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Android malware fakes phone shutdown to steal data

The malware works in the background after pretending to shut down a phone, AVG said.

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Information disclosure flaw exposes Netgear wireless routers to attacks

The vulnerability allows attackers to extract admin passwords and wireless network keys

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8 areas where CSOs and CIOs will converge in 2015

With enterprise innovations and a changing workforce, not to mention more sophisticated physical and cybersecurity threats, we’re at a time now where CSOs and CIOs have no choice but to play nice in the sandbox.

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New BlackBerry CSO calls security 'War of good vs. evil'

BlackBerry's new CSO David Kleidermacher has 23 years of IT experience and expertise in IoT technology, and he will presumably play a key role in the company's future IoT security strategy.

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Drop in smartphone thefts after kill-switch introduction

Thefts and robberies of smartphones fell in three big cities with iPhones leading the pack

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The security implications of IoT: A roundtable discussion with four experts

The Internet of Things (IoT) will usher in a new era of network intelligence and automation, but its arrival raises a host of serious security questions. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix explores the topic in depth with four...

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Office complex implants RFID chips in employees' hands

A Swedish high-tech office complex has been offering RFID chip implants to employees of corporate tenants to access security doors, use photocopiers and even pay for food in the cafeteria.

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New iOS spy app listens in to conversations

A new front has opened up in the Operation Pawn Storm cyber-espionage operation -- an iOS app that spies on users, up to and including secretly turning on the phone's microphone to listen in to meetings and conversations

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ID theft ring allegedly stole $700,000 in Apple gift cards

Five people have been indicted in scheme that took advantage of Apple 'instant credit'

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Survey: Average company losing $90 million to mobile fraud

The average company loses $92.3 million a year to mobile fraud, according to a new survey of 250 companies from across a wide spectrum of industry verticals.

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US top developer of risky mobile applications

For non-modified iPhones and Android devices, American companies create the highest number of questionable apps

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Mobile app security grabs feds' attention

A report from NIST outlines key areas where businesses can reduce security risks in their use of mobile apps

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Endpoint security trends for 2015: What can we expect?

In my data center work experience, a very significant percentage of the major network vulnerabilites I've had to fix were caused by the introduction of poorly secured computers. It's a surprisingly common blunder.

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10 tips to secure your iPhone

No more is it enough to think that securing your iPhone with a simple 4 digit PIN is adequate.


Google defends policy that leaves most Android devices unpatched

Google defended its decision to stop patching WebView, a core component of Android, on versions older than 4.4, aka "KitKat."

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The Internet of Robotic Things: Secure, harmless helpers or vulnerable, vicious foes?

As robots sprawl global societies and cultures, enterprises and vendors are connecting them to the Internet and IoT. There are benefits such as intelligent decisions by control systems. But with these connections come more attack...

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Why smart devices and wearables will be security's new headache

First it was BYOD and how to secure all of those smartphones in your organization. That's old news! Now those smart devices are communicating with smartphones, and that means they're the weakest link in your cyber kill chain.

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Location tracking in mobile apps is putting users at risk

Synack researchers are scheduled to present this weekend at Shmoocon about the insecurity of location tracking in mobile apps.

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