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Why the recent court ruling on Gmail matters to you

Email may be coming under different guidance when it comes to warrants and subpoenas as society and the courts address the evolution of technology. Are you prepared to engage in the discussion?

Do security seals on websites matter?

Does a security seal on a website demonstrate a commitment to security?

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Developing a smart approach to SMAC security

As businesses look to take advantage of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) platforms, they first need to consider the risks and security implications of the technologies involved


The Firewall: Questions abound about its future role in cloud, mobile and SDN environments

It’s been 20 years since Check Point FireWall-1 made firewalls mainstream.

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The continuous cloud controls evaluation model

With the growing trend of increasing clouds and increasing complexity of cloud architecture (hybrid, multi-vendor, cloud of clouds), it is imperative to understand and solve the biggest security concerns. Once you evaluate the cloud...

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Campaign targeting user credentials discovered after five years

Researchers at Cyphort Labs have discovered a campaign that is actively targeting usernames and passwords, and has done so undetected since 2009.

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Takedown of No-IP by Microsoft impacts 1.8M customers

New details have emerged in the aftermath of Microsoft's actions against Vitalwerks - the company that operates No-IP ( At current count, 1,832,133 customers were impacted by Microsoft's takedown of No-IP, which directly...

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Hadoop's success drives efforts to make it more secure

Security seen as key to enterprise acceptance

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Microsoft's takedown of No-IP pushes innocents into the crossfire

On Monday, Microsoft said they were taking No-IP ( to task for failing to prevent criminals from abusing their services. The case is Microsoft's latest effort to slow the spread of malware online, but this time innocents are...

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Warning signs corporate computers could be talking to cloud-based malware

The recent discovery of command-and-control software sending instructions to malware-infected computers from Dropbox raises the question of how such threats can be discovered.


Hackers found controlling malware and botnets from the cloud

Along with all that cloud traffic coming into your business may be some malware

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How to avoid having your cloud-hosted business destroyed by hackers

The demise of Code Spaces, a code-hosting service that had its customer data deleted by extortionists, is an example of the dire consequences from inadequate cloud security.


Companies warned of major security flaw in Google Play apps

University researchers have found that developers often store authentication keys in the Android apps on Google Play, making it possible for criminals to steal corporate or personal data.

Feedly hit by DDoS after refusing extortion demands

Hours after Evernote was taken offline due to a DDoS attack, RSS aggregation service Feedly has said they too are fighting a DDoS attack, which has crippled their services.

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DDoS triggers massive Evernote outage

Evernote was offline for several hours on Tuesday, while the company struggled to deal with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

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File sync and share security slip ups

Are your employees using free file sync and share (FSS) applications for sharing sensitive enterprise data? If so, the default public setting could be opening links to your critical data to the world

The sorry state of cybercrime

Attempts to defeat cybercrime are failing…miserably. Understanding where we are failing is an important first step.


Brown HIV researchers make Dropbox secure with nCrypted Cloud

Consumer tech acceptable for sensitive data with a little help from encryption

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Security vendor blames Amazon for customer malware

A security vendor claims Amazon Web Services provided a cloud-computing customer with an unpatched version of Windows that resulted in a malware infection.

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Verizon breach report makes case for behavioral analytics

Verizon's annual data-breach investigations report makes a strong case for behavioral analytics technology that looks for anomalies among user activity to spot hackers.

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