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breach repair

Fortinet names Tyson Macaulay Chief Security Strategist and VP of Consulting Services

Fortinet on Monday announced that it has hired security industry veteran Tyson Macaulay as chief security strategist and vice president of consulting services.

word magnets

Infosec jobs: Use keywords to boost your LinkedIn ranking

Hiring experts share the keywords you must use to rise to the top of LinkedIn searches for security professionals.

broken window glass crack holes

Five reasons why hackers easily get in

Vulnerable web application is a great gift for hackers, as it significantly reduces their time, cost and efforts to get into corporate network. Why companies fail to secure their web apps?

satya nadella microsoft

Microsoft CEO takes a collaborative approach to cybersecurity

Microsoft CEO Nadella talks of company's role in an ‘ecosystem,’ saying partnerships and top-to-bottom protection and detection critical to battle emerging security threats.


CISO proposes cybersecurity co-op to fend off hackers

The CISO of Rockwell Automation thinks a cybersecurity co-operative, comprised of top information security engineers from several companies, could serve as a salve to the talent shortage and also offer and an improvement over managed...


What CSOs should do on their first days

In today’s corporate setting, if a CSO enters the building with the intent of doing a gut job in the first few weeks, he most likely will find himself out the door in short order.


Notes From Vienna: Deepsec & BSides

It was a cold day in Vienna yesterday. It was simply wonderful to wander through the streets of the old city in search of great coffee. Soon I found myself sitting in the Cafe Central with a pot of coffee and my thoughts. This is...

1 communications

What security leaders need to know about breach communication

Leigh Nakanishi shares the approach security leaders need to prepare for their turn to communicate and coordinate during a breach

huawei hanger

Collaboration is key to security – worldwide

Huawei, a major global player in Information and Communications Technology, is pushing for cyber security collaboration worldwide. Establishing common standards, the company says, is the only way to improve the security of products...


Leading Security Change: A roadmap for security leaders to create the pathways we need to attract the talent we crave

This is the roadmap to frame the conversation for the Leading Security Change series on creating a better pathway to find and attract people to our industry

attck ddos

​4 trends in DDoS security in 2016

Margee Abrams examines some emerging trends that are likely to affect DDoS security requirements.

venture capital

Hot funding climate for cybersecurity companies in 2015

VCs pumping hundreds-of-millions in new funding into cybersecurity firms.

honesty box

CISOs learn 5 tough lessons about conveying security risks

Honesty can still be the best policy, but there are some precautionary measures to take.

two man crew

How CISOs and CEOs must work together

Information security chiefs continue to fight with C-level executives for more resources, bigger budgets and a greater understanding of the threats their business faces in the online world. But with daily hacks and data breaches now...

meandering trail

Leading Security Change: Security leaders need to create a better pathway to get better talent

As the industry continues to grow, security leaders need to create and maintain better pathways to attract the talent we need to the industry. Learn how from our panel of leaders and their experience in this installment of Leading...

data breach map intro leak bucket water

Employees cause information security breaches in 3 out of 4 companies: Kaspersky Lab

Seventy-three per cent of companies have been affected by internal information security incidents, and the largest single cause of confidential data losses are employees at 42 per cent, according to a survey commissioned by Kaspersky...

crowd stadium

How to crowdsource your way to better security

Synack, a company founded by former NSA analysts, attempts to leverage the best of man and machine approaches to provide enterprise cybersecurity protection.

reward sign

Vetting researchers builds trust in bounty programs

Conservative enterprises have been tentative about joining forces with hackers, but third party bug bounty platforms have proven that their vetting process ensures a highly qualified and trustworthy talent pool.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs names insider Brian Burns CISO

Longtime VA employee Brian Burns will take over for interim acting CISO Dan Galik.

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