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No money, no problem: Building a security awareness program on a shoestring budget

Implementing a security awareness program seems rather straightforward, until you actually start to implement one - factoring in things like resources and the people (users) to be trained. At that point, it can seem complicated,...


Hotel Security: Navigating concerns and identifying solutions

Business and recreational travelers demand safe and secure hotel accommodations, as well as responsive and friendly customer service. How can hoteliers ensure both expectations are met?


Up in smoke: How marijuana shops in Colorado are protecting themselves from losses

The moment I walk into the 3D Cannabis Center in Denver, Colorado, I'm approached by a security guard, taser on his hip, who requests my identification. As I fumble around in my wallet for my driver's license, I take a look around...


6 ways a marijuana shop secures its premises

With retail marijuana shops unable to do business with banks, store owners are implementing stringent security measures to protect their cash, their product, and their employees. Here's how one store -- 3D Cannabis Center in Denver,...

Who put the cockroach in my supply chain?

Businesses have always had concerns about supply chain risks but, for most businesses, those risks involve shipping delays, parts shortages and labor issues. But that’s starting to change as evidenced by CSOonline’s recent coverage on...

7 strategies for a successful DLP strategy

Investing in DLP technology can be costly and time consuming. Sapient's CISO Curtis Dalton offers tips on starting slow for an effective plan

Big Data still 'a new frontier' for most of the public sector

NSA surveillance technology is cutting edge, but for most of the government, Big Data analytics is a promise unfulfilled

The cost of doing business at the RSA Conference

As attendance at the yearly conference rises, so do the costs of space on the expo floor, creating a debacle for smaller companies

Top 5 skills needed for a SOC analyst

Whether building a new Security Operations Center or revamping an existing one, staffing it with analysts that are equipped with the proper skills sets should be priority number one, says Palo Alto's Rick Howard (registration required)...

I, journalist: public enemy number one

The journalists are the problem with global security? Well, if General Keith Alexander had his way they'd all be rounded up and dropped in a deep dark hole. Seems that his frustration has gotten the better of him.

Survey: IT pros not concerned about NSA spying

Despite all of the attention it has received in the media, government hacking ranks low as a concern for security professionals

Ukraine says Russia is attacking digital infrastructure

In a press statement on Tuesday, Valentyn Nalivaichenko, the head of Ukraine's SBU security service, told reporters that the mobile and Internet infrastructure is under attack by Russian forces.

The risk of offshoring security

Outsourcing across all industries has become commonplace, but as the InfoSec Institute's Kim Crawley points out, the economical and security issues of such a trend may cause irreparable damage

In Pictures: RSA Conference 2014

CSO traveled to San Francisco, CA last week in order to attend the RSA Conference, touted as the largest security event in North America. Here's a visual recap of the event from the show floor.

SANS seeks feedback in salary survey

SANS is asking for security professionals to weigh in on their latest salary survey

Hot, new products from RSA

Our roundup of new security products on hand at this week's show.

Why security should monitor social media to prevent violence

Behavior on social media can offer clues to potential threats of violence against an organization and its employees. Here are some tips for why and how security managers can keep an eye on social media to mitigate future problems

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EU executive body supports less U.S. influence on Internet

NSA revelations prompt push for globalization of the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers

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