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red carpet
red carpet


Leading Security Change: A roadmap for security leaders to create the pathways we need to attract the talent we crave

This is the roadmap to frame the conversation for the Leading Security Change series on creating a better pathway to find and attract people to our industry

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Leading Security Change: Security leaders need to create a better pathway to get better talent

As the industry continues to grow, security leaders need to create and maintain better pathways to attract the talent we need to the industry. Learn how from our panel of leaders and their experience in this installment of Leading...

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Why information security jobs go unfilled

In this 3-part series, I dealt with the issue of a shortage of people in the information security sector. In parts 1 & 2, I addressed why firms struggle to find quality information security staff. In this final segment, I’ll discuss...

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Hacked Opinions: Veterans who transitioned into InfoSec

Today is Veterans Day in the U.S, and CSO recently questioned six veterans who are all active members of the InfoSec community. This standalone Hacked Opinions post will focus on how they transitioned into InfoSec from their military...

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Prospective security employees see too many low-ball offers

In this 3-part series, I’ll deal with the issue of a shortage of people in the information security sector. While there are a number of reasons why firms struggle to find good information security talent, I feel there are two...

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Why desensitization is ruining your security strategy (part 1)

Our information security teams are understaffed, overworked, and a result are becoming desensitized to the tell tale indicators of compromise showing up wishing our enterprise infrastructures.

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6 tips for your security awareness training

Employees must keep a sharp lookout every day for security breaches.

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Yahoo! names Bob Lord new CISO

Yahoo! announced Monday that Bob Lord has joined the Internet company as CISO.

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The security talent shortage and your leadership opportunity

Instead of focusing energy on a perceived lack of talent, invest your leadership in solutions that develop the workforce we need today and in the future

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The support security leaders need for better cloud security

Timothy De Block points out an obvious, but often overlooked, key to getting better security from the cloud

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CSO salaries expected to sky rocket

Recent report says CSO salaries could reach a quarter of a million dollars.

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Getting your Information Security team right

Companies are investing in cybersecurity more than ever and it is a critical and yet a difficult task to bring a team that effectively monitors threats and manages security incidents. Despite the increased trend in spending in...

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Women in security: Cultures, incentives that promote retention

In order to attract and retain highly qualified candidates who possess a combination of emotional and technical intelligence, enterprises need to look at their corporate cultures and offer more than monetary incentives.


How to identify and thwart insider threats

Are you the type? Insider archetypes map and model personalities and behaviors that could be clues to the next attack on your business.

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Where Jeb Bush stands on cybersecurity

Jeb Bush on cybersecurity

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Where does security fit in bi-modal IT departments?

There seems to be disagreement as to whether security workers should be in the innovation camp or look after the day-to-day operations.

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It’s 10 o'clock – do you know what your IT security team is doing?

While it may be obvious that addressing vulnerabilities eats up the most time for IT security pros, what may surprise you is the source of those vulnerabilities.

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4 tips to keep your career relevant

In order to build a thriving career within the information security industry first and foremost you must become relevant. If you want to become relevant you need to develop these skills.

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