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Stopping risk drift

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Drones, privacy and the war on intellect

I’ve been a fan of drones for a while now. I enjoy messing about with them and I even have my own micro drone with a camera. Now, while I saw the I enjoy playing with drones I’ve always kept a keen eye not to get video of my...

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Time is money when disaster strikes

Enterprise storage, backup and disaster recovery products win over IT pros.

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This list will help you painlessly recover from disaster

Just like an evacuation plan at your home when a fire strikes, you need a disaster recovery blueprint set aside so that everyone in the company knows what to do and where to go when disaster strikes the network. Here’s a list of 10...

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In the event of an emergency, you will be prepared

Preparedness drills for physical safety are commonplace. Why not begin doing the same for digital safety? And what would such a thing entail?


How to audit external service providers

Failure to audit your providers is like neglecting to audit your internal enterprise, culminating in similar ramifications. In both cases, you can’t close holes you don’t know exist. But knowing what to audit can be the lion’s share...

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How to review and test backup procedures to ensure data restoration

If you want to test backup and restore procedures with your eyes wide open, consider these factors and tips.

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For IT, climate change means preparing for disaster

Disaster recovery as a service is a fast-growing segment of the industry, analysts say.

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Facebook engages Safety Check after Brussels attacks

Facebook activated its Safety Check service Tuesday for users living near Brussels after a series of terrorist attacks killed at least 34 people and wounded 200.

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Reviewing incident response plans for data risk preparedness

Don’t let holes in your incident response plan review open gaping vulnerabilities in how you act on security events.

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Protecting vital electricity infrastructure

Attacks on critical infrastructure, specifically electric generation and transmission facilities, could be used to cause widespread panic and create economic distress.There is increased awareness of potential risks to the electric...

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Lessons learned in the aftermath of a breach

Jim Jaeger, chief cyber services strategist with Fidelis Cybersecurity, talks about lessons learned from some big name breaches in this two-part blog series.

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RSA 2016: Cyber-Insurance

When I was a kid growing up on Montreal, every now and again a door to door salesman would knock on the door. My parents would roll their eyes and chase the interlopers away. Sometimes they would be selling encyclopaedias...

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Are you prepared to respond to ransomware the right way?

Rob Gresham explains the evolution of ransomware and shares insights into smarter ways to prepare and respond

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Malvertising, weaponized documents continue to threaten networks

Even the most trained cybersecurity professionals can fall victim to these types of undercover attacks, putting not only an employee at risk but also the company whose network the employee is using.

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Strong Taiwan quake appears to have little effect on chip industry

An earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale struck close to a major chip manufacturing hub in Tainan, Taiwan on Saturday morning local time. Some damage was reported to TSMC, a major chip manufacturer.

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For sale: The nuclear bunker of your dreams

Be the envy of your survivalist friends with this 235-bed beauty in Northern Ireland.

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Why your security strategy should not be created in a vacuum

Sound strategy supports the core business processes of the organization. It should be (as we often said in the military) a combat multiplier. Meaning it should bolster, strengthen, and galvanize each of the efforts of each business...

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5 common mistakes when responding to a security incident

Ben Johnson, chief security strategist at Bit9+Carbon Black, shares some of the most common mistakes security professionals make when responding to an incident.

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