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Computerworld Tech Forecast 2017 - Hottest Tech Skills for 2017

Security among the hottest tech skills for 2017

Are your assets bankable in 2017? Hiring managers say they'll seek out these skills most in the New Year.

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Coworking tips to increase your productivity and privacy

More and more people today work in open offices or coworking spaces. Such environments present unique challenges and opportunities, and the following tips can help ensure personal privacy and also maximize productivity.

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Bridging the CIO and CISO divide

Why identity and access management is at the core of the gulf between these two C-suite roles.

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Playing cyber defense is not enough to win

Where to draw the line when it comes to offensive cyber attacks

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What can CSOs learn from the Dyn attacks?

BitSight co-founder Stephen Boyer chats with CSO about key takeaways from the DNS attacks on Dyn, and how to prepare for future attacks


CMO Perspectives - Karen Walker of Cisco | Part 2

IDG CMO Perspectives provides insight into the state of Marketing across industries from leading business executives. Karen Walker, CMO of Cisco, sat down for a three-part IDG CMO Perspectives series with Josh London, IDG’s CMO, to...

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Why security leaders need to embrace the concept of reasonable security now

Vanessa Henri explains the legal definition of reasonable security and why now is the time to embrace the concept and prepare

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Hackers wanted

As its ‘bad guy’ stereotype wanes, hacker job postings in the enterprise jump 700% in three years.

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Cybersecurity's crystal ball, 2017 predictions

As 2016 comes to a close, industry analysts and practitioners alike are thinking about how to prepare for what is to come

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Why cybersecurity companies fail at selling to CISOs... and what to do about it

One CISO is so fed up with cybersecurity vendors, he wrote a manifesto for them.

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Security pros most worried about clouds, mobile

Companies were least prepared to assess the security risks of cloud and mobile technologies, according to a survey of cybersecurity professionals released this morning. Overall, the confidence levels of security professionals that...


Microsoft can virtually teleport you from one place to another

Using a combination of mixed reality displays and 3D cameras, users of Microsoft's "Holoportation" technology can interact with remote participants as if they were in the same physical space.

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2016: A reflection of the year in cybercrime

A look back at 2016 predictions in cyber crime and how it all actually played out.

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Keeping the C-suite from getting speared by phishing

Executives are some of the biggest targets- and sometimes the easiest prey - for spear phishing criminals. Here are tips for how security managers can go beyond awareness training to keep the top-level out of danger

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The first question security leaders need to ask before a breach happens

Engage people in a dialogue that uncovers what actually matters to learn where and how to improve security before a breach happens

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How Windows 10 data collection trades privacy for security

Here's what data each telemetry level collects and the price you pay to send the least telemetry to Microsoft

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AI is coming, and will take some jobs, but no need to worry

There will still be plenty of work to go around so job prospects should remain good, especially for those who keep up with technology, broaden their skill sets, and get a better understanding of their company's business needs.


CMO Perspectives - Clint Oram of Sugar CRM

IDG CMO Perspectives provides insight into the state of Marketing across industries from leading business executives. Clint Oram, Co-Founder and CMO of SugarCRM, sat down with Josh London, IDG’s CMO, to share his perspective on using...

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