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Maintaining a utility's security and reputational risk is vitally important

Building a utility's reputation may take years, but it can be damaged or destroyed very quickly from a security event. Reputational risk is regarded as the greatest threat to a company's market value and standing in the community.


5 must listen to security podcasts

There are a lot of podcasts out there that you can listen to these days. Now, today I’m writing about 5 must listen security podcasts that you should start adding to your rotation yesterday. So, let’s be fair right out of the...

A paranoid user with a laptop computer looks around suspiciously. [credit: Thinkstock]

5 secure habits of the paranoid PC user

Are you getting a little sloppy with your security? Time to shape up. Practice these five habits to protect your data at home, in the office and out in the world.


What is cyber insurance and why you need it

Cyber insurance can't protect your organization from cybercrime, but it can keep your business on stable financial footing should a significant security event occur.

Yellow luggage with airplane and sky

Unfunny wifi hotspots on a plane 

News broke yesterday where a flight in Australia was delayed due to some intellectually challenged individual thought it would be funny to rename his/her wifi hotspot. But, before we dig into that I’ll share a personal story. A...

Panama papers

Panama Papers leak explained: What you need to know about the Mossack Fonseca hack

Offshore tax shelters may pay, but scrimping on security doesn't.

image magic

ImageMagick vulnerabilities place countless websites at risk, active exploitation confirmed

Tuesday afternoon, Slack security engineer Ryan Huber posted a brief warning on Medium surrounding vulnerabilities in ImageMagick, an image manipulation suite installed on millions of web servers. These flaws, which are being actively...

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Quantum computers pose a huge threat to security

It's no secret that quantum computers could render many of today's encryption methods useless, and now the National Institute of Standards and Technology wants the public to help it head off that threat.


How to perform a risk assessment

A risk assessment gives you the information protection equivalent of the opposing team’s playbook, telling where and how attackers are most likely to strike and what the damage will be.

hand writing on chalkboard showing myth vs fact

Five most common myths about Web security

Running behind trendy APTs we tend to forget about common-sense approach and holistic risk assessment.

iphone fingerprint 5s

Why your iPhone-unlocking fingerprint is susceptible to FBI search warrants

A judge is forcing a woman to unlock an iPhone with her fingerprints, but does this violate the Constitution?

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Twitter's surveillance case against the government partially dismissed

A California court has dismissed part of a lawsuit brought by Twitter that challenges U.S. government restrictions on what it can say about surveillance requests on its users.

microsoft ceo satya nadella

Microsoft's CEO says company suing the U.S. government over privacy

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained in an interview that Microsoft is fighting what it sees as government overreach in the realm of digital privacy because he thinks that the U.S. can be a beacon to other countries.


Why you need DRM for your documents

From protecting merger discussions to everyday document management, enterprise DRM is a mature, mainstream enterprise technology. So why aren’t more companies using it?

office printer

Think that printer in the corner isn’t a threat? Think again

Interestingly enough, because a printer is so innocuous and seemingly harmless, that’s the exact reason it poses a threat, according to the security analysts who talked to CSO about this issue.

w 2 form

Alpha Payroll fires employee victimized by W-2 Phishing scam

Punishing the victim of a crime feels wrong, but that's exactly what happened to one unnamed employee at Alpha Payroll Services in Trevose, Pennsylvania. The firm recently disclosed they were the victim of a Phishing scam targeting...

stack of money hundred dollar bills

When security isn’t so SWIFT

There are times where I sit quietly in dumbfounded amazement at the world. When you’ve been working in the information security space for a couple decades one would think that you’ve seen it all. This has proven itself time and...

truce white flag

Is a truce possible in the ad-blocking war?

Online advertisers and ad-blocking software makers don’t have much nice to say about one another. But amid the antagonistic rhetoric, both sides agree there is room for compromise – by making the user experience a priority.

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