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nyc power plant

Are vendors on the wrong path where smart plant security is concerned?

Cyber criminals can’t wait for enterprises to mainly apply access controls and encryption as their toughest solution for securing smart plants.

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Heat map to show where burning need is for cybersecurity pros

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is funding creation of a heat map visualization tool that will show where cybersecurity jobs are open across the country. The first rendition should be out late next year.

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How to push security earlier into the dev process

Experts warn that too often security compliance checks are performed too late in the process of managing infrastructure or developing new applications. A new crop of products is aiming help with this problem by automating security...


Ellison: Oracle has fixed security

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison has put better security at the heart of his pitch for the company's new products.

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Ferocious opposition not enough to stop CISA

The Cyber Information Security Act of 2015, which passed the Senate this week, is about improving cyber security through the private sector and government sharing threat information. Opponents’ arguments that it is a clandestine...


Meet the man-in-the-middle of your next security crisis

If he’s the man-in-the-middle, why are you stuck between a rock and a hard place?

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Spending millions on APT defense? Don’t forget about Third Party Risk Management

Being a large company, you have a risk when hiring a third-party consultant - you condemn them to be hacked instead of you.

mcafee endpoint protection

Intel Security will discontinue McAfee SaaS products

Some products will be replaced, but admins will need to start over for setup and configuration

healthcare data cloud

Experts urge caution when putting health data in the cloud

Health care has become a favorite target for criminals, and some medical organizations are reacting by looking at outside providers to keep their data secure. But jumping to the cloud without first taking some precautions can be a...

cso executive ignore overlook

The support security leaders need for better cloud security

Timothy De Block points out an obvious, but often overlooked, key to getting better security from the cloud

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Who is responsible for security in the cloud?

Armor (formerly FireHost) teamed up with the Ponemon Institute to research whether the cloud service provider or the company itself is ultimately responsible for cloud security.

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Why you shouldn’t trust cloud service providers

It’s hard enough really trusting your own employees these days. So when it comes to employees of cloud service providers, columnist Rob Enderle writes you definitely shouldn’t trust them.

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The technocracy is over – innovation is here, plan your security accordingly

Information technology (IT) is going through an age of “technocracy” decline. Innovations in the IT sector have made way for various platforms that can be leveraged to support employees’ workflows and processes. As a result,...


Apple draws cloudy line on use of root certs in mobile apps

Apple's removal of several apps from its mobile store on Thursday shows the challenges iOS developers can face when app guidelines shift.

Eye-catching cloud solutions

Application attacks against clouds up 45%

Application attacks against clouds jumped 45 percent last year, according to a new report

Cloud Security

AWS security and compliance tools embrace enterprise clouds

Two new Amazon cloud products proactively deal with security issues before they become security and compliance problems

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Researchers steal secret RSA encryption keys in Amazon’s cloud

Researchers in Massachusetts have discovered a way to steal cryptography keys stored in AWS’s cloud, raising questions about the security of multi-tenant cloud environments.

cloud data center

Security risks increase as cloud data centers change

Change is always risky. Fast change is even riskier, leaving less time for change management and checks on changed technologies.

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