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Engineering firm exposes SCIF plans and power vulnerability reports

Chris Vickery, director of cyber risk research at UpGuard, Inc., says that a misconfigured Rsync server maintained by Power Quality Engineering, Inc. (PQE) exposed client information pertaining to critical infrastructure for the City...

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John McAfee ranks the biggest hacks ever

Tech pioneer John McAfee explains the most damaging and noteworthy cyber attacks of all time.

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Hackers claim credit for alleged hack at Mandiant, publish dox on analyst

Late Sunday evening, someone posted details alleged to have come from a compromised system maintained by Adi Peretz, a Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst at Mandiant. The leaked records expose the analyst from both a personal and...

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An insider sifts through 108,000 client files. What can go wrong?

Bupa Global responds after an employee in its international health insurance division was caught copying and removing information from client files.

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Choose preparation over fear to protect critical infrastructure

Patrick Dennis lines up for a Security Slap Shot on the need to stop using FUD and start making better preparations to protect critical infrastructure.

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Great big list of cybersecurity resources

Beef up your cybersecurity knowledge with this list of cybersecurity resources, including data threats, data breaches, books, jobs, companies and VC funding.

Cloud Security

Top cloud security controls you should be using

Human error is one of the top reasons for data breaches in the cloud, as administrators forget to turn on basic security controls. Whether it is Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, keep these rules in mind...

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Developer hangs patient data out in a cloud—for two years

In 2015, a developer at UIHC inadvertently put the personal data of about 5,300 patients in an open store in the cloud. UIHC found out about it in 2017.

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Ghosts in the machine

On May 19, 1996, Leslie Isben Rogge become the first person on the 10 Most Wanted List to be apprehended due to the Internet. The FBI hasn’t been the same since.

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The 15 biggest data breaches of the 21st century

Security practitioners weigh in on the 15 worst data breaches in recent memory.

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4 tips to make use of Wannacry in awareness programs

When security events make news, you can take advantage of the wake-up call — if you know what to do.

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Is your data being sold on the dark web?

Monitoring the dark web to see if your data is being sold there is risky, but solutions and services are available to help.

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The 15 worst data security breaches of the 21st century

Some of the largest companies in the U.S. have been targets of hackers, including Yahoo, JP Morgan Chase and TJX. Watch as we detail the top 15 breaches and their overall impact on customers or employees.

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Chances are good ... that you’re already infected

Businesses in certain industries need to accept the fact that they are high-priority targets...and may have already been breached.

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Petya: Is it ransomware or cyberwarfare?

It turns out Petya isn't ransomware, but a cyber weapon being used to carry out cyberwarfare activities.

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10 steps for a successful incident response plan

Incident response plans are often left unused, leaving firms far less able to detect and respond to cyber attacks or data breaches. Here’s our 10-point plan to ensure you set up -- or improve -- an IR plan that actually works.

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Cybersecurity has a huge skills gap! Will you be part of the problem or the solution?

There is currently a projected shortfall of 1.6 million qualified persons to fill cyber security roles. Since it is very clear we are vulnerable to cyber attacks and need to mitigate them we need people now. Complaining about...

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PII of 1 million compromised in Washington State University safe heist

WSU backed up their data for their Social & Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) and locked the hard drive in a safe. The safe was stolen and now the PII of 1million individuals has been compromised.

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