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US govt guide aims to bolster security of mobile devices used in health care

Health care providers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets for tasks such as accessing and transferring medical records, and submitting prescriptions, but these devices may not be secure enough to protect sensitive medical...

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Google slams proposed export controls on security tools

A proposed set of software export controls, including controls on selling hacking software outside the U.S., are "dangerously broad and vague," Google said Monday.

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Why security leaders must seize the opportunity to implement cloud and improve security

Leading Security Change contributor B. Scott Wilson explains why -- and how -- security leaders need to embrace cloud to benefit their organizations and improve security

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Insider secrets for a security leader to assess a cloud provider

Leading Security Change contributor Joan Pepin shares her insider knowledge of what to look for and how to get accurate answers when assessing the security of a cloud provider

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Cloud service brokers help direct you through the traffic

With so many cloud service providers that run the gamut from first-rate to not well known, navigating the cloud territory can seems as daunting as hitching a cart to a horse and heading west.

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Lead, follow, or get out of the way of cloud

Leading Security Change contributor Lori MacVittie shares insights and recent findings on how to successfully think about and guide cloud security decisions

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Are you ready to lead your organization to a more secure cloud?

The first in the “Leading Security Change” series with a candid look at what security leaders need to know and think about in an effort to deliver their organizations security through cloud services in at least three key areas

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Leading Security Change: The way to a secure cloud

As organizations increasingly shift operations to the cloud, security leaders are faced with a choice: champion the effort, react to the changes, or get left behind. Learn how to lead the way to business benefit and improved...

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Leading Security Change - a new series

A periodic, multi-media exploration of top security challenges and solutions. Each series reveals the mindset and actions security leaders need to be successful in an changing landscape.

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Experts divided on security implications of DOJ's deal with Box

Security experts are divided about last week's decision by the U.S. Department of Justice to use Box for cloud-based document storage and collaboration. Putting potentially sensitive data into the cloud poses security and integration...

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Google's new cybersecurity chief cooking up exciting projects

Meet Gerhard Eschelbeck, Google's VP of Security Engineering.

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Seven best practices for cloud security

Learn how to protect yourself in the cloud from the next vulnerability and/or wide scale attack.

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Cloud Security Alliance highlights cloud security momentum and IoT security

Cloud Security Alliance highlights cloud security Momentum and IoT security

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18-year-old SMB vulnerability resurfaces, dozens of vendors affected

SPEAR, the research team at Cylance, has discovered new attack vectors for an 18-year-old vulnerability in Windows Server Message Block (SMB). The updated attack vector, called Redirect to SMB, impacts products from Microsoft, Apple,...

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Cloud computing brings changes for IT security workers

Cloud computing may help a company's bottom line, but it jeopardizes security, researcher Bruce Schneier says


BYOD and cloud are top data breaches and malware risks, survey shows

With the influx of personal devices in the workplace and the unprecedented risk of data breach and malware, tightening IT security at a company can seem like a daunting task. Just how difficult of a task is it?

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Lost in the clouds: Your private data has been indexed by Google

Each day millions of people across the globe create backups of their files. These backups are supposed to offer a measure of assurance that their files are safe and easily recovered if needed. But that's not entirely true.

Lost in the clouds: 7 examples of compromised personal information

While having instant access to your information via the cloud is a major bonus to productivity and convenience, there's a risk that the security trade-off will be too high.

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