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New Chrome extension spots unencrypted tracking

TrackerSSL is aimed at alerting websites of insecure tracking via Twitter

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Five myths (debunked) about security and privacy for Internet of Things

IoT has the potential to enable improvements to so many facets of life, the list is endless. Its primary advancement is enabling the interconnectedness of “things” and resulting insights and synergies. Yet that same connectedness...

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Facebook goes ‘deep’ in getting to know you

Facebook's artificial intelligence initiative known as "deep learning" is designed to protect user privacy, in some cases from themselves. But some privacy advocates say users should be aware that nothing they do on the site is...

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Thousands of U.S. gas stations exposed to Internet attacks

Over 5,000 tank gauges that are used to monitor fuel levels and potential spills are accessible from the Internet without a password

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FBI and IRS warn of pervasive, maddening business, consumer scams

FBI says man-in-the-middle e-mail scam cost victims $214M; IRS says phone scam has 3,000 victims who’ve paid over $14M.

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6 products that will protect your privacy

There are ways for privacy-obsessed users to leave as little a trace as possible when venturing into cyberspace.


How to remain (mostly) invisible online

While complete anonymity these days is nearly impossible, experts have some tips, and tools, they recommend for maintaining privacy and keeping your digital footprint as minimal as possible

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People are increasingly worried about privacy, say legal protections fall short

Technology has had a negative impact on privacy, said a majority of those questioned in a recent global survey

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Will 2015 be the year we say goodbye to passwords?

While innovation continues in many aspects of security we still rely heavily on users to select secure passwords to authenticate themselves to our systems. Given the spate of breaches where weak passwords played a key role, will 2015...

Experts speak out about proposed changes to hacking law

President Obama is proposing changes to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), but will they do more harm than good? Experts are starting to weigh in on the topic, and the reviews so far are mixed.


Cleared your browser cookies? It won't stop ad company using Verizon tracking header

An advertising company uses the unique identifier headers added by Verizon to Web traffic to recreate tracking cookies deleted by users

Disney Magic Band

The magic of Disney MagicBands

Disney has turned boring physical security into convenience, better service, and an actual revenue stream…

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CSO's 2015 Mobile Security Survival Guide

Security risks and data breaches are growing while the form factors of computing devices shrink—because much enterprise data today is created and consumed on mobile devices. This clearly explains why mobile security persistently tops...

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The Hacker's Manifesto turns 29 years-old

Twenty-nine years ago today, most of us were given an education. Our lesson originated in the words of an essay written by Loyd Blankenship, better known at the time as The Mentor.

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Free tool automates phishing attacks for Wi-Fi passwords

The tool can disconnect Wi-Fi users and trick them into disclosing their access password to a rogue access point

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Social Engineering: The dangers of positive thinking

CSO Online recently spoke to a person working in the security field with a rather unique job. He's paid to break into places, such as banks and research facilities (both private and government), in order to test their resistance to...

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Is EMV the silver bullet to credit card fraud?

Your holiday shopping experience will be different next year, because by October 2015 most retailers in the U.S. will have switched to accepting the chip-in-a-credit-card-based EMV standard (which stands for Europay, MasterCard and...

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Two-factor authentication oversight led to JPMorgan breach, investigators reportedly found

The attackers stole an employee's access credentials and used them to access a server that lacked a stronger authentication mechanism

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