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New features in Windows 10 laptop

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What's happening with email?

What’s in store for email security in 2016 and beyond?

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What is a cloud access security broker and why do I need one?

CASB products provide a variety of security measures, including access control, firewall, identity management, anti-malware, DLP, encryption and threat management. So, what are the basic use cases for CASB?

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Cloud access security brokers deliver must-have protection for your SaaS apps

NetSkope edges CipherCloud and Bitglass in test of three ingenious and powerful cloud access security brokers.

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How to best vet third-party vendors

Cloud providers have raised awareness of third party risks to security

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Black Hat basics: Ruminations on 19 years of Black Hat Briefings

As this is my first venture into the world of blogs for CSO, the timing coincides with one of my favorite summer activities—traveling each August to the American desert, to roast in the Nevada sun, and attend the Black Hat Briefings....

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Game of Thrones can teach you valuable security lessons

With new hacking techniques, malware, viruses and threats being created faster than Melisandre’s demon babies, the web is indeed dark and full of terrors. Here are seven lessons for security managers pulled straight out of Westeros. ...


A run down on Black Hat for security newbs

What to expect if it's your first security conference

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9 data security tips for cloud migration

For organizations considering cloud migration, here are nine proactive steps that companies can take to ensure a smooth transition and get tighter cloud security.


Digital security officer recruitment challenges and victories on the cyber battlefield

Veteran cybersecurity recruiter and leadership adviser S. A. Spagnuolo, of global executive search firm ZRG Partners, offers greetings to the reading audience, provides a quick primer on his background and sets his agenda going...

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What cloud security challenges keep CISOs up at night?

With the network perimeter wide open, see what chief security officers can do to keep everything secure?

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Forecast: Mostly cloudy with a chance of failure

The same diligence you use when operating on premises should be used when you move to the cloud.

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Cloud security in 2016: Trust, global concerns and looming IoT issues

Jim Reavis from the Cloud Security Alliance joins CSO to discuss whether enterprises are finally trusting the cloud to protect their data.


Why Brexit could cause data privacy headaches for US companies

The impact of the United Kingdom voting to withdraw from the European Union could have far-reaching implications for international companies who experts say may need to rethink their data management policies as the move could create a...


How to prepare for (and prevent) ransomware attacks

The only sure way to protect yourself or your company from 'ransomware' is with foolproof file backups. These three backup options can all help recover from ransomware attacks.

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Can you shut the backdoor?

Do backdoors put the security of organizations at risk?

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Cybersecurity spending outlook: $1 trillion from 2017 to 2021

Cybercrime growth is making it difficult for researchers and IT analyst firms to accurately forecast cybersecurity spending.

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A popular cloud privacy bill stalls in the Senate

A bill to give email and other documents stored in the cloud new protections from government searches may be dead in the U.S. Senate over a proposed amendment to expand the FBI's surveillance powers.

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Why legal departments begrudge the cloud

Legal professionals are by their nature a skeptical and cautious lot, but the sharp rise in cloud-based applications being used by enterprises and law firms, as well as recent high-profile law firm security breaches, has many legal...

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