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Air Force Research Lab drone testing

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Zero-percent cybersecurity unemployment, 1 million jobs unfilled

Cybersecurity Ventures announced last week that the cybersecurity unemployment rate has dropped to zero-percent. What does this mean for cybersecurity employers, recruiters, workers, and job hunters? A few industry experts put the...

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Post layoff makeover, certs that attract attention

Whether you're starting fresh or starting anew, certifications can help you build a more attractive resume

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$29 for This Premium 4-Course Training on Amazon Web Services- Deal Alert

Make yourself invaluable to any company reliant on AWS with The AWS Mastery Bundle, now just $29 for a limited time only.


​The rise of the successful corporate psychopath

Businesses should undertake psychological screening to help identify ‘successful psychopaths’ as higher level of psychopathic traits exist among people found in the upper echelons of the corporate sector.

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White House picks a CISO and, spoiler alert, I didn’t get the job

There simply isn’t an emoji to capture my emotion at a moment like this. I didn’t even get a rejection letter. The White House first announced that they were seeking a candidate in February 2016. Yesterday, The White House...

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Security Recruiter Directory

To find the right security job or hire the right candidate, you first need to find the right recruiter. CSO's security recruiter directory is your one-stop shop.


CIO Career Coach: Acing the interview blogger Martha Heller, continues her series on IT careers. This episode is part 1 of three and looks at what it takes, after you've gotten through the hiring gauntlet, to smash the interview and do your best to impress.

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Essential certifications for smart security pros

Expand your skills, know-how, and career horizons with these highly respected security certs

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4 important tips for mentoring, coaching and growing women’s roles in cybersecurity

CISO/CIO of Venafi shares advice on how to be a mentor to women in the cybersecurity industry to foster employee growth.

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Security skills high on jobs report

Employers more willing to negotiate pay rates, reports Robert Half Technology


Inspiring crazy loyalty: A leadership workshop

Chris Laping, author and former Red Robin CIO, discusses the challenges of being a change agent and in leading the charge through digital business transformation. He offers practical advice to help CIOs enable the right conditions to...

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How cyber security pros transition to board level decision makers

There is no manual on how to get noticed by key executives. Here are some tips for getting on a board of directors as the cybersecurity expert.

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Skills for a new age – the need for data fluency in the info economy

Trevor Hughes, president & CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), explores the current state of education and whether professionals are being equipped with the knowledge needed to fulfill skills in...

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How to get a job as a security engineer

Cyber security engineers are in hot demand, here are some handy tips on how to pursue a lucrative career in network and cyber security

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10 tips for retaining top IT talent

When it comes to employee retention, tech companies have some of the highest turnover rates of any industry. Retaining top IT talent is a struggle for many businesses, but there are several things you can do to increase the likelihood...

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The best places to live for cybersecurity jobs that pay

Cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things are causing big changes for the industry resulting in an explosion of opportunity for those who are just starting out


How to support women in IT

Intuit tech exec Raji Arasu discusses ways her organization works to recruit and retain women in IT.

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How to get your network and security teams working together

Your network and security teams may have different goals and objectives, but as networks grow more complex, it’s time to get these two teams on the same page to help avoid miscommunication around security threats.

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