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Outside IT, few aware of projected skills gap to impact security by 2019

Teaching computer science is a first step toward building the next cybersecurity workforce

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Are new security specialists starting at a disadvantage?

Sanjay Raja lines up for a Security Slap Shot on how the current pathway into security puts people at a disadvantage

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What it takes to be a security incident responder

A wide range of technical skills and curiosity about the mechanics and goals of an attack are key for effective incidence response.

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Your dream job is waiting!

I'm a senior Cloud Compliance Architect, but how did I get here? Lots of mountains to climb, education, experience and certifications. I hope to inspire our young people to never give up, keep focused, have a passion for what you do...

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What it takes to be a malware analyst

The proliferation of ransomware and other attacks has increased demand for experts who can analyze how the software works and devise a response.

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Cybersecurity labor crunch to hit 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021

The cyber crime epidemic is expected to triple the number of open cybersecurity positions to 3.5 million over the next five years.

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What it takes to be a security software developer

Developers with a security focus will be in strong demand, especially for financial, cloud and Internet of Things applications.

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FireEye 2.0: Cyberhumans as a Service

FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia discusses the company's approach to cyber crime and cybersecurity.

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Cisco and IBM announce historic cybersecurity partnership

Cisco Security and IBM Security join forces to battle cybercrime, helping customers reduce the time to detect and mitigate threats.

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CIO Career Coach: Driving Operational Change blogger Martha Heller discusses how it is the CIO’s job to create change at the operational layer so that systems deliver their expected value.

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A fortified technology workforce begins in the classroom

One of the most significant and pressing challenges is growing and maintaining a sufficiently qualified pool of professionals

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Cybersecurity pros pushed into sales roles

It has gotten to the point that besides trying to secure the product, companies are asking their security pros to explain and sell the product to prospective clients.

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Does third-party security awareness training work?

Rapid7 security analyst describes the company’s direction with in-house vs. outsourcing training.

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How the CISO can hire the right organization

Gartner and others have proposed that the first 100 days are critical to the success of the CISO. In this article, we suggest that setting of initial expectations during the hiring process, on the part of the organization and the...

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6 reasons to study security in college (and 7 reasons not to)

Two experts in the field debate whether it is a waste of time or it prepares you for the job force.

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Companies ramp up recruiting veterans as cybersecurity urgency grows

Many veterans have the cybersecurity skills and attitude to be successful in the public sector with the right support.

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How CISOs can answer difficult questions from CEOs

A hypothetical conversation can become all too real, and hopefully you are prepared with the answers. Here is a script to help get you started.

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Q&A Citrix CSO: How to deal with security across multiple generations of employees

Citrix’s CSO Stan Black has been in the cybersecurity field for 20 years. He talks about how security has changed among employees in each generation.

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