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President Obama at the State of the Union 2015

Post State of the Union, reaction to proposed legislation remains mixed

While most agree that it is generally a good thing that Congress and the Obama administration are prioritizing cybersecurity, those in the industry feel their efforts so far are a mixed bag of both good and bad.

011215 president barack obama

State of the Union address disappoints security experts

In his state of the union address Tuesday night, President Barack Obama promised to protect a free and open Internet and urged Congress to pass cybersecurity legislation, but the lack of concrete movement forward was a disappointment...

Exploit kit targeting zero-day vulnerability in Flash Player

Kafeine, a well-known malware researcher, is reporting that the Angler Exploit Kit has started targeting new vulnerability in Adobe's Flash Player. The malicious payload isn't being used by all Angler instances, but at least one is...

je suis charlie

'Je Suis Charlie' malware shows attackers' agility

New malware piggy-backing on the viral "Je suis Charlie" slogan demonstrates the continuing evolution of malware writers, able to respond to trends quickly and with a robust distribution infrastructure

sewing patch

Web-based exploits on the decline, but users still slow to patch

Attackers are no longer focusing on Java vulnerabilities and are increasingly looking at other targets, like Silverlight

software patch stock image

Gap between perception and reality of cyberthreats widened in 2015

There is a widening gap between what security executives believe to be true and the reality of cyberthreats, according to the Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report released today.

gun laptop ransom

CryptoWall ransomware is back with new version after two months of silence

CryptoWall 3.0 uses both the Tor and I2P anonymity networks for increased stealthiness

north korea flag games

North Korean official news agency site serves malware

The site hosts malware that masquerades as a Flash Player installer, security researchers found

iot shodan

Shodan exposes IoT vulnerabilities

The Shodan search engine is the Google for the Internet of Things, a playground for hackers and terrorists -- and, maybe, a useful tool for companies looking to lock down their own environment

mobile survival

CSO's 2015 Mobile Security Survival Guide

Security risks and data breaches are growing while the form factors of computing devices shrink—because much enterprise data today is created and consumed on mobile devices. This clearly explains why mobile security persistently tops...


CryptoWall ransomware variant has new defenses

Cisco found that the latest version of the malware terminates itself if it runs in a virtual machine

big data in the cloud

Akamai predicts more cheap hacking toolkits, political attacks next year

We'll be seeing more severe vulnerabilities like Shellshock and Heartbleed in 2015, cheap online hacking and politically motivated attacks predicts Akamai

german flags

Microsoft reports variant of banking malware that targets German speakers

Microsoft says the malware is contained in spam messages that purport to contain important information

121114 bitcoin

Hackers steal $5M in bitcoin currency during Bitstamp exchange attack

Around 19,000 bitcoins were looted during the weekend hack, which targeted hot wallets

morgan stanley building

Morgan Stanley fires employee who leaked sensitive client data

Investment bank Morgan Stanley has fired an employee who briefly posted account names and numbers for 900 clients on the Internet.

sony ceo kazuo hirai

Sony's Hirai praises staff in hack, hails freedom of speech

Sony's CEO finally broke his weeks-long silence on the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment, saying he's proud of its staff and partners for standing up to "extortionist efforts of criminals" and for getting "The Interview" to...

Crimeware-as-a-Service offers custom targeting

The Vawtrak banking malware botnet allows cybercriminals to target specific geographic areas with custom malware.

home router

Misfortune Cookie vulnerability affects 12 million routers

A newly-discovered vulnerability puts 12 million routers at risk around the world in homes, small business, and corporate environments.

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