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Relaxing on hammock vacation 168344861

Take a vacation, rely on automation

How executives can prevent burn out in their IT and security teams


CIO Career Coach: How to build your brand Blogger Martha Heller shares the secrets to building a brand that highlights what you do best.

The future of red teaming: Computer robots face off in adversarial rounds

If you were at BSides and you caught the presentation from Endgame's principal security data scientist, Hyrum Anderson, you were likely wowed by the innovative dueling defender and adversary demonstration. If you missed it, Anderson...


A run down on Black Hat for security newbs

What to expect if it's your first security conference


What's inside BSides Las Vegas

From how it began to what's in store at next week's conferece

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Scout tech competitions for new talent

If you are young and love to hack, there are opportunities abounding for you to showcase your talents. This fall the ITA Tech Challenge, a programming and coding skills competition for students at targeted Midwest universities, hosts...

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Security newbs find training program that pays

Graduates of OptivU training program share their experiences

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Board bound: how to rise to the executive level in cybersecurity

The road toward leadership starts with that first job and a love of innovation.

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Market expansion adds to cybersecurity talent shortage

Cybersecurity jobs and employment data from the Cybersecurity Jobs Report

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Security industry is a meritocracy, so don't anchor on gender

The industry is well positioned to see more women succeed in IT and cyber security

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IT internship brings women from West Point to Silicon Valley

Friday marks the start of the Fourth of July weekend for most of us, but two West Point cadets have much more to celebrate as their Vidder internships come to a close

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The quickest way to annoy a privacy pro

Trevor Hughes, president & CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), explains the difference between privacy and security and how both fields can work together.

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Tech jobs report: Security, devops, and big data stay hot

Foote's latest data suggests security and devops will remain in high demand for some time -- but cloud pay is starting to slip

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Philosophy, Plato, and cybersecurity as a public service

Careers in IT security rank alongside other inspiring professions of vital public service like healthcare, law enforcement and education.


Cyber security curriculum across all disciplines

Security is no longer an IT issue, so why is cyber security course work limited to computer science programs?

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Connecting with the senses in today's digital world

Preserving the art of interpersonal communication as technology continues to evolve

Jeff uh, uh, uh Finds-A-Way Goldblum

Are you too sexy to be a data scientist?

Named the 'sexiest' job of 2016, data scientists are in high demand

job fair security

Don't be fooled by job descriptions and brand

When choosing a career path, is it better to get in with a large enterprises versus startups or smaller companies?

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