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Is a remote-wipe policy a crude approach to BYOD security?

While the capability to remotely wipe data from lost or stolen mobile phones may help CIOs sleep at night, it may be an outdated approach to BYOD security.


Many Android devices vulnerable to session hijacking through the default browser

The default browser in older, widely used versions of Android contains a vulnerability that can be used to bypass the same-origin policy

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Wikileaks outs latest FinFisher 'government spyware' that anti-virus can't spot

Berates Germany for allowing makers to operate


Quick tips before you switch to a new iPhone

Millions of people are switching to the latest iPhone this week. But before you trade-up, here's some basic tips to help protect your new device, both at home and at the office.

Security hole

New NSA-funded programming language could close long-standing security holes

Wyvern securely rolls five programming languages into one.


Data loss detection tool mines the ephemeral world of 'pastes'

Thousands of email addresses are leaked every day on Pastebin unknown to most users

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'Tiny banker' malware targets US financial institutions

Its source code was leaked in July, which may have broadened its use among cybercriminals

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Today's security hacks are after more than bank info

Customers cringe every time they hear about a bank, retail or healthcare hack that puts personal or financial data at risk. Today's hackers are after much more that credit card numbers, though -- and most firms are powerless to stop...


Wikileaks posts FinFisher customers

There has been a lot of talk over the last couple years about government surveillance programs all over the world. The group CitizenLab has done extensive research in this area. In 2012 the company Rapid7 published a report in...


FBI facial recognition system operational

The FBI announced today that their billion dollar system Next Generation Identification (NGI) program is now fully operational.

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Why retailers like Home Depot get hacked

Retailers like Home Depot, which recently suffered a major data breach, have known for years about vulnerabilities in payment systems, but have chosen to ignore them, experts say.

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Open-source project promises easy-to-use encryption for email, instant messaging and more

Pretty Easy Privacy system aims to make encryption of written online communication accessible to masses.

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How to avoid online scams when selling your old iPhone or iPad

James A. Martin was the target of a scam when he tried selling his iPad mini online. He didn't fall for it—and here's how you can make sure to avoid being defrauded, too.

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Number 1 on my top 10 list for security executives: History’s lessons

History has given us a wealth of stories from which analogies related to information security can be drawn. Some of these stories significantly predate the digital age but are relevant because they can impress upon us the significance...

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New malware spreads over Twitch chat, targets Steam accounts

New malware will attempt to sell items stored in your Steam account so an attacker can reap the proceeds and buy items for themselves.

How network virtualization is used as a security tool

As VMware sells its network virtualization software, it’s finding that security is a big driver for adoption.


Old CGI-PHP vulnerability used to spread Bitcoin botnet

In 2012, researchers discovered a flaw in some PHP builds that would enable a remote attacker to execute commands on the server, if PHP was configured as a CGI script (PHP-CGI) at the time. Now, it's being used again to propagate a...


How Boston Children's Hospital hit back at Anonymous

Hackers purportedly representing Anonymous hit Boston Children's Hospital with phishing and DDoS attacks this spring. The hospital fought back with vigilance, internal transparency and some old-fashioned sneakernet. That – and a...

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