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Hackers have a treasure trove of data with the Yahoo breach

Thursday's confirmed breach at Yahoo means that a treasure trove of stolen data is very likely circulating on the black market -- potentially putting millions of internet users at risk.

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Yahoo uncovered breach after probing a black market sale

A hacker's attempt to sell user data he claimed was stolen from Yahoo actually led the company to uncover a far more severe breach.

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Yahoo data breach affects at least 500 million users

A massive breach at Yahoo stole account details from at least 500 million users and is being blamed on state-sponsored hackers.

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Yahoo reportedly to confirm massive data breach

Yahoo is reportedly preparing to confirm a data breach that affects hundreds of millions of accounts.

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University of Ottawa gets failing grade in data breach

The University of Ottawa has found itself the subject of an investigation regarding a potential data breach. According to news reports, the information of some 900 students may have been exposed when an external hard drive went...


Education needs to study up on fighting ransomware

Of five major industries examined by BitSight - finance, retail, healthcare, energy/utilities, government and education – education is hit by ransomware at a much higher rate than the others.

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Five social engineering scams employees still fall for

You’ve trained them. You’ve deployed simulated phishing tests. You’ve reminded your employees countless times with posters and games and emails about avoiding phishing scams. Still, they keep falling for the same ploys they’ve been...

muddy waters

Navigating the muddy waters of enterprise infosec

Information security finally has executives’ attention, but aligning with business needs is still challenging.

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These ransomware situations can result in colossal outcomes

These real-life scenarios show how sneaky perpetrators can be.

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Sour attackers publish health data on Olympic athletes

There is really no denying it. The Russians are still upset about the decision to ban their athletes from performing in the Olympics this year in Rio. The part that still causes me to scratch my head is that they cheated and they...

Briefcase full of money

Cyber-security VCs are holding onto their cash – but that’s OK

Are VCs cooling their interest in cyber-security companies? CSO investigates a market with just as many challenges and opportunities for investors.

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The future of passwords is no more passwords

Security practitioners look to new technologies to prevent user fraud


Data breaches move into syndication

Data breaches, much like death and taxes, are a fact of life these days. They are getting bigger and uglier with each passing breach. There are massive that occurring on what seems like a daily basis. I read breach reports as a...

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Hackers are shaping U.S. election coverage with data leaks

Hackers are becoming a major source for political leaks in this year’s presidential election. Tuesday's leak of emails from former Secretary of State Colin Powell has security experts worried that hackers are manipulating U.S. media...

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7 ways to avoid alert fatigue

Just like when your car alarm goes off incessantly, you don’t always run for the door thinking your car was stolen. If only there was a way to hear for when actual robbers are near your car or in this case network.

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Montreal cops hunting data thieves

When I was a kid growing up I was always enamored with the old cops and robbers movies. I was always amazed a the criminals terrible OPSEC even at a young age. I could never fathom how they didn’t get pinched with that striped...

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Trouble spotted on the network

No sophisticated SOC? You can still be pretty sure that you’re aware of anything potentially troublesome.

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Data hoarders are shining a spotlight on past breaches

Old data breaches carried out years ago are entering into the limelight thanks to anonymous internet users like Keen.

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