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Why you need to rethink the benefits of SMS authentication to improve security

The quest for perfect authentication gets in the way of good solutions that raise the bar for attackers while easing the process for the people who need to use it. Stepping back to reconsider authentication and the problem to solve...

The paranoid's survival guide, part 1: How to protect your personal data

Who says privacy is dead? While it's true that marketers, the government, data aggregators and others are gathering and analyzing more data than ever about every individual, you can still exert some control over what's out there,...

New identity fraud victim every two seconds thanks to massive data breaches

There have been a number of high-profile data breaches lately—and a whole bunch of smaller data breaches that didn’t make national headlines. The data breach itself, however, is just the beginning. What matters most is what happens...

Yahoo attack places spotlight on identity management

Theft of credentials highlights risk of using the same usernames and passwords across multiple accounts

CDW Integrates with Google Apps for Cloud Collaboration

Through a partnership with Google and Esna Technologies, CDW has rolled out native access to the CDW Cloud Collaboration suite within Google Apps.

It doesn't matter what the dumbest password is, we're going to keep using it

I wanted to avoid this story, but I can't. Passwords are still the core authentication method used in the home and office today, and while solutions exist to replace them, it's not going to happen anytime soon.

Hackers meet professor's challenge to pen test his online world

An NYU professor challenged a team of hackers to break into his online world. They did, but it wasnt easy or cheap.

How security is using IAM to manage BYOD

Faced with the undeniable arrival of BYOD, many security leaders are now turning to IAM technologies to ensure smartphones and tablets are not lost, stolen or misused.How can you make it work in your organization?

Automated hacking tools swarm Web site login pages

Recent study finds that 94 percent of login attempts made by malicious automated tools

Internet Security Threat Report 2014

The Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) provides an analysis of the year's global threat activity, based on data from the Symantec™ Global Intelligence Network.

Why Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint authentication is good for iPhone security

Apple made a big deal out of its new Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s unveiling. Hackers with lots of time on their hands made an even bigger deal out of demonstrating that the fingerprint authentication could be tricked....

Tor does not provide bulletproof online anonymity

There has been an avalanche of recent revelations about the NSA monitoring virtually all online activity. One possible method to prevent monitoring and obscure your presence online is to use Tor--The Onion Router.

Janrain to shutdown MyOpenID Q1 2014

Janrain CEO Larry Drebes has announced that the provider will be shutting down the authentication system in February of next year

8 tips to enhance your online privacy

Is real online privacy possible? Should it be? Experts say there are ways to make invasive monitoring (including government surveillance) difficult, but not impossible

Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

Find out which vendors Gartner positions as Leaders, Challengers, Visionaries or Niche Players based on their ability to execute and their completeness of vision.

Five things to consider for a mobile security policy

Mobile is the new endpoint in IT. But organizations are still struggling with mobile security. Aaron Rhodes of Neohapsis lists five steps to take when developing a corporate mobile security policy

Petition calls for an end to passwords

A public advocacy campaign called Petition Against Passwords claims passwords are a thing of the past, and that new methods of authentication are necessary to secure the future

Google biometrics tests show there's no magic pill for passwords

Electronic tattoos and pills that make the body itself a password would create their own unique challenges, security experts warn

Despite hopeful initiatives, demise of passwords years away

FIDO Alliance, DARPA vow to create better authentication, but new systems will have to attract users and providers, say security pros

Attacks on Point of Sales Systems

Credit and debit card data theft is one of the earliest forms of cybercrime and persists today. Cybercrime gangs organize sophisticated operations to steal vast amounts of data before selling it in underground marketplaces.

Make a resolution: Kill your P@55W0RD policies

It has finally become hip not just to predict the demise of passwords, but to call for their elimination. The recent Wired article makes an eloquent case about the vulnerabilities that even "strong" passwords are subject to, such...

The mobile game changer

How smartphones and tablets are forcing CSOs to approach ID and access management differently

Lessons of HSPD-12

Government agencies have been slow to comply with the directive, showing how hard it can be to implement broad security measures across multiple organizations

Three ID management challenges

Effective identity management is essential to security, regulatory compliance and in some cases even business success. So why is it still so hard for many companies?

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