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man leaning on box of office belongings after being fired or laid off

How to get fired in 2017: Have a security breach

There are many reasons why IT professionals can be fired, but six out of the top nine are related to security. Fireable offenses included failing to modernize a security program, data breaches with unknown causes, data breaches that...


Do you have a cyber A-team?

The stakes are too high, especially for public companies, not to have a true cyber A-team. Companies of all sizes should ask themselves: do we have a real cyber A-team of executives and outside experts?

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How much is a data breach going to cost you?

A recent IBM study found that the average cost of a data breach has hit $4 million—up from $3.8 million in 2015. There are countless factors that could affect the cost of a data breach in your organization, and it’s virtually...

fnb south africa

South African bank tells its tale of battling ransom attacks

In November of 2015, this bank received a typical ransom email from the Armada Collective, which was quickly followed by a teaser flood attack that the bank proactively mitigated. Sort of a shot across the bow to make sure the bank...

erase blackboard wipe

Disk-wiping malware Shamoon targets virtual desktop infrastructure

A cyber sabotage program that wiped data from 30,000 computers at Saudi Arabia's national oil company in 2012 has now returned and is able to target server-hosted virtual desktops.

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5 reasons why Web gateways aren’t bulletproof

Like the threat landscape itself, web gateways have changed over the years. Today, web gateways do much more than enforce regulatory compliance and HR policies – organizations rely on web gateways to thwart internet-borne threats....

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Making the GRIZZLY STEPPE Joint Action Report useful

I was surprised when I saw the cynicism to the Joint Action Report (JAR) put out by the Department of Homeland Security and FBI. It seems like it is cool to criticize the report, and that can be a disservice to the whole industry.

john mcafee microphones

John McAfee’s 3 major cybersecurity predictions for 2017

Cybersecurity luminary John McAfee says IoT DDoS attacks will cause even more harm this year.

Hello Kitty stand in Madrid

Hello Kitty database leaked to the web, 3.3 million fans affected

A Sanrio database that was misconfigured and exposed to the public in 2015 was eventually secured by the company. In a statement, Sanrio said they didn’t believe any data was stolen. But that’s exactly what happened. Now, over a year...

esports gaming

ESEA hacked, 1.5 million records leaked after alleged failed extortion attempt

E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA), one of the largest competitive video gaming communities on the planet, was hacked last December. As a result, a database containing 1.5 million player profiles was compromised.

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DDoS-for-hire services thrive despite closure of major marketplace

The closure of a major online marketplace for paid distributed denial-of-service attacks may have done little to slowdown the illegal activities from taking place.

law attorney

Law firms subject to same cyber risk as others, but is compliance required?

Law firms are handling some of the most sensitive and private information, this includes but is not limited to healthcare, private business deals, financial assets, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, credit cards and so...

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Exposed MongoDB installs being erased, held for ransom

Security researcher Victor Gevers, co-founder of the GDI Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to making the internet safer, is urging administrators to check their MongoDB installations, after finding nearly two hundred of them wiped...

02 hacker

Who's hacking your network?

who is a hacker, data breach and cyber attack diary

wearable smart watch

Data breaches through wearables put target squarely on IoT in 2017

Security needs to be baked into IoT devices for there to be any chance of halting a DDoS attack, according to security experts.


The year in tech: 2016's biggest flops, fails, and faux pas

2016's poised to go into the record books as a massive fail, and it's no different in the world of tech.

medical marijuana

Agent applications for Nevada’s medical marijuana program exposed

Agent applications for establishments looking to operate within Nevada’s medical marijuana program have been exposed to the public, enabling anyone to view an applicant’s personal details.

ransomware at your service 4

Ransomworm: the next level of cybersecurity nastiness

As if holding your data hostage and seeking cash payment weren’t harsh enough, security experts foresee the next stage of ransomware to be even worse.

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