patches Android SDK vulnerability

Dropbox has released an update to their Android Core and Sync/Datastore SDKs, after researchers at IBM discovered a vulnerability that would enable an attacker to connect applications to a Dropbox account under their control.

030415blog hillary clinton checks her email

Why the Hillary Clinton email story is a big deal

A security-only look into why using a personal email address for business communication is an all-around bad idea, regardless if you are a CSO or the Secretary of State (but an extremely bad idea if you are the Secretary of State).

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5 common Wi-Fi attacks – and how to defend against them

In addition to using strong passwords, you need to prepare your network for these types of attacks. Here are some common vulnerabilities and how to protect against them.

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IoT's dark side: Hundreds of unsecured devices open to attack

A self-described security "amateur" discovered hundreds of Internet-connected devices ranging from cameras to industrial control systems that were connected to the Internet without even basic password protection -- meaning they could...

amazon gift cards

Android users spammed with fake Amazon gift card offers

Text messages promising free gift cards deliver only spam instead

samsung galaxy s6

How will Samsung Pay compare to Apple Pay?

Besides its catchy name, of course!

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Flappy apps give users the angry bird

Beware buying apps as they may not be what they seem. Criminals often crowd stores with malware-laden fake versions. Here are several examples.

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Attackers clone malware-laden copies of popular apps

Don’t get angry when cyber crooks give your enterprise the bird, get even.

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