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outlook attack
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Your business can’t afford the cost of cyber crime

A new report from HP and Ponemon Institute finds that the costs of cyber attacks, and cleaning up after them continues to increase dramatically.

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Akamai sees record-setting spikes in size and volume of DDoS attacks

The cloud services company detected 17 DDoS attacks in the third quarter that generated traffic of more than 100 Gbps

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Maybe there really is an Ebola (malware) outbreak

Most of the news about Ebola is more hype than reality, and malware developers are preying on that paranoia to spread new attacks.

mobile malware

Massive malvertising campaign on Yahoo, AOL and other sites delivers ransomware

The malicious ads exploited vulnerabilities to install the CryptoWall ransomware on computers, researchers from Proofpoint said

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Ransomware takes malware from bad to worse

To thwart attacks like CryptLocker, you need a multipronged defense; new technology doesn't hurt either

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Microsoft warns of new Zero-Day attack

On Tuesday, Microsoft issued an advisory warning of a new Zero-Day vulnerability that impacts all supported versions of their Windows operating system, except Windows Server 2003. The software giant also confirmed targeted attacks...

staples store

Staples confirms data breach investigation

Monday evening, investigative journalist Brian Krebs reported that multiple banking sources were seeing a pattern of credit and debit card fraud. The common thread between each case were purchases made at Staples Inc. stores in the...


Cyber insurance: Worth it, but beware of the exclusions

Cyber insurance is a necessity for most organizations, since general liability policies will no longer cover the costs of a data breach. But experts say it is crucial to have a policy customized for the risks of an organization, and...

dropbox phishing

Dropbox used for Phishing expedition

Symantec says they've recently uncovered a Phishing scam targeting Dropbox users, where many of the elements needed to complete the scam are being hosted on Dropbox directly. Such a move helps lower resistance and bypass some network...

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China again blames US for disrupted cybersecurity talks

A top Chinese official said the country does not tolerate hacking


New technique allows attackers to hide stealthy Android malware in images

The attack could be used to distribute malware through applications that appear harmless, researchers said


'Hurricane Panda' hackers used Microsoft zero-day, CrowdStrike says

The group, which targets technology infrastructure companies, is believed to be linked to China's government

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Microsoft's monthly update fixes two Zero-Day vulnerabilities

Later today, as part of their monthly update, Microsoft will release nine bulletins, correcting problems in Internet Explorer, all of their currently supported operating systems. Three of these bulletins are rated critical, and...

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Amateur cries wolf and says KrebsOnSecurity was hacked

Over the weekend, a self-made "hacker" who goes by the handle N4rCochaos claimed that he had hacked one of the Web's most visible security journalists, Brian Krebs. According to his claims, he hacked and obtained a...

kmart storefront

Kmart discloses malware related data breach

On the same day that Dairy Queen announced their own malware-based data breach, Kmart (owned by Sears Holdings Corp.) reported the discovery that credit and debit cards were compromised after criminals installed malware on their...

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Dairy Queen confirms Backoff malware led to data breach

On Thursday, the Minneapolis-based Dairy Queen confirmed a data breach that impacts 395 stores. The fast food chain says that the source of the breach itself is the same family of POS malware that gained attention earlier this summer...

Russian faces more charges in point-of-sale hacking case

Roman Valeryevich Seleznev has been charged with 11 counts of wire fraud

nested russian botnet

Windows XP flaws help Russian 'Qbot' gang build 500,000 PC botnet

But are botnets becoming yesterday's worry?

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