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Black Hat 2015


Do you have a cyber A-team?

The stakes are too high, especially for public companies, not to have a true cyber A-team. Companies of all sizes should ask themselves: do we have a real cyber A-team of executives and outside experts?

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The war for cybersecurity talent hits the Hill

More high-profile cyber-exploits and on-going allegations of Russian election-hacking have brought the issue to the fore.

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Where to get a Master’s Degree in cybersecurity

2017 list of universities that offer a Master of Science (M.S.) in cybersecurity.

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Do we really need higher education to solve our perceived and actual security needs?

John Boling shares the path he took to security leadership and reflects on what we really need to attract and train the workforce to advance security

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1 million cybersecurity job openings in 2017

cybersecurity job openings, cross train IT workers on cybersecurity

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Security Recruiter Directory

To find the right security job or hire the right candidate, you first need to find the right recruiter. CSO's security recruiter directory is your one-stop shop.


Increasing the cybersecurity workforce won't solve everything

Many organizations focus on technology to solve their security woes, while desperately trying to hire more security practitioners. But there are other ways to address social cybersecurity challenges. This article discusses the recent...

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Looking back at privacy in 2016

Trevor Hughes, president & CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), recaps the top privacy stories of 2016.

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What the infosec jobs sector will look like in 2017

Security experts believe smaller IT companies will outsource parts of their security.

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The 15 best job markets for IT security specialists

Here is a look at the top 15 job markets for information security professionals, according to the recent study, “Where Are the Highest Paying Tech Jobs in the US” from

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Remain paranoid, err vigilant, with online security in 2017

You didn’t think we were going to say you can now relax your security awareness training, did you?


Making diversity in tech work for you

Diversity is not a “right thing to do” or a “feel good” issue; it is integral to the workplace. Diversity—whether it’s color, gender, class, age, or background—is critical to making great products, supporting a global user base, and...

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There's Still Time! Go Here For Last Minute Deals That Will Ship Fast - Deal Alert

Amazon ships fast, so head to their "last minute deals" page and pick yourself some winners right now, before the 2-day shipping window closes for good.

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Managing expectations for enhancing national cybersecurity

Call for force multiplier won't solve the cybersecurity challenges

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Accepting the risk requires more than doing nothing

It's not enough to accept the risk by doing nothing. Getting everyone to sign an agreed upon analysis that justifies accepting the risk is key to optimizing risk decisions and protecting both the organization and the risk management...


CIO Career Coach: How to resign your executive position blogger Martha Heller explains what it takes to resign from your executive technology role without burning any bridges.

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My obligatory 2017 predictions

Tis the information security season to make predictions about what security year 2017 will bring.

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CISOs bridge communication gap between technology and risk

There's a new CISO in town, and that person is now bridging the gap between technology and risk. Toward that end, many CSOs and CISOs are starting to report to the chief risk officer rather than the CIO.

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