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Reality check on the Internet of Things

In this contrarian look ahead at the IoT roadmap, maturity levels and emerging trends, IDC’s Vernon Turner, SVP of Enterprise and IoT Research Fellow, shares his thoughts on how CIOs can prepare their companies for the dramatic...

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CISOs shouldn't wait until retirement for social security

A security industry expert says CISOs should be responsible for cyber defending the social media accounts belonging to employees at their organizations... and they should be doing it now.

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Security's new training center, a first of its kind

Maryland's Department of Commerce in partnership with other technology partners launches first standalone cybersecurity training center in the U.S.

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Plan now for the EU's privacy regulation revolution, says HPE exec

The cost of complying with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation might seem like something best deferred until it enters force in 2018 -- but working on compliance could boost profit, not reduce it, say some vendors....

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Over 6,000 vulnerabilities went unassigned by MITRE's CVE project in 2015

In 1999, MITRE created the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database as a way to standardize the naming of disclosed vulnerabilities. As it stands now, the CVE system is faced with bottlenecks and coverage gaps, as thousands...


A high-tech shirt made for speed

Worn by racing driver Tony Kanaan, this high-tech shirt from NTT Data and Toray provides his crew realtime measurements of his body during a race.

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How to protect your mission-critical information

A new report by the Information Security Forum (ISF) outlines the steps you can take to determine your mission-critical information assets &and create customized plans for protecting them.


Why (and when) outsourcing security makes sense

Offloading security strategy and day-to-day operations to a managed security service provider can free up IT resources. But be prepared: It’s not an entirely hands-off proposition.

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Navigating the muddy waters of enterprise infosec

Information security finally has executives’ attention, but aligning with business needs is still challenging.

Wearing multiple hats in IT

Security challenge: Wearing multiple hats in IT

Handling both security and IT duties involves a daily balancing act for the resource-constrained IT organizations that must take this approach. But along with the challenges, there can also be benefits.

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Is security making the grade? What IT and business pros really think

When it comes to security, who’s in charge, where do roles and responsibilities overlap, and what are the biggest challenges to aligning infosec and business goals? A joint CSO, CIO, Computerworld survey sheds some light.


Dots are the digital Post-its of the modern smart home

Dots are low-power bluetooth devices that can be programed to deliver location-specific notifications and reminders as well as control bluetooth connected devices.


How to create a culture of innovation

CIO.com's Rich Hein spoke to seasoned IT leaders to learn the ways in which they foster a workplace culture that values and rewards innovation.

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Zero-percent cybersecurity unemployment, 1 million jobs unfilled

Cybersecurity Ventures announced last week that the cybersecurity unemployment rate has dropped to zero-percent. What does this mean for cybersecurity employers, recruiters, workers, and job hunters? A few industry experts put the...

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Post layoff makeover, certs that attract attention

Whether you're starting fresh or starting anew, certifications can help you build a more attractive resume

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How to keep IT security at the forefront during a merger

Security pros weigh in on how to keep IT security at the forefront during a merger


Security leaders need to stop chasing “risk catnip”

While it feels good, risk catnip creates problems for security teams. Security leaders can stop chasing risk catnip by asking a simple question.

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Cyber-security VCs are holding onto their cash – but that’s OK

Are VCs cooling their interest in cyber-security companies? CSO investigates a market with just as many challenges and opportunities for investors.

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