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2016: A reflection of the year in cybercrime

A look back at 2016 predictions in cyber crime and how it all actually played out.

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Upgraded Mirai botnet disrupts Deutsche Telekom by infecting routers

A new version of Mirai -- a malware that’s been enslaving poorly secured IoT devices -- has found a new victim: vulnerable internet routers from Germany’s Deutsche Telekom.

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Feds provide legal loophole to hacking IoT devices

For the next two years, “good-faith” security researchers will be allowed to hack into the software of most Internet of Things devices without risk of violating copyright laws. Whether that will lead to more cooperation or...


Preview: Computerworld's smart cities video tour, coming soon!

Launching in Dec. 2016, Computerworld's smart cities video tour takes you to Singapore, New York and Montreal, as senior editor Matt Hamblen seeks out the latest innovations that boost urban efficiency and improve citizens' lives....

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How to make home IoT more secure: Assume the worst

A report by the internet advisory group BITAG on Tuesday identified common security problems in home IoT products and recommended steps vendors should take from now on.

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IoT attacks could bring real-world damage

Cyber experts warn that lax security of billions of new networked internet of things devices will create a target-rich environment that could have devastating consequences.

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The unlimited potential of IoT and security challenges

IoT security has not been up to date with the rapid pace of innovation and adoption creating substantial safety, privacy and economic risks.

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Battling global DDoS attacks requires coordinated response

Service providers that run the backbone of the internet need to have a coordinated response to deal with a global distributed denial of service attack, security experts say. There's only so much that individual enterprises can do when...

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IoT gear will need better security to win a Z-Wave badge

Tighter security will soon be mandatory for IoT devices that use the popular Z-Wave wireless protocol. Starting next April, the Z-Wave Alliance will require all products to include its S2 (Security 2) framework before they can be...

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Report: Surveillance cameras most dangerous IoT devices in enterprise

Networked security cameras are the most likely to have vulnerabilities when it comes to securing Internet of Things devices in the enterprise, according to a new report.

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US lawmakers balk at call for IoT security regulations

The U.S. government needs to pass regulations mandating internet of things security measures before device vulnerabilities start killing people, one security expert told lawmakers.

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Akamai: Look for IoT devices to attack during Thanksgiving, Christmas

The annual holiday uptick in denial of service attacks will likely continue this year only this time with a new devastating weapon: Internet of Things (IoT) devices, according to Akamai.

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Is critical infrastructure the next DDoS target?

DDoS attacks are vastly bigger now, thanks to botnets composed of Internet of Things devices. A recent attack that took down a portion of the internet has led to questions about whether something similar could shut down critical...

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When selling a smart home, follow these security tips

Recently, one of our neighbors sold their home and they had a Google Nest thermostat. This became an issue during the sale process. The prospective buyers wanted the Nest to remain, but current owners wanted to take it with them. ...

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Dear Mirai, how thou shall plan for thee

How to beef up security and plan for the continued rise of IoT DDoS attacks


Google Home is here, so what's the verdict?

Google Home launched to consumers in November, but many journalists got a sneak peek. Here's what they thought.

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SQLi, XSS zero-days expose Belkin IoT devices, Android smartphones

Research director Scott Tenaglia and lead research engineer Joe Tanen detailed the vulnerabilities during their talk at the Black Hat Europe conference in London last Friday. The zero-day flaws specifically relate to Belkin’s smart...

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DDoS attack from Mirai malware 'killing business' in Liberia

The malware behind last month's massive internet disruption in the U.S. is targeting Liberia with financially devastating results.

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