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Alibaba's UC Browser found leaking users' data

Alibaba claims it has fixed the issues


Secom security drone follows, photographs intruders

These flying security cameras will be rented out to large-lot businesses such as shopping malls

Anit Yoran

Is security really stuck in the Dark Ages?

RSA President Amit Yoran wasn't passing out compliments in his opening keynote at last month's convention. But he says the response from both colleagues and competitors is that he said what needed to be said: The industry needs to...

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Adult Friend Finder confirms data breach 3.5 million records exposed

Internet hook-up destination, Adult Friend Finder, boasts more than 60 million members worldwide. Unfortunately, at least three million of them have had their accounts compromised after a Thai hacker sought revenge.


Millions of records compromised in these data breaches

We used 1 million records exposed as our floor in creating this list. Starting with a number that big says a lot about the state of data security.

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eNom discloses DNS attack to customers

On Thursday, Taryn Naidu, the CEO of domain registrar eNom, sent a letter to customers disclosing a "very sophisticated attack" that targeted the DNS settings on four domains. The email was sent in order to provide transparency, but...

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CareFirst data breach affects 1.1 million people

On Wednesday, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst) disclosed a data breach that impacts 1.1 million current and former members. Within the next three weeks, CareFirst will be notifying 1.1 million people in Maryland, the...

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Android stock browser vulnerable to URL spoofing

It's recommended that users install Chrome or another browser

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E-paper display gives payment cards a changing security code

The technology, from Oberthur Technologies, will be tested by two banks in France

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Advertisers need to start monitoring ad security

Law enforcement activity and improved security has forced criminals to look for easier targets, so they've zeroed in on advertising networks – and advertisers are stuck paying the bill.


New encryption flaw, LogJam, puts Web surfers at risk

The flaw is closely related to FREAK and involves downgrading TLS connections to a weak key

st louis federal reserve bank

St. Louis Federal Reserve forces password change after DNS attack

A cyberattack caused some people to be redirected to potentially malicious websites

android security

Experts bust Android security myths

A set of mobile security experts provides insight on the current state of Android security.

Android tips for contacts and communication

8 Android security tips for IT, corporate users

A set of security experts shares actionable tips for IT departments and users to help reduce the risk associated with the popular mobile OS.

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What combination locks teach us about encryption weakness

Last week, an interesting story made the rounds on social media about a researcher named Samy Kamkar who discovered a flaw in Master-brand combination locks and was able to open the lock in eight tries or less. It’s a great discovery...

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Should hackers be tolerated to test public systems?

The possible hack of an airliner by Chris Roberts raises questions of whether hackers should get more respect from the industries in whose networks they search for flaws to exploit.

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Security analytics scores high in value, low in penetration

Security analytics had the highest perceived value compared to its cost, according to a survey of information security professionals released Monday, but it scored next to last in penetration.

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Social Engineering: Even Shakespeare understood security’s weakest link

What do Shakespearean tragedies and security issues have in common? Both are overwhelmingly the result of human error. Othello is one of Shakespeare's greatest plays, and Iago is one of literature’s first social engineers.

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