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DDoS Attacks Take Down RBS, Ulster Bank, and Natwest Online Systems

Customers of the RBS group of banks were unable to access their online accounts due to a 50 minute DDoS attack

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Personal health information in the wrong hands can be painful

Personal Health Information is much more detailed, and much more permanent, than credit card data. That's one of the reasons it is so attractive to cyber criminals. The other reason is that it is relatively easy to get.

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Hacker steals Bitdefender customer log-in credentials, attempts blackmail

The hacker exploited a vulnerability in an outdated software component to extract information from a single server

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Neiman Marcus case a reminder to check your cyber coverage

In a decision that should send major corporations to double-check their cyberinsurance, a federal appeals court ruled Monday that retail customers could go ahead and file a class-action lawsuit against Neiman Marcus in the wake of...

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OPM, Anthem hackers reportedly also breached United Airlines

Flight manifests including passenger information and destinations were stolen, report claims

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Darkode cybercrime forum might be making a comeback

The former administrator of Darkode, the online cybercrime forum that was recently shut down by law enforcement agencies, is preparing to bring it back, with better security and privacy for its members.

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Most Android phones can be hacked with a simple MMS message or multimedia file

Vulnerabilities in the Android multimedia framework allow attackers to remotely compromise devices with ease, a researcher said


The Irari Report: Threat Intelligence and the Dark Web

Ira Winkler and Araceli Treu Gomes chat with Kurt Stammberger from Norse Corp. about the Dark Web and how Threat Intelligence evolved in corporate environments.

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What can we learn from JPMorgan’s insider breaches?

Another former JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMC) employee was recently arrested by the FBI on charges of stealing customer data and trying to sell it. Similar incidents have occurred multiple times at JPMC over the past few years. Upon...

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US Census Bureau says breach didn't expose household data

The breached database was segregated from systems that hold census data

They fought the law, the law won

Our newsfeeds are inundated with news about criminals breaching the security of various organisations. At times it may seem the good guys are not hitting back. Recent news stories show that perhaps everything is not going the way of...

Researchers disclose four unpatched vulnerabilities in the mobile version of Internet Explorer

The reports contain limited information, making exploit development hard and unlikely

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Researchers disclose four unpatched vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer

Security researchers published limited details about four unpatched vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer because Microsoft has not moved quickly enough to fix them. The flaws could potentially be exploited to execute malicious code on...

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Nigerian scammers buy exploit kits to defraud Asian businesses

A small group of Nigerian scammers is using more sophisticated methods to defraud mostly Asian businesses, including buying exploit kits and malware from experienced coders, according to a new report from FireEye.

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Five arrested in JPMorgan hacking case

U.S law enforcement officials have arrested five individuals who reportedly were involved in the high-profile 2014 computer hacking of JPMorgan.

Hacking the Gibson in the movie “Hackers”

Modern APTs start at your corporate website

Have you ever though which role your corporate web applications may play in an APT attack against your company?

How to surf the Dark Web for fun and profit

The secret, criminal underground of the Internet -- the Dark Web -- is no longer all that secret, with several vendors offering monitoring services

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UCLA detects intrusion, but doubts data was actually accessed

In a statement on Friday, UCLA Health said that attackers accessed parts of its network where personal and medical records are stored. However, unlike previous medical breaches this year, they have no actual evidence that the attacker...

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Data explosion offers challenges, opportunities to security pros

Enterprises are dealing with a flood of security data from firewalls, networks, email systems, individual work stations, servers, and other devices -- Big Data analytics helps companies process all this information, prioritize the...

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