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November 2016: The month in hacks and breaches

Here's how the holiday season is heating up for hackers.

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Why security leaders need to embrace the concept of reasonable security now

Vanessa Henri explains the legal definition of reasonable security and why now is the time to embrace the concept and prepare

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85 million accounts exposed in Dailymotion hack

Breach notification service LeakedSource, announced on Monday that they have obtained 85.2 million records from Dailymotion, one of the largest video platforms on the Web. The compromised data consists of email addresses, usernames,...

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Solve cybercrime by permanently linking physical space and cyberspace

A discussion of how to dramatically reduce cybercrime, cyber-terrorism, and cyber-espionage by using biometric credentials for internet transactions.

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Ransomware as a Service fuels explosive growth

Ransomware as a Service has made the entry into the world of cyber crime cheap and easy. Meanwhile, people and organizations still aren’t protecting themselves. No wonder it is exploding.

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5 ways data classification can prevent an education data breach

Spirion CEO Jo Webber offers examples of how the education vertical can leverage data classification to reduce the risk of data theft and costly compliance violations.

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Japanese government denies report that its defense forces were hacked

Japanese government officials have denied reports that a secure network used by the country's defense forces was attacked earlier this year.

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Will data breach notification laws be good for partners?

Many think impending legislation would be a boon for industry but loopholes could make it toothless.

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Best practices to fight corporate security risks

Ajit Sancheti, CEO and co-founder of Preempt, examines best practices each organization and their users must deploy, both in and out of corporate networks, to minimize malicious threats in inconspicuous (and conspicuous) places.

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Make companies pay full cost of breaches to restore trust in the internet, says ISOC

Fake news, online banking thefts and data breaches: It's no wonder that trust in the internet is at an all-time low. But don't worry: The Internet Society has a five-step plan for restoring faith in the network of networks.

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Shall we care about zero-day?

Gartner says that 99% of exploited vulnerabilities are publicly known. Does it mean we can ignore zero-days?

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Incident response and our 'culture of winning'

Security professionals understand the immense value of a formal incident response plan, but management may not always see it the same way, especially as it may be viewed by stockholders or other interests as a "plan to fail". But...

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Cybersecurity woes can be remedied through decentralization

France recently announced the creation of a single database to store information on 60 million holders of French identity cards and passports. The 2014 hack of the Office of Personnel Management demonstrates why this is a very bad...


Attacks to make Toolbar a conduit for malware are nipped in the bud

Attackers who were trying to turn the Toolbar into a malware dispensary got caught early on when their scheme was picked up by security services that were looking for anomalies. Jackson mascot

UK mobile operator loses phones following data breach

In a twist, thieves in the U.K. hacked personal data to steal high-end smartphones, rather than hacking phones to steal personal data.

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Ransomware victims able to thwart attacks, report says

The vast majority of companies hit by ransomware attacks were able to stop the attacks by either preventing the malware from getting to their files, by successfully decrypting the files, or by restoring the files from backups,...

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Battling global DDoS attacks requires coordinated response

Service providers that run the backbone of the internet need to have a coordinated response to deal with a global distributed denial of service attack, security experts say. There's only so much that individual enterprises can do when...

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IBM readies cybersecurity simulation center

Government agencies, law enforcement, security experts, and businesses joined IBM Security as they opened the industry's first commercial Cyber Range at their new global headquarters in Cambridge, Mass., today.

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