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Advertisers need to start monitoring ad security

Law enforcement activity and improved security has forced criminals to look for easier targets, so they've zeroed in on advertising networks – and advertisers are stuck paying the bill.


New encryption flaw, LogJam, puts Web surfers at risk

The flaw is closely related to FREAK and involves downgrading TLS connections to a weak key

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URL-spoofing bug in Safari could enable phishing attacks

A researcher developed code that can trick Safari into showing a different URL in its address bar than the one currently loaded

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DDoS reflection attacks are back – and this time, it's personal

This time, instead of hitting data center servers or DNS servers, the attackers are going after personal computers on misconfigured home networks.

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What every CSO should be doing now about the Starbucks potential hack

Don’t lose an opportunity to create a great teachable moment.


Many ransomware victims plead with attackers

TeslaCrypt creators negotiated with victims, earned over $76,000 in two months

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Top security tools in the fight against cybercrime

There’s no silver bullet, so load up with as many of these as you can.

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Malicious adware more than doubled last year

The amount of malicious adware more than doubled last year as cybercriminals adjust their strategy in the wake of better security elsewhere, according to a new malware report

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Law firm says human error to blame for client breaches in 2014

The Privacy and Data Protection team at BakerHostetler, a law firm with offices across the U.S, has released a report stating that human error was responsible for the majority of the security incident cases they worked in 2014.

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Penn State disables network after attack, says China is to blame

The Penn State College of Engineering took their network offline on Friday, after being targeted by what the school is calling two "sophisticated" cyber attacks. The university engaged FireEye to help with incident response, and...

Once, Twice, Three times a Malady

Website of celebrity English chef Jamie Oliver is compromised for a third time to host malware

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China-based hackers used Microsoft's TechNet for attacks

The group, nicknamed DeputyDog, takes aim at governments and companies, FireEye said

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Bots now outnumber humans on the web

Bot traffic has surpassed humans this year, now accounting for 59 percent of all site visits, according to a report released today

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New 'Breaking Bad' ransom Trojan is no laughing matter, says Symantec

Encrypts files, demands $800 and tells users "I am the one who knocks"

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Unusual Wordpress attack steals login credentials

Wordpress is a common target for criminals who redirect innocent users to malware download sites -- but a new type of malware steals user login credentials instead.

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Visitors to top porn sites hit by malvertising attack

A malicious advertisement posted through an ad network tried contained a Flash Player exploit

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Criminals attempt 25 million payments and logins a month

During the last quarter of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015, 4 percent of all attempts to create new online accounts were definitely illegitimate, as were 2.3 percent of all account logins, and 3.2 percent of all payment attempts.

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Companies are falling behind on securing their SAP environments

More than 95 percent of SAP systems deployed in enterprises are exposed to vulnerabilities that could lead to a full compromise of business data, a security firm claims.

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