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Why smart security leaders are using the Target breach to change their approach to detection

Two months after the Target data breach, emphasis remains on prevention. The smart security leaders are improving detection. Here are some insights on making the pivot.

If Target got breached because of third party access, what does that mean for you?

The real opportunity for security professionals is to side-step speculation and use the coverage to spark productive conversations. The kinds of discussions that help others understand your value and set the stage for necessary...

Danger looms at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, but is Russia's security up to snuff?

Threats of terrorism and extensive security measures suggest that Sochi is preparing to host an Olympics like none other

CDW Integrates with Google Apps for Cloud Collaboration

Through a partnership with Google and Esna Technologies, CDW has rolled out native access to the CDW Cloud Collaboration suite within Google Apps.


8 ways physical security has evolved

Physical security has come a long way since the advent of the lock and key. But for all of its changes, the greatest aspect of the evolution of physical security is how it has begun to mesh with our digital world. Here are eight of...

Blue Cross: 840,000 healthcare records at risk after laptop theft

Two employee laptops stolen in November from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Shopping risks to guard against this holiday season

Credit card skimming devices and hidden cameras are just two ways crooks make this the most scam-filled time of the year for shoppers

Keeping high-profile meetings safe and secure

Advanced technology and the ubiquity of smartphones make it easier than ever for outsiders to comprimise the security of meetings, but Harlan Calhoun has some tips to fight off would-be spies

Why Projects Fail

CIOs are expected to deliver more projects that transform business, and do so on time, on budget and with limited resources.

Weak global economy contributed to $112 billion loss from retail theft

Shoplifting, fraud, organized crime, and errors led to 1.4 percent dent in retail sales

Meeting the subject of a threat assessment: Is it always necessary?

When assessing a threat in the workplace, it isn't always necessary to meet with the subject in question, says Dr. Steve Albrecht

How to take advantage of the Adobe breach to advance the conversation about security in your organization

Breaches aren't new. Learning this week that Adobe experienced and disclosed a recent security breach isn't surprising. And if it's not surprising for us, then it barely registers with most people.

Seductive technology: What are its implications for data security?

Alluring devices like the Apple iPhone have caused a shift towards the "Bring Your Own Device" paradigm, but what does it mean for both personal and corporate security?

Why Projects Fail

CIOs are expected to deliver more projects that transform business, and do so on time, on budget and with limited resources.

Missing the real opportunity of Snowden and Manning

The common reaction is an almost knee-jerk demand for more, stricter controls. In most cases, these controls won't work. If we want people engaged in the process, we need to let them take responsibility. We need to develop transparent

Searching for trouble: the hidden risk of pressure cookers, backpacks and quinoa

As the family considers what just happened to them, the lessons for the rest of us are just beginning. This is an event that gives us a great opportunity to engage in meaningful corporate discussions. Take time now to consider how...


Gallery: Telltale signs of ATM skimming

ATM skimming schemes involve installing fraudulent equipment that criminals use to steal credit and debit card numbers and PINs. Industry estimates calculate that ATM fraud costs banks and consumers billions of dollars annually. Here...

Mandiant's APT1: Revisited

The Mandiant APT1 report made our industry stronger by encouraging -- if not forcing -- information sharing. By Nick Selby

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Client Management Tools

The client management tool market is maturing and evolving to adapt to consumerization, desktop virtualization, and an ongoing need to improve efficiency.

Big Data Investigations: Opportunity and Risk

Experts say large-scale security analytics can cut through the noise to find key intelligence. But connecting the dots can lead to legal trouble

Defense contractor under cyberattack for three years

Advanced persistent data theft at QinetiQ linked to Chinese hackers

Dutch bill seeks to give law enforcement hacking powers

Dutch law enforcement should be allowed to break into computers outside the Netherlands when necessary, the draft bill said

Wake up! Boston bombings a call for renewed citizen vigilance

Ray Cavanagh questions whether the Boston Marathon bombings woke Americans up to the constant need for security among everyone, including citizens who need to work with authorities

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