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Do you know where your sensitive documents are?

If your employees aren't even aware of what document management tools your organization uses — and that's true for 20% of them, according to a recent survey — you've got some serious policy enforcement issues.

eye on computer monitor showing privacy security or breach

ACLU takes social giants to task over Geofeedia privacy gaffe

The value of a social network largely depends on the quality of data it collects from users. However, it's easy for sensitive data, such as location information, to be abused, and consumers need to hold social companies accountable...

edward snowden

Cyber after Snowden

How the Snowden leaks have contributed to the larger conversation about privacy and security.

russian flag concept

Russian criminals' bank attacks go global

Russian cybercriminals have field tested their attack techniques on local banks, and have now begun taking them global, according to a new report -- and a new breed of mobile attack apps is coming up next.

iphone7 Apple store

Flash mobs the latest threat this holiday season

The holiday season rings in more than just higher sales for retailers. There's also more shoplifting and lower profit margins than the rest of the year, according to a report released today. Plus, this year, there's an extra surprise...


CIO Career Coach: Acing the Interview - Part 3 blogger and career strategist Martha Heller closes the loop on this three part video series that articulates for IT leaders what it takes get the most out of your next interview.

DDoS Outage Map

Amateurs were behind the Dyn Inc. DDoS attack, report says

Flashpoint Intel released a brief after action report on Tuesday, outlining some of their observations following Friday’s DDoS attack against Dyn Inc., which affected traffic to a number of high-level domains. Among the report’s...

capitol dome congress

National security brain drain

U.S. Government National Security Officials Bolting for Commercial Companies

private please keep out

Does privacy exist anymore? Just barely.

The sphere of privacy continues to shrink.

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What awareness is supposed to be

Recent W-2 and accounts payable thefts show governance should be the cornerstone of awareness.

Automated cars are raising concerns about privacy and security

US transport agency guidance on vehicle cybersecurity irks lawmakers

Guidance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for improving motor vehicle cybersecurity has attracted criticism from lawmakers who said that mandatory security standards were required.


Friday's IoT-based DDoS attack has security experts worried

The cybersecurity attack that relied on connected devices, or the Internet of Things, was serious, unusual and historic.

cybersecurity skills and talent shortage

Cybersecurity staffing issues may be putting you at risk

Cybersecurity is a priority for most businesses, but many are finding a lack of available cybersecurity talent. But not being able to hire the right candidates is no excuse to ignore your security needs.


Name and shame cybersecurity: a gift for cybercriminals?

Cybersecurity “name and shame” practice may significantly boost global cybercrime.


REVIEW: BIO-key’s plug-in fingerprint readers for Windows 10 computers

BIO-key loaned me these three models for evaluation. I tested them on two notebooks: one running Windows 10 Home, and the other Windows 10 Pro. Find out the results.

Network servers

DomainTools suggests password changes after a vulnerable script leaks data

On Monday, DomainTools, an intelligence platform used by researchers around the globe, warned customers to change their passwords after a weekend incident correlated existing accounts with data previously exposed in some of this...

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French surveillance law is unconstitutional after all, highest court says

The French Constitutional Council has taken another look at a new security law it waved through in July 2015, and found it wanting.

guilford county ems

Open Rsync server exposed EMS computers in Greensboro, NC

EMS computers in Guilford County, NC were exposed for an unknown length of time, because the server managing system updates was publicly available on the internet. The problem was discovered earlier this month by a researcher scanning...

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