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Myths and truths about employing women in Infosec

Lisa Myers breaks down the truths and the fallacies behind women in security careers.

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Pay up for talent? Is there a security salary disconnect?

Demand for security pros has never been higher, so why are salaries flat?

Take our annual State of the CSO survey!

CSO is conducting its annual “State of the CSO” survey with the objective of defining the security agenda for the coming year as the role of the security professional continues to evolve in today’s business climate


Five CISO skills critical to your success in the next five years

The skills security pros need to be honing today in order to thrive in the years ahead

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The case for taking a government cyber job: 7 recommendations to consider

Cyber jobs are a hot topic right now for most age groups in America. Typical questions include: Which schools, programs and classes offer the best value for money? What certifications are needed to get into cybersecurity? Are public...

Are you immune from this very real risk to your tenure as CSO?

As we work to adjust our bias for breach prevention, the real concern is how the response is handled. Some steps to help ensure you get it right.

Changing times in the CSO suite

The role of the CSO is continuing to evolve and becoming more distant from being a technologist as the IT C-suite becomes one with the business, according to EMC CSO Dave Martin.

Are you prepared to address the security impact of aging coders on key systems?

Recognizing the impact of aging coders on the security of key systems is not yet a priority. Which is precisely why it’s important. Here are some considerations.

If you lose your key staff, are you prepared to maintain security?

Leaders need to assess and prepare for the security impact of key people leaving the organization while making it better for those who stay.

Today's top skill sets in security -- and why they're in demand

The threat landscape is ever-changing, and so are the skills that are needed to mitigate them. Here, experts weigh in on some of the most in-demand skill sets needed in the security industry today

CISOs taking a leap of faith

More CISOs are embracing new career paths within the industry

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Smaller cities look to compete in a growing InfoSec job market

In 2013, InfoSec accounted for nearly 10 percent of all IT jobs nationwide. On Wednesday, a local firm in Indianapolis, added to that growth.

10 tips to attract women to infosec jobs

Women make up only 11 percent of infosec professionals. Here are a few tips to attract and recruit more to your business

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Avoiding burnout: Ten tips for hackers working incident response

Recent security graduates entering the world of incident response, or those with a strong security background making a career move, face a challenging environment that often leads to frustration and burnout.

Kimberly Clark names new CISO

Timothy Youngblood joins Kimberly Clark as their Chief Information Security Officer.

Our bias for breach prevention is causing blind spots

We have an inherent bias toward prevention, even as we freely admit we can’t prevent a breach. That leads to the neglect of detection, response, and the role of culture in building a successful security program. Explore how and why to...

Target CIO resigns as company moves to recover from breach

Beth Jacob, Target's Chief Information Officer during the largest retail breach on record, has resigned from her post in the wake of the incident.

Executives to blame for bad risk decisions? Hardly. The real problem is our failure to communicate

The apparent inability of executives to understand and act on security information is generally a failure of security professionals to effectively communicate value. Here are some ways to fix it.

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