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Secure card maker Plastc Inc. considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy, halts operations

Early supporters of Plastc, the E-Ink and touchscreen smart card that offered a number of security features, got some bad news on Thursday. Plastc Inc. is exploring options for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection, and none of the...

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38% off Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive - Deal Post

The Backup Plus Ultra Slim Portable Drive is one of Seagate's thinnest and most eye-catching portable hard drives

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Looking back at privacy in 2016

Trevor Hughes, president & CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), recaps the top privacy stories of 2016.

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EMV, fraud mitigation or migration?

It's been just over a year since the roll out, but how much fraud has EMV really prevented?

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As migration anniversary approaches, only a third of retailers accept chip cards

Retailers were supposed to start accepting chip cards last October, but a year past the start of the EMV liability shift, two-thirds still haven't done so.

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Gmail outage for business users lasted over 12 hours

Gmail service for users of the Google for Work cloud-based productivity suite was down for over 12 hours on Wednesday, apparently affecting users in a number of countries including the U.S.


Memories of 9/11: More than lost buildings

Like many, my memories of 9/11 are personal and still vivid. Here's my story plus some little-known information about lost evidence on that day.

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15% off APC 650VA 8-outlet Uninterruptible Power Supply and Surge Protector - Deal Alert

This backup power supply from APC provides guaranteed power for desktop computers, wireless networks, gaming consoles and other electronics, allowing you to work through power outages and protect your data and equipment.

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PCI DSS – it takes a village

David Mundhenk and Ben Rothke show how the PCI Security Standards Council really wants PCI to succeed. Much to the chagrin of The National Retail Federation.

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Forecast: Mostly cloudy with a chance of failure

The same diligence you use when operating on premises should be used when you move to the cloud.

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Steps to take today to reduce the risk when people leave tomorrow

Mike Tierney is back with a plan of action for security leaders on protecting company information

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4 tips to protect digital identity in an IoT world

Everyone and everything has a unique digital identity -- from employees to customers, connected cars to drones – that leaves plenty of data floating around the Internet. Here are four scenarios on how to keep that data safe.

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In the event of an emergency, you will be prepared

Preparedness drills for physical safety are commonplace. Why not begin doing the same for digital safety? And what would such a thing entail?

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A reality check for security leaders on insider risk

Mike Tierney shares his insights on successfully implementing processes to combat insider risk by engaging the right people at the right time in the program

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A history of ransomware

What started as an attempt to protect against piracy has evolved into a lucrative tool for criminals.

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Reviewing incident response plans for data risk preparedness

Don’t let holes in your incident response plan review open gaping vulnerabilities in how you act on security events.

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Report: Web gateways fail to stop malicious outbound communications

In a recent study of a million client devices over the course of 10 months in 2015, every web gateway allowed outbound malicious communications -- though some gateways did better than others.

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Starting out in cybersecurity? Read lessons learned and enter competitions

What you can learn from Fidelis Cybersecurity and RSA

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