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00 title smartcard checklist

10 point smartcard checklist for merchants

Just about a year from now, retail merchants who currently accept only magnetic stripe payment cards will have to start accepting chip-based smart cards as well.

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Flaw in Visa cards could ring up a very large fraud

Visa's contactless payment cards in the UK allow large transactions in currencies other than the pound

stephen orfei

Incoming PCI council head ready to take on the hackers

Stephen W. Orfei brings decades of experience in payment technology to his new role as general manager of the PCI Security Standards Council. Here he talks with CSO about his goals, the modern threat landscape and what it will take to...

The FBI’s big, bad identification system

The FBI’s formidable Next Generation Identification is up and running


JPMorgan breach likely impacts UCard users – again

The story is nearly identical to one from nearly a year ago. It starts with JPMorgan Chase disclosing that they've suffered a data breach. The bank says that an unknown number of records have been compromised, but it's certain that...

27 million South Koreans affected by data breach

South Korean authorities have revealed details surrounding massive data breach that impacts 27 million people aged 15-65. Moreover, local media is reporting that 16 people involved with the scheme were arrested, and that the full...

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Why your online identity can never really be erased

A ruling by a European Court may make it more difficult to find certain information that people claim is 'inadequate ... irrelevant ... or excessive,' but that doesn't mean it will disappear. Some critics, who call the ruling...

Is “Bring Your Own Identity” a security risk or advantage?

Questions abound over websites authenticating users via identities established through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, Microsoft Live, Yahoo Ponemon Institute survey shows.

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Duo sentenced to 14 years for Apple Phishing scheme

Two people have been sentenced to a total of 14 years in prison for conducting a Phishing campaign that targeted banking details. The criminals accused, Constanta Agrigoroaie, 23, and Radu Savoae, 28, used the stolen funds as a means...

Why password managers are not as secure as you think

University researchers have raised concerns about the security of web-based password managers that free people from the burden of having to remember website credentials.

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E-ZPass drivers warned about Phishing scam

E-ZPass Group, a toll collection program consisting of 25 agencies in 15 states, has issued a warning to customers concerning a Phishing scam that is posing as a collection notice.


Butler University data breach impacts 163,000

Indianapolis-based Butler University has warned more than 160,000 students, alumni, faculty, staff, and past applicants that their personal information was exposed during a data breach in 2013.

FIFA Brazil 2014

Phishing, football and frauds: 15 ways to safeguard yourself during the World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil promises amazing football, frantic fans around the globe, and a playground for fraudsters

Anonymous Amex

American Express issues alert after Anonymous dumps cardholder data

In a letter to the California Attorney General's Office (OAG), American Express says that 76,608 people in the state will get a breach notification letter after some of their data was published by Anonymous Ukraine earlier this year.

The sorry state of cybercrime

Attempts to defeat cybercrime are failing…miserably. Understanding where we are failing is an important first step.

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Orange warns of Phishing attacks after data breach

Orange, Europe's fourth largest telecom, has confirmed that the personal information for 1.3 million customers has been compromised. The breach is the second one in three months, but notification was delayed so that the company could...


Salted Links: 28 April 2014 (Phishing Edition)

Hook, line, and sinker - today's post focuses on Phishing. There's been a good deal of Phishing related items in the news this month, so I thought it would be a good idea to offer a quick round-up of the more interesting reports in a...


Iowa State discloses data breach – attackers wanted to mine for coin

The IT staff at Iowa State University have disclosed a data breach involving five network-attached storage devices made by Synology on campus, which exposed 29,780 Social Security Numbers.

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