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In the digital enterprise, everyone is a security newb

The responsibility of securing the extended network falls on more than just the security practitioners.

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Is your healthcare organization leaking data?

Recent news headlines and research has illustrated that healthcare organizations are either leaking data from various servers and medical devices or they are being hit with ransomware. This article looks at some of the reasons why...


Autonomous trucks hits public roads

Six groups of trucks just took part in the EU Truck Platooning Challenge, an international test of autonomous truck driving technology.

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Awaken the inner engineer in kids

Exposing young children to the wonders of science, engineering, or security can help turn curiosity into passion.

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Pro-Daesh hackers: More bark than bite, lacking in skills and resources

A report from Flashpoint, released this morning, offers an overview on the current existence of pro-Daesh hacking groups and methods. Anyone who has followed the space in recent months won't be surprised by the findings – in short,...

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Security Recruiter Directory

To find the right security job or hire the right candidate, you first need to find the right recruiter. CSO's security recruiter directory is your one-stop shop.


Apple reports first drop in iPhone shipments

For the first time since it launched, shipments of the iPhone dropped year-on-year and pushed Apple revenue and profit down.

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What are the traits to become an excellent security analyst

A culture of collaboration creates an opportunity for growth and professional development in one principal analyst at Forrrester Research.

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Enterprises fall behind on protecting against phishing, detecting breaches

The ninth annual Verizon Data Breach Report contains bad news on multiple fronts, including click-through rates on phishing messages, how long it takes companies to detect breaches, and even whether companies spot the breaches at all....

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Why better security prevention that doesn’t rely on detection is possible

Dotan Bar Noy shares an approach to improve prevention of security incidents without the need to rely on costly detection alone

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Top U.S. universities failing at cybersecurity education

Cybercriminals are only getting better at what they do, which means the skills gap is growing between the people who hack and the people who stop them. And universities aren't catching up fast enough: A recent study reveals dismal...

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Audit committee cheatsheet for IT and cyber professionals

What exactly do audit committees do and who gets to be on one.


Solar Impulse 2 arrives in California

The solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 aircraft arrived in Silicon Valley late Saturday night. It was the ninth leg on its trip around the world.

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Cybersecurity's big market cap club

Bessemer Venture Partners announced its Cyber Index earlier this week. The index features 29 cybersecurity companies with market capitalizations ranging from $170 million to $15 billion (as of today's stock market prices).


Solar plane is heading for Silicon Valley

The remarkable Solar Impulse 2 aircraft has resumed its round-the-world flight attempt and took off from Hawaii on Thursday for Silicon Valley.


Microsoft ends Xbox 360 production

Microsoft is ending production of the Xbox 360 games console after 10 years, but owners will continue to enjoy online services and thousands of games.

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Whaling emerges as major cybersecurity threat

Fraudsters are using legitimate executive names and email addresses to dupe unsuspecting employees to wire money or sensitive documents to their accounts. The CTO of the Boston Celtics, for one, is fighting back.

0 title hacking competition

Hacking competitions that will get you noticed

The government's announcement of a pilot program "Hack the Pentagon" serves as a reminder of the opportunities available to newbies trying to get a foot in the door of the cyber security industry.

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