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sitting on cloud

Do executives think you are relevant to cloud security decisions?

Findings from a recent report suggest the need to make some shifts to stay relevant in executive and board-level conversations about security


China denies involvement in attack

Microsoft's email service was briefly hit with a "man-in-the-middle" attack on Saturday

blue robots

The Internet of Robotic Things: Secure, harmless helpers or vulnerable, vicious foes?

As robots sprawl global societies and cultures, enterprises and vendors are connecting them to the Internet and IoT. There are benefits such as intelligent decisions by control systems. But with these connections come more attack...


Adobe fixes just one of two actively exploited zero-day vulnerabilities in Flash Player

Internet Explorer and Firefox users with Flash Player enabled remain at risk

unlocked gate

Lack of security in small companies means big risk for the enterprise

Last year, we saw hackers successfully breach corporate giants like Target through unsecured POS system and HVAC vendors. How ELSE do small, third-party vendors and service providers present themselves as vulnerabilities for big...

President Obama at the State of the Union 2015

Post State of the Union, reaction to proposed legislation remains mixed

While most agree that it is generally a good thing that Congress and the Obama administration are prioritizing cybersecurity, those in the industry feel their efforts so far are a mixed bag of both good and bad.


Cough up your social media password or go to jail

There are times when laws go well beyond rational thought. This week I read about one such law that has me rather put out is one from the legislature in Illinois. It isn't the law itself that has me upset rather it is the...

011215 president barack obama

State of the Union address disappoints security experts

In his state of the union address Tuesday night, President Barack Obama promised to protect a free and open Internet and urged Congress to pass cybersecurity legislation, but the lack of concrete movement forward was a disappointment...

Exploit kit targeting zero-day vulnerability in Flash Player

Kafeine, a well-known malware researcher, is reporting that the Angler Exploit Kit has started targeting new vulnerability in Adobe's Flash Player. The malicious payload isn't being used by all Angler instances, but at least one is...

0 intro 6waysbigdata

Six ways Big Data could damage your business

Few businesspeople—even C-level executives—truly understand what a revolutionary force Big Data is, or the disruptive threat it represents for businesses of all kinds.

01 123456

20 of the worst passwords

Do you actually want people to break into your systems? Or do you just not care one way or the other? If so, here is a list of the most-used passwords of 2014, for your easy reference. This list is taken from SplashData’s Annual...

fitbit charge

Why smart devices and wearables will be security's new headache

First it was BYOD and how to secure all of those smartphones in your organization. That's old news! Now those smart devices are communicating with smartphones, and that means they're the weakest link in your cyber kill chain.

cyber threat

Security priorities shifting to preventing breaches, improving internal controls

For the first time, companies are worried more about preventing a breach than on passing a compliance audit -- and are spending the money to prove it, according to a new global survey of IT and business managers

target on shirt

Why cybersecurity will suffer the same fate in 2015 as it did in 2014

CISOs continue to beg for financial table scraps and the scraps they do get are used to double down on existing technology. The same technology that is failing them now but with a new twist or new buzzwords describing really what they...

je suis charlie

'Je Suis Charlie' malware shows attackers' agility

New malware piggy-backing on the viral "Je suis Charlie" slogan demonstrates the continuing evolution of malware writers, able to respond to trends quickly and with a robust distribution infrastructure

security risk thinkstock

6 biggest business security risks and how you can fight back

IT and security experts discuss the leading causes of security breaches and what your organization can do to reduce them.

microsoft bug

Google keeps up pressure, reveals three more Windows bugs

Microsoft won't patch the newest trio because they "offer no serious security implications."

sewing patch

Web-based exploits on the decline, but users still slow to patch

Attackers are no longer focusing on Java vulnerabilities and are increasingly looking at other targets, like Silverlight

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