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South Korean web hosting company infected by Erebus ransomware

An Erebus ransomware attack hit Nayana web hosting company and infected thousands of South Korean sites. The ransom demand is astronomically high.

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Mobile app developers: Make sure your back end is covered

Developers need to make sure they are baking security into the application code and protecting how their apps handle data, but as the so-called HospitalGown security issue shows, they also need to know how the back-end servers and...


Witcher 3 developers won't bow to extortion for stolen Cyberpunk 2077 files

Since CD Projekt Red refused to be blackmailed, the game developers warned that stolen files for Cyberpunk 2077 may be leaked online.

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NSA's EthernalBlue exploit ported to Windows 10

RiskSense researchers analyzed the EternalBlue exploit, tweaking it to create a smaller version of EternalBlue which can be ported to unpatched versions of Windows 10 to deliver nasty payloads without needing DoublePulsar.

Election 2016 teaser - Lack of trust in a broken election or divided vote

Feds charge NSA contractor for leaking Top Secret report about Russia hacking election

A leaked NSA document revealed that Russia attempted to interfere with the US election more than we previously knew. The intelligence contractor who allegedly leaked the Top Secret document was charged barely an hour after the...

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May 18th: The birthday of the DPO

The importance of the European Global Data Protection Regulation and its implications for cybersecurity in America.

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How computer security pros hack the hackers

If you want to meet a really smart hacker, talk to a cybersecurity defender. These talented professionals are working every day to make cybercrime harder and less lucrative.

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Hackers leak 8 unaired episodes of ABC's Steve Harvey’s Funderdome TV series

The Dark Overlord is back, leaking the first eight episodes of ABC's upcoming TV series Steve Harvey’s Funderdome.

Tell the FCC you don't want robo-voicemail, spammy direct-to-voicemail messages

The FCC is deciding if telemarketers can leave ringless voicemail which would not count as calls and would not have any consumer protections.

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OneLogin hack exposed sensitive US customer data and ability to decrypt data

OneLogin warned that US customer data was potentially compromised,“including the ability to decrypt encrypted data.”

US defense contractor stored intelligence data on Amazon server without a password

US defense contractor Booz Allen stored sensitive intelligence data on Amazon server without securing it with a password.

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Google uses machine learning for new security features in Gmail

Google has pushed four new security features to enterprise users on G Suite, the search giant's hosted business offering. The new protections come shortly after Citizen Lab report exposed a Russia-linked Phishing and disinformation...

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Crowdfunding campaign to buy stolen NSA hacking tools from Shadow Brokers

If you don't have the kind of money laying around to buy into the Shadow Brokers June dump of the month club, yet still want to analyze the exploits so any possible zero-days can be patched, will you participate in the crowdfunding...

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Shadow Brokers reveal details about June monthly dump service: 100 Zcash (about $23k)

The Shadow Broker's monthly dump service for June will cost subscribers 100 Zcash.

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Proposed 'hack back' law would not have stopped WannaCry

On Monday, the Financial Times published a story concerning a proposed bill form Representative Tom Graves, a Republican from Georgia's 14th district. Graves has proposed changing the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) to allow...

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10 things threat hunters watch for

Pursuing cyber threats is much like conventional hunting in that it requires patience, persistence and a keen eye, and when done correctly, it can be both exhilarating and rewarding. Threat actors do everything in their power to blend...

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5 common ways businesses lose valuable data

David Zimmerman, CEO and Founder of LC Technology, lists five ways individual employees and IT are causing companies to lose data, and some best practices for preventing a crippling data loss.

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Hackers can use malicious subtitles to remotely take control of your device

Researchers warned that subtitles can be hacked and made malicious, allowing attackers to take complete control of devices running vulnerable versions of Kodi, Popcorn Time and VLC.

Few firms will be ready for new European breach disclosure rules, fines

The new European General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect next May, with onerous notification requirements and high penalties, but a year might not be enough for firms to get ready

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Hackers trick iris scanner to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8

Chaos Computer Club easily broke Samsung's Galaxy S8 iris recognition authentication. Same hack could unlock the Samsung Pay mobile wallet.

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