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AWS security and compliance tools embrace enterprise clouds

Two new Amazon cloud products proactively deal with security issues before they become security and compliance problems

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Researchers steal secret RSA encryption keys in Amazon’s cloud

Researchers in Massachusetts have discovered a way to steal cryptography keys stored in AWS’s cloud, raising questions about the security of multi-tenant cloud environments.

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Security risks increase as cloud data centers change

Change is always risky. Fast change is even riskier, leaving less time for change management and checks on changed technologies.

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Government cloud adoption efforts lag as security concerns persist

Half a decade into the cloud-first initiative, adoption in the federal government continues to be way behind schedule mostly due to security concerns. Vendors argue that those concerns are exaggerated.

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Expired certificates cost businesses $15 million per outage

The average global 5,000 company spends about $15 million to recover from the loss of business due to a certificate outage -- and faces another $25 million in potential compliance impact

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XOR: Linux-based botnet pushing 20 attacks a day

In a report released on Tuesday, Akamai has profiled several recent attacks from the XOR botnet, which is capable of DDoS attacks in excess of 150Gpbs. Researchers, after examining the more recent incidents, say that a vast majority...

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Is BYOK the key to secure cloud computing?

Amazon, Adobe and Microsoft offer it but how realistic is it to “bring your own keys?” Do you want your business to have the burden of managing and securing your own cloud encryption keys?

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Doing tokenization and cloud computing the PCI way

In our previous 2 parts to this article, we discussed various aspects of application security and PCI compliance. We conclude our series with a discussion of tokenization and cloud computing, and how to do it to make your PCI QSA...

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IBM tackles 'shadow IT' with a new cloud security tool for enterprises

If there's one thing that can strike terror into a CIO's heart, it's the security implications of the cloud; if there's another, it's the "bring your own" technology trend. Combine the two, and you've got the motivation behind IBM's...

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Identity theft in the enterprise

Identity theft, historically considered a consumer threat, is expanding its horizons. Looking for bigger game, attackers are targeting the enterprise with similar tactics used to hijack online and financial accounts belonging to...

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'KeyRaider' iOS malware targets jailbroken devices

Credentials for more than 225,000 Apple accounts have been stolen by sophisticated malware that targets modified iOS devices, according to Palo Alto Networks.

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How secure is the hybrid cloud?

The term hybrid cloud is used loosely, which is probably why so many companies say they're planning to adopt it. If you’re planning a hybrid cloud strategy, the security questions you need to think about may not be the ones you’d...

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Most corporate risk due to just 1% of employees

Just 1 percent of employees are responsible for 75 percent of cloud-related enterprise security risk, and companies can dramatically reduce their exposure at very little additional cost by paying extra attention to these users.

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When to host your Website's security

Managing the daily updates and upgrades needed to keep the website secure demands a highly skilled administration team.

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Five signs an employee plans to leave with your company’s data

Predictive analytics plays a growing role.

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How the cloud improves security for everyone

Reflecting on the insights and discussions of the Leading Security Change series reveals a clear benefit of moving to the cloud that improves security for everyone


Rapid, automated, *secure* deployment of cloud servers

At Defcon this year, two researchers proposed a model for rapid, automated deployment of cloud servers using Amazon Web Services and a variety of free service providers. Their model is exactly what I mean by convenient security. This...

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Leading to a secure cloud - panel discussion recording, slides & transcript (downloads)

Listen to the recorded panel discussion, check the slides, and read the transcript of the “Leading Security Change” discussion on moving to a more secure cloud.

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