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nsa national security agency

Tech companies ask Senate to pass NSA reform bill

The USA Freedom Act was earlier passed by the House of Representatives

dugoni dental clinic horizontal

Hard-coded credentials placing dental offices at risk

One researcher says that customers using Henry Schein's Dentrix software have been unknowingly exposed to risk after the latest version shipped with a flaw that was supposed to have been patched two years ago. This was reported to...

Apple, Google urge Obama to reject encryption back doors

The firms signed a group letter calling on the president to resist security workarounds demanded by law enforcement


Survey finds most US residents want changes to Patriot Act surveillance

An ACLU study concluded there's broad concern about government surveillance among U.S. residents

airplane interior

Security researcher's hack caused airplane to climb, FBI asserts

The FBI contends a cybersecurity researcher said he caused an airplane's engine to climb after hacking its software, according to a court document. The FBI interviewed him after he flew into Syracuse, New York, and seized his...

wordpress dot org

Unusual Wordpress attack steals login credentials

Wordpress is a common target for criminals who redirect innocent users to malware download sites -- but a new type of malware steals user login credentials instead.

human analytics

Behavioral analytics vs. the rogue insider

User Behavior Analytics, its advocates say, not only detect insider threats - it can predict them. That may bring comfort to organizational leaders, but critics say it raises privacy concerns for employees.

zoe lofgren

Lawmakers move to end warrantless surveillance of US residents

A new bill would require law enforcement agencies to get warrants before searching NSA databases for U.S. communications


Electronic lock maker clashes with security firm over software flaws

CyberLock said it wasn't given enough time before IOActive published a security advisory

cellphone tower

US reviews use of cellphone spying technology

The Department of Justice aims to disclose more about the use of the cell-site simulators

fire hydrant

Startup HydrantID launches subscription model for buying SSL certificates

The idea is to drive down the cost of certificates and streamline management

law books

Enterprises overlook legal issues in breach preparedness

Companies preparing for data breaches and cyber security incidents too often focus on the technology and overlook the legal aspects

2015 04 26 21.42.55

Security BSides San Francisco, 2015 conference review

The annual security conference, Bsides San Francisco, was held on April 19 and 20. It was an exciting and action-packed event with talks from some of the best up-and-coming industry speakers. This is a general review of the event as...

social network privacy

How the top social networks compare on privacy -- in one handy chart

Not all privacy settings are created equal. Here’s an in-depth look at what Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ offer users.

sendgrid screenshot

SendGrid customers told to reset passwords and DKIM keys after breach

SendGrid, a Boulder, Colorado-based transactional and marketing email delivery service, has urged customers to reset passwords after an internal investigation discovered that an employee's credentials were compromised.

password stolen

Identity as an attack surface

Mobile computing, cloud apps and tele-working have effectively made the de-perimeterization of IT security a “fait accompli”. In the process, these redrawn battle lines have created new challenges for CSOs and new points of entry for...

rsa moscone south

166816 (Z66816): A post-RSA Conference recap

Default credentials: Ignored by those who should be paying attention, and collected by everyone else, they're the reason most breaches don't need to be too technical.

credit cards keyboard

Credit card terminals have used same password since 1990s, claim researchers

Many users never changed the password, thinking it was unique to them

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