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Information security professionalism requires both credentialing and codes of professional practice

It's time for information security practitioners to be recognized as professionals. But that will require self-discipline. Independent validation of skills and the promulgation of strong and enforceable codes of professional practice...

hand cookie jar

China's hand caught in the cookie jar

China's hand was caught in the cookie jar, again. In early April 2017, an employee of Siemens was arrested on suspicion of espionage, the theft of trade secrets and intellectual property.

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You can steal my identity, but not my behavior

The compromise and misuse of identity is at the core of modern threats and data breaches. This has been documented for years and continues to escalate. As a result, we are rapidly approaching the end of life for password-based...

sprint track runners

Security leaders need to sprint before getting forced to scramble

Udi Mokady shares insights on the changing nature of security threats and how a focused sprint now builds trust and sets the stage for future success

Resume with pen and laptop on desk

Job seekers on ZipRecruiter being targeted by scams via email and text

Right now, thousands of people are looking for a new job online. Some of them just want a change, but others are looking for a stable income to support themselves and their families. Scammers are targeting job seekers with precision,...


The 20 highest-paying markets for cyber security engineers

IT security professionals are in high demand in most job markets, but some metropolitan areas are better than others when it comes to offering a top pay check. Randstat recently released its annual IT salary study, which looked at the...

mobileye collision avoidance

Security M&A: Intel parks in the collision avoidance space for $15 billion

Intel acquires mobileye, Apple and Cisco cybersecurity acquisitions

wikileaks mobile

12 ways to defend the network inside and out

Wikileaks is consistently sharing information with the public that was intended to remain confidential, if not top secret, by organizations thought to have the toughest security in place. Add in the numerous other breaches reported in...

2017 nccdc champions maryland

National cyber competition reveals top security talent

University of Maryland, Baltimore County takes ranks first place in 2017 National Collegiate Cyber Defense Championship. Find out how they did it.

army national guard combat training military

Why you can’t afford not to train veterans in cyber security

By 2019 ISACA estimates over 2 million cyber security roles will remain unfilled. A natural solution to this problems is retraining veterans to fill these positions.

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What it takes to be a security consultant

The move to security consultant can be rewarding and challenging (in a good way), but be prepared to market and sell yourself and your services.

jumpstart jumper cables

How to jumpstart your infosec career

It would sure make things simple if there were one easy and obvious way to get a job or start a successful business in IT security. But it would also cut off a lot of potential career paths. We spoke to a host of different IT security...

it project failures

The 7 worst automation failures

A list of the moments when technology monumentally backfired.


Webroot Hires Gary Hayslip as CISO

Hayslip is known for his work on San Diego's Smart City initiative and co-authoring the book, The CISO Desk Reference Guide.

johan hybinette

New Vonage CISO to help enable global expansion, enterprise services

Johan Hybinette has extensive experience in cloud communications and cloud security as a chief information security officer.

Hacker in silouhette at laptop

Cybercrime diaries: All the hacks and data breaches in one place

The cybercrime diaries are a series of blogs that provide CIOs, CSOs, CISOs and IT security teams with bulleted datelines and high-level summary commentary on the most noteworthy cybercriminal activity in a quarterly period.

data security strategist

What it takes to become a data security strategist

Data security strategist is a fast-growing career, and one that will get even hotter as data from AI and IoT inititiatives pours into enterprises.

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How CISOs can explain privacy to the C-suite

With the recent moves by the FCC, it is imperative that chief security officers make the company aware of privacy issues.

thinkstock privacy please

FCC privacy ruling could leave enterprises' data vulnerable

The recent repeal of new FCC rules designed to strengthen personal privacy among consumers by limiting the uses ISPs can make of their personal data also has implications for companies who use these services. Security and privacy...

Man being crushed by large rock on top of laptop feeling stressed overworked

InfoSec pros feel less external pressure, take security more personally

Security professionals are feeling less pressure from management, less pressure to approve IT projects early, and are less worried about emerging technologies, according to a survey released this morning. But they are also putting...

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