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Hoping for a raise in 2017? Here’s the outlook for IT pay

Your chances for getting a salary bump are pretty good, according to Computerworld's 2017 IT Salary Survey, but be aware: This year more than ever, the way forward is murky.


Interview: Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC – Part 2

Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC, shares her insights on how predictive modeling and personalizing content has helped to improve Dell EMC’s marketing results and enhance the customer journey.

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Enterprises misaligning security budget, priorities

Those on staff who are doing the budgeting might blindly write the same amount into the security line every year. Or the C-suite might handcuff the security personnel with a tight budget that doesn’t allow for expansion into new...

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What it takes to become an IT security engineer

The role is a fairly new one in many companies, and qualified candidates are in high demand. Learn how one IT security engineer landed his current job, the skills and training that helped him get there, and where his sights are set...

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Despite the gender barriers, women must persist in cyber

Overcoming obstacles that challenge women from entering and staying in the security industry

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Cyberwarfare conferences and events calendar for 2017

Cyberwarfare conferences and events

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What is key to improving the ratio of women in cybersecurity?

The biennial (ISC)2 report shows that the percentage of women in cybersecurity remains unchanged. Given the significant shortfall of security talent, what can we learn from this report about how to fix our weak and leaky pipeline?

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All aboard the blockchain train

Blockchain gains attention as its uses are tested across payment platforms.

video Live @ SXSW presented by the UK's Department for International Trade | Day 4 host Jimmy Conrad is live on the show floor today with Alexander Whitley, Choreographer/Director of the Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Lucy Dusgate, Digital Programmer at The Lowry, and Tom Higham, Creative Director of...


Interview: Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC

Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC, discusses the CMO’s evolving role, the relationship between marketing and culture and how Dell EMC uses account-based marketing to better understand the needs of the customer.

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Is the cyber crisis real or fiction?

There has been a lot of commentary about the cybersecurity hiring crisis. Reports indicate that there are too few candidates for positions and there is no assurance that the future will be better. Is this reported crisis real? It may...


Mingis on Tech: Videoconferencing arrives, and what's up with 'digital transformation'

Videoconferencing can help firms save money, do more and better integrate their plans. So can digital transformation. But both have to be done right.

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Cybersecurity salaries for sales engineers are $180,000 to $220,000 in 2017

In the top five major metros - New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia - experienced cybersecurity engineers with more than eight years of experience are earning an average annual salary of $135,000.


How IT leaders create a culture of transformation

Computerworld's Premier 100 tech leaders share pointers on how to sell digital transformation within IT and across the organization (hint: say goodbye to hierarchies).

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Cybersecurity engineer among the hottest IT jobs on the market

Live in or around one of the five largest metro areas in the U.S.? Here’s what you can expect to make in three of the hottest IT roles around.

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Fortinet hires NSA veteran as company's first CISO

The network security provider has hired former NSA cyber task force executive Philip Quade as chief information security officer.

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Why more Chief Strategy and Risk Officers need a seat at the security table

For years the evolving role of chief information security officers has increasingly required them to think more like a chief risk or strategy officer and anticipate cyber threats before they happen. Now a perfect storm is brewing that...


5 hard truths about employee engagement senior writer, Sarah White digs into recent research to look at the impact employee engagement has on your business and the economy as a whole.

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