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Election 2016 teaser - Republican vs Democrat

Republican data analytics firm exposes voting records on 198 million Americans

Researcher Chris Vickery has discovered nearly 200 million voter records in an unsecured Amazon S3 bucket maintained by Deep Root Analytics (DRA), a big data analytics firm that helps advertisers identify audiences for political ads....

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Risk aware IAM for an insecure world

In a world full of uncertainties and data breaches, IDaaS providers must deliver more than ever, faster than ever, for businesses to succeed at building trusted relationships and delighting customers at every interaction.

"Security should be invisible"

A Q&A with Guy Guzner, Co-founder and CEO, Fireglass.

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Britain’s eyes on the prize

Britain's new cybersecurity office is designed to partner with business to best protect the nation's digital interests.

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FireEye 2.0: Cyberhumans as a Service

FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia discusses the company's approach to cyber crime and cybersecurity.

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Enhanced Internet architecture to address WannaCry

Global Internet attacks take advantage of current systemic vulnerabilities. An enhanced architecture with improved web applications can help protect the Internet and its critical global applications.

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DevOps and cloud infrastructure permutations

The cloud has one DevOps advantage - it limits the number of permutations of storage, network, and CPU combinations that can be used for infrastructure (IaaS).


Stopping ransomware starts with the security pros

Bromium survey of security professionals shows lapses in their own best practices.

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How CISOs can answer difficult questions from CEOs

A hypothetical conversation can become all too real, and hopefully you are prepared with the answers. Here is a script to help get you started.

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How to counteract another ‘Dyn-like’ attack

Jim Hurley, a Distinguished Analyst at technology research and advisory firm ISG, shares his insights on what enterprises using cloud-based as-a-services can do to work with their providers and reduce risks to their business from...

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OPAQ Networks gains John Terrill as CISO after acquisition

Drawbridge Networks CEO Terrill stays on with OPAQ as its chief information security officer after it acquired his company.

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Cloud security provider Qualys hires Mark Butler as CISO

Butler will be help other CISOs at Qualys's customers drive their digital transformation initiatives.

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Cyber Resilience 2.0, now shipping

The heads of IT security gathered at a recent Think Tank and agreed on a next generation definition of cyber resilience.

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Security-as-a-service model gains traction

A new report finds mid-tier companies are increasingly turning to security-as-a-service offerings to manage their network security needs.

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10 interview questions for hiring cloud-literate security staff

The answers will paint a picture of whether this candidate understands cloud security.

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IBM’s security business up 10 percent, powered by Watson

CSO checked in with Marc van Zadelhoff, general manager at IBM Security - one of IBM’s four strategic areas (cloud, analytics, and mobile being the other three) - for a deeper dive into its security initiatives.

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10 ways Trusted Identities are used

It is always a struggle to control who gets into your network. A third-party might need access for the contractual work they are doing. HID Global runs through some ways trusted identities are used.

Security hurdles in cloud collaboration applications, and how to clear them

Security is a primary reason why organizations hold out on cloud-based productivity/collaboration platforms

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