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Vulnerability in enterprise-managed iOS devices puts business data at risk

A vulnerability in the iOS sandbox for third party applications, like those installed by companies on their employees' devices, can expose sensitive configuration settings and credentials.

Android's media processing service sees another serious vulnerability

The Android service that processes multimedia files has been the source of several vulnerabilities recently, including a new one that could give rogue applications access to sensitive permissions.

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Google has another try at patching Stagefright flaw

Google has sent the patch to its partners and will fix its Nexus line of devices

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Mobile banking apps in developing nations have weak security

Attackers could already be using software vulnerabilities to steal money


IBM finds another Android phone bug

IBM security researchers have found a way to exploit an Android flaw that puts more than 55% of Android phones at risk of being taken over by persistent attackers.

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Hackers show off long-distance Wi-Fi radio proxy at DEF CON

The device uses the 900 Mhz band but hides the data in the background radio noise

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API security leaves apps vulnerable: 5 ways to plug the leaks

Why are APIs becoming the target of hackers? Because they’re everywhere.

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Black Hat 2015: Hacker shows how to alter messages on satellite network

Globalstar satellite transmissions used for geolocation of truck fleets and wilderness hikers can be hacked to alter messages being sent with possibly dire consequences for pilots, shipping lines, war correspondents and businesses...

Ang Cui using a ham radio to pick up signals from a printer

Black Hat 2015: IoT devices can become transmitters to steal data

Researcher shows a hacked printer transmitting signals, says other devices likely vulnerable.

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Android device makers to release monthly security fixes

They're starting now with a fix for a major vulnerability called Stagefright


T-Mobile caught in crossfire of war over injected ads

T-Mobile, Citizens Bank, thousands of other innocent companies and millions of users are stuck between shady ad networks and Google, publishers, and legitimate advertisers

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Most Android phones can be hacked with a simple MMS message or multimedia file

Vulnerabilities in the Android multimedia framework allow attackers to remotely compromise devices with ease, a researcher said

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Stagefright vulnerability allows criminals to send malware by text

Vulnerabilities in Android's "Stagefright" code allows criminals to send malware to any user via text message -- and the user gets infected without even having to open it.


HP: 100% of smartwatches have security flaws

In a recent security assessment of ten smartwatches and their iOS and Android companion applications, every single watch had at least one significant security flaw, according to a new report from HP Fortify

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US govt guide aims to bolster security of mobile devices used in health care

Health care providers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets for tasks such as accessing and transferring medical records, and submitting prescriptions, but these devices may not be secure enough to protect sensitive medical...

Jeep Cherokee

Security Short Take: Hackers remotely take control of Jeep

Two hackers successfully gained access to a Jeep Cherokee recently and were able to take control of the car's radio and windshield wipers and eventually shut the car down.

news app has dozens of launch partners

Bogus news app used to deliver Hacking Team spy tool

Trend Micro found the app, along with exploit code and instructions, in the leaked data

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IEEE group recommends random MAC addresses for Wi-Fi security

According to new recommendations by an IEEE study group, the Wi-Fi protocol needs to be updated to use randomly generated MAC addresses for better security and privacy.

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