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User Behavior Analytics: A complement to baseline hygeine

Rapid 7 talks about alert fatigue, the benefits of UBAs, and the need for baseline security tools.

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Survey: The state of encryption is strong, but mind the gaps

Companies lag in protecting employee information, mobile devices.

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Hackers leak DHS staff directory, claim DOJ is next

On Sunday, an account on Twitter posted a Department of Homeland Security staff directory with 9,355 names. Shortly after the DHS data was posted, the account went on to claim that an additional data dump focused on 20,000 FBI...

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When your environment variables are showing

There are embarrassing moments in life. There is the teacher calling you out as a child in class as you stare out the window wistfully imagining you’re playing on the beach. There is the dream where you’re at work and you forgot...

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Jason Hoffman joins Marketo as company's first CSO

The marketing automation company has centralized leadership around security and risk management into one organization, led by Hoffman.

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What every IT department needs to know about IT audits

Today's IT departments are faced with deadlines to deploy and fix an ever increasing array of advanced technology. All of this while trying to maintain some sort of security and compliance posture. Add to this budget cuts and staff...

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Researcher finds serious flaw in Chromium-based Avast SafeZone browser

A Google security researcher found a serious vulnerability in the Avast SafeZone browser that doesn't exist in Chromium, the open-source browser that serves as its foundation.

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'Defense wins championships' in application security and NFL

If the team apps in the NFL are any indication of their defense on the field, the Broncos are looking good for Sunday's Superbowl.

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What businesses need to know about Privacy Shield

U.S. businesses may take some comfort from the fact that a successor to the Safe Harbor agreement has finally been named, but at this point, they shouldn't get too comfortable.

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How to secure Amazon Web Services

Amazon does a great job with infrastructure, but securing your cloud applications and environment is up to you. Here's how


Fed up with bogus computer support calls, man turns tables on scammers

Like countless others, Seth had gotten scammers' phone calls from people who said they wanted to fix his computer. The last time they called, he was ready to turn the tables.

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Dridex banking malware mysteriously hijacked to distribute antivirus program

An unknown person -- possibly a white hat hacker -- gained access to some of the servers that cybercriminals use to distribute the Dridex online banking Trojan and replaced the malware with an installer for Avira Free Antivirus.

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China vs. the machine (learning)

The highly publicized agreement last fall between the U.S. and China to end economic espionage has had little effect. Experts say that it is up to companies to protect themselves, and that tools like machine learning can help.

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CIOs wary of sharing cyber threat data

CIOs are still lukewarm to the idea of sharing the cybersecurity threat information the U.S. government is requesting in its Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act. Department of Homeland Security official Andy Ozment reassures IT...

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Dell is stepping in to protect the boot layer of PCs, tablets

Dell's business laptops and tablets will get an extra layer of protection from hackers with a new security tool being loaded into the company's portable computers.

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Serious flaws found in Netgear's NMS300 network management system

Serious vulnerabilities in the Netgear NMS300 ProSafe network management system, an application used to discover, monitor and configure a wide range of network devices, can allow hackers to take control of the servers it's running on....


What did we learn about cybersecurity in 2015?

Cybercrime is always a hot-button issue, and last year was no different. What lessons can we learn from some of the more insidious trends and events to better prepare ourselves for the year ahead?

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SpyHunter anti-malware maker files lawsuit over bad review

Bleeping Computer, one of the Web's largest self-help portals for computer problems, has been sued by Enigma Software Group after posting a bad review of their core product SpyHunter. The lawsuit was filed on January 8, but the review...

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