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Advertisers expected to lose $7.2B in 2016 due to fraud

A study from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and advertising security firm White Ops, says that an increase in spending will lead to a direct increase in losses due to ad fraud. The losses are expected to reach $7.2B by...

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IBM to tackle fraud with Iris Analytics

No, this isn't about using Watson AI systems to identify fraudsters by gazing deep into their eyes: IBM has acquired a German machine learning software firm called Iris Analytics to bolster its antifraud software.

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Authorities dismantle criminal gang that used malware to steal cash from ATMs

Law enforcement authorities from Romania and Republic of Moldova dismantled a gang of criminals that stole 200,000 euros from ATMs in the E.U. and Russia after infecting them with a malware program.

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Poor security decisions expose payment terminals to mass fraud

Many payment terminals in Germany - and in other countries too -- were designed without following best security principles, making them vulnerable to attacks that could result in mass fraud against both customers and merchants.

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How fake users are impacting business … and your wallet

Those fraudulent charges most of us have (hopefully) seen and corrected on our credit or debit cards are costing everyone a lot of money.

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The year in fraud: 2015 by the numbers

It's that time of year: Round ups, hot takes and eulogies for the year abound. We're no different, but we're going to tell the story of 2015 a little differently -- though numbers. Ten of them to be exact. In no particular order,...

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Adoption of EMV chip secures transactions not data

New payment technologies might make card present theft more difficult for criminals, but a secure payment transaction at point of sale does not diminish the risk of cyber fraud and data theft for the enterprise.

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Former Secret Service agent sentenced for corruption in Silk Road investigation

A former Secret Service agent was sentenced Monday to 71 months in prison for stealing bitcoins from vendors on the Silk Road, the now-shuttered underground marketplace he was investigating.

Malware steals payment card data from PoS

New payment card malware hard to detect and remove

FireEye says it has discovered a type of malware designed to steal payment card data that can be very difficult to detect and remove.


US cyber criminal underground a shopping free-for-all

According to a new report by Trend Micro, the North American cyber criminal underground isn't buried as deep as in other geographies.

Black Friday ecommerce fraud

Black Friday to Cyber Monday: Mobile commerce up, fraud (mostly) down

Credit card fraud, identity theft and friendly chargebacks were the top types of online fraud during the 4-day online shopping bonanza.


This gizmo knows your Amex card number before you've received it

A device built by legendary hacker Samy Kamkar calls into question the security of payment cards as the U.S. continues to grapples with card fraud.

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As China moves to payment cards, cybercriminals follow

As China increasingly embraces payment cards over cash, Trend Micro is seeing an uptick in cybercriminal activity aimed at card fraud.

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New ad-fraud botnet targets major corporations, universities

A new botnet is specifically targeting large corporations, taking over user machines to generate high-value ad fraud, according to a new report from Pixalate.

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Don't fall for drone registration scams, warns FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration hasn't revealed its plans for drone registration yet, but that hasn't stopped at least one company from trying to make a buck from confusion about the rules.

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How to recognize an online fraudster

The capability to profile potential cybercriminals, along with the implementation of chip-and-pin credit cards, may produce a reduction in the amount of money lost to online fraud each year. But that doesn’t mean the threat will go...

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Why we need behavior-centric detection and response

According to the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), 60 percent of the time, attackers were able to compromise an organization within minutes. Meanwhile, in more than 75 percent of the cases, the average time to...


Advertising network takes on malvertisers

In the war between malvertisers and legitimate advertising networks, the bad guys seems to be winning. Attackers use real-time bidding platforms to place malicious ads on otherwise reputable sites, infect target users and disappear --...

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