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Top 5 reasons to quit your cybersecurity job

The downsides with making a career switch go away in a market with zero-percent unemployment.

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Why studying security in college is a waste of time

To gain the security skills most needed at many companies, students and graduates will have to take a counterintuitive approach to their education and career. Whether just entering college or recently graduated, Shawn Burke, Global...


CIO Career Coach: Acing the Interview - Part 3 blogger and career strategist Martha Heller closes the loop on this three part video series that articulates for IT leaders what it takes get the most out of your next interview.

cybersecurity skills and talent shortage

Cybersecurity staffing issues may be putting you at risk

Cybersecurity is a priority for most businesses, but many are finding a lack of available cybersecurity talent. But not being able to hire the right candidates is no excuse to ignore your security needs.


CIO Career Coach: 6 tips for working with recruiters

Martha Heller -- blogger, career coach and president of Heller Search Associates -- shares her tips for building an effective and long-lasting relationship with recruiters.

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Building the DHS cybersecurity workforce

At the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), we fight against the world’s toughest cyber adversaries. Our best weapon is our people. So today, we are sharing two videos with you to help us meet this mission. They show the work...

Security's way to attract a girl

Recognizing the potential they have to fill the impending gap in the talent pool, the security industry goes after girls, grabbing hold of their passion because they can.

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See how much an infosec analyst can earn

Looking for a job in tech or planning to make a career change? Here is CareerCast's list of the top 10 jobs in IT and engineering in terms of salary, growth and market relevancy.


CIO Career Coach: Acing the interview - Part 2

In the latest installment of CIO's Career Coach, blogger Martha Heller digs deeper into the interviewing process, offering tips and techniques to help you land the job.

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10 highest-paying IT security jobs

IT security is of major concern to all organizations, and they're willing to pay to get top talent.

mr robot

What has Mr. Robot done for the security industry?

Arguably an accurate depiction of the world of cybercriminals, is Mr. Robot sending the right message?

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Post layoff makeover, certs that attract attention

Whether you're starting fresh or starting anew, certifications can help you build a more attractive resume


CIO Career Coach: Acing the interview blogger Martha Heller, continues her series on IT careers. This episode is part one of three and looks at what it takes, after you've gotten through the hiring gauntlet, to smash the interview and do your best to impress.

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Fall security conferences you don't want to miss

Check out these nine cybersecurity conferences to learn about all things from network architecture to incident response and available jobs.

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Skills for a new age – the need for data fluency in the info economy

Trevor Hughes, president & CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), explores the current state of education and whether professionals are being equipped with the knowledge needed to fulfill skills in...

team teamwork global workforce

How to get your network and security teams working together

Your network and security teams may have different goals and objectives, but as networks grow more complex, it’s time to get these two teams on the same page to help avoid miscommunication around security threats.

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Take a vacation, rely on automation

How executives can prevent burn out in their IT and security teams


CIO Career Coach: Tips for putting together a great resume blogger Martha Heller shares her tips for creating a resume that will get you noticed by potential employers.

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