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Skills for a new age – the need for data fluency in the info economy

Trevor Hughes, president & CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), explores the current state of education and whether professionals are being equipped with the knowledge needed to fulfill skills in...

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NASA CIO allows HPE contract's authority to operate to expire

In the wake of continued security problems, NASA's CIO is sending a no-confidence signal to Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which received a $2.5 billion contract in 2011 to address problems with the agency's outdated and insecure...

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How to get a job as a security engineer

Cyber security engineers are in hot demand, here are some handy tips on how to pursue a lucrative career in network and cyber security

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Experts challenge Skyhigh's patent for cloud-based encryption gateway

Skyhigh Networks, Inc., announced today that it has received a patent for using a hosted gateway to encrypt and decrypt data moving between users and cloud services such as Office 365, but some experts say that the technology is...

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10 tips for retaining top IT talent

When it comes to employee retention, tech companies have some of the highest turnover rates of any industry. Retaining top IT talent is a struggle for many businesses, but there are several things you can do to increase the likelihood...

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What you need to do to stop data from leaving with exiting employees

In some instances it is inadvertent that an employee takes files with them when they leave a job. But in most cases, it is done to get an advantage at their next job. Here is what you should do before they leave the premises.

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As Zika looms, a question arises: Who gets to telecommute?

The Zika virus outbreak in Florida -- and rising concerns it will spread north -- are worrying workers and forcing companies to adjust.


How do you measure success when it comes to stopping Phishing attacks?

What's considered a win when it comes to Phishing? This question was posed to IT workers and non-executive types earlier this month, and everyone had a different opinion on the topic. The general feeling among defenders was that a...

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The best places to live for cybersecurity jobs that pay

Cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things are causing big changes for the industry resulting in an explosion of opportunity for those who are just starting out

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Cybercrime damages expected to cost the world $6 trillion by 2021

While there are numerous contributors to the rise in cybercrime -- which is expected to cost the world more than $6 trillion by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015 -- the most obvious predictor is a massive expansion of the global...


Seed to Sale: Inside a High Tech Pot Farm

We tour a cannabis dispensary in Oakland, California that grows and sells weed for medicinal purposes.

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How to get your network and security teams working together

Your network and security teams may have different goals and objectives, but as networks grow more complex, it’s time to get these two teams on the same page to help avoid miscommunication around security threats.


Key questions to mull as you head into infosec budgeting season

Tips for getting the budget past the financial people - from the financial professional's perspective.

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Take a vacation, rely on automation

How executives can prevent burn out in their IT and security teams

Shine a spotlight on shadow IT and prosper

Why a security team embraces shadow IT

A group within Western Union information security team relies on cloud software, including content management, social collaboration and single sign-on tools to let employees to get their work done while protecting corporate data.

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Hype and buzzwords lead to confusion, as vendors leverage the halo effect

Vendors serving the InfoSec market are quick to sling buzzwords and jargon, but do the terms used accurately reflect their product's abilities? Sometimes the marketing is correct, but most of the time the pitches are full of FUD and...


Opinion: How the H-1B visa affects American workers

Computerworld national correspondent Patrick Thibodeau has covered the controversial H-1B guest-worker visa for many years. It's a complicated topic, but to understand it, you need to know just one thing: its effect on American IT...

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Trump's 'extreme' anti-terrorism vetting may be H-1B nightmare

Many people from 'dangerous and volatile regions' work in the U.S. on H-1B visas, and Trump's plan would penalize these workers because of their birthplace.

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