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Thoughtful businessman question

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Getting smarter about making cities smart

Many cities claim to be ahead of smart curve, but find themselves handcuffed by custom systems

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Yes, Uber can – and will – get worse

It might be hard to imagine how things could get worse for Uber – but they will!

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Your dream job is waiting!

I'm a senior Cloud Compliance Architect, but how did I get here? Lots of mountains to climb, education, experience and certifications. I hope to inspire our young people to never give up, keep focused, have a passion for what you do...

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Make better security buying decisions with use cases

Know your risk, then look to use cases to understand what a security product actually does before you invest in anything.

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Where to spend your next security dollar

Use executive security education to build your security program.

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What it takes to be a malware analyst

The proliferation of ransomware and other attacks has increased demand for experts who can analyze how the software works and devise a response.

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IDG Security Day features events in 9 countries

On June 21, IDG Enterprise will follow the sun and discuss the challenges organizations across the globe face when attempting to identify or mitigate risk. To do this, IDG has organized Security Day, a global event that is coming to...

Martha Heller

CIO Career Coach: Rethink Shadow IT

How CIOs can shift their approach to shadow IT.

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We can't accept election hacking as a new normal

As the investigations into whether Russian hackers influenced the 2016 Presidential election in the US continue, the rest of the world prepares for the new normal of election hacking.

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Including unified communications in your risk considerations before it’s too late

Kevin Riley on changing and growing risks of unified communications and how to improve on current approaches

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Ancient lessons for a modern security program

As security programs become more and more complex, the need to see as much of what’s happening as possible is becoming one of the most critical aspects of success for any organization. But with complexity comes a need to specialize,...

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Cybersecurity labor crunch to hit 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021

The cyber crime epidemic is expected to triple the number of open cybersecurity positions to 3.5 million over the next five years.

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Britain’s eyes on the prize

Britain's new cybersecurity office is designed to partner with business to best protect the nation's digital interests.

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Contract obligations, third parties and cyber insurance

John Southrey from the Texas Medical Liability Trust explains what you need to understand about third-party contracts and cyber insurance to make better decisions.


How and why to hire a CISO

If you haven't yet hired a chief information security officer, you're not alone. Here are the considerations for creating the position and making the hire.

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Cisco and IBM announce historic cybersecurity partnership

Cisco Security and IBM Security join forces to battle cybercrime, helping customers reduce the time to detect and mitigate threats.

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A fortified technology workforce begins in the classroom

One of the most significant and pressing challenges is growing and maintaining a sufficiently qualified pool of professionals


Why security leaders need to partner with their insurance companies

Garin Pace shares how security leaders can partner with their insurance companies to get better results

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