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Training tomorrow’s security talent

The Center for Internet Security in partnership with the Council on Cyber Security has partnered with Monster to create CyberCompEx, a virtual community designed to engage cybersecurity talent.

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Crowdsourcing your security

The formal security programs at most companies include a finite number of managers and staffers. But the fact is, everyone within an organization should be responsible on some level for contributing to efforts to protect information,...


6 ways to reduce the security risk of graduate hires

Newly hired graduates are often technology savvy, but not very enterprise security savvy. That can be a dangerous combination.

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FREE COURSE: Hack yourself first (before the bad guys do)

In partnership with tech training provider Pluralsight, Computerworld offers a free online course. Learn how to think like a hacker, and use some of the tools they do, to find the security holes in your websites before a breach...

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How to find qualified people for your security team

Talent shortage or not, here are some strategies to find -- and develop -- the people you need for your security team

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Cybersecurity job market to suffer severe workforce shortage

Cybersecurity workforce shortage to reach 1.5 million by 2019.

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Why the perception of a security talent shortage is really a leadership opportunity

Reframe the discussions about the lack of qualified security professionals to reveal the real opportunity for leaders to develop the people around them

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InfoSec pros spend most time, money on self-inflicted problems

According to a new survey of Black Hat attendees released last week, InfoSec professionals are spending the biggest amount of their time and budgets on security problems created within the organization itself.


So, you want a Masters Degree in cybersecurity?

University and College Masters Degree programs in cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity and geopolitics are intertwined

Have you ever thought how the global economy and geopolitics influence cybersecurity and cybercrime? Some people may think that these are two completely different domains, however they are strongly and permanently related.

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Money talks: Send your kid to cybersecurity school

Cybersecurity vs. a career in medicine or law

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The CSA is the new VIP of information security

While a CISO may get the glory; security architects are what most organizations need.

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CSO salaries rise fastest in New York, Boston

The average CSO salary is now 4 percent higher than last year as a result of more responsibility and better visibility, with salaries in New York and Boston rising even faster, according to a new report

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Security gains a voice with communications specialist

Enlisting help from dedicated communications specialists can be a critical asset in defending organizations from rising security threats.

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How about renting a CSO?

In a time when security professionals are at a premium, perhaps companies should look into renting CISOs.

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Top five reasons companies are avoiding managed services

For many small and midsize companies, having someone else remotely monitor and manage their computer network is a no-brainer. But according to a new study from CompTIA, companies that don't use managed service providers are more...

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IRS cut its cybersecurity staff by 11% over four years

As headcount is falling, cybersecurity spending at the agency is increasing.


5 tips for keeping your incident response team happy

These highly skilled, multitasking, (slightly unconventional) security rock stars have a lot to offer beyond security fire drills and threat research.

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