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heartbleed bug
heartbleed bug

Can data lakes solve cloud security challenges?

What is a "data lake?" And can enterprises use differing data lakes to address cloud security concerns?

Healthcare industry advised to do more thorough risk analyses

Recent study indicates growing list of risks for healthcare security, prompting experts to call for the improved analyses

CDW Integrates with Google Apps for Cloud Collaboration

Through a partnership with Google and Esna Technologies, CDW has rolled out native access to the CDW Cloud Collaboration suite within Google Apps.

Box, Dropbox, or drop both?

Box and Dropbox are both popular solutions for cloud-based file sharing, but do they meet enterprise security standards?

HP rolls out Threat Central security intelligence platform

When it comes to security, money isn’t everything. Better security is not a matter of investing more resources, it’s a function of leveraging resources more intelligently.

Attacks similar to Target breach could stall adoption of emerging tech

Could result in as much as a $3 trillion blow to global economy, according to recent study

VMware to aquire mobile security company AirWatch

Well, it seems that the M&A activity that we saw with FireEye picking up Mandiant earlier this month was just the tip of the iceberg in the market.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Client Management Tools

The client management tool market is maturing and evolving to adapt to consumerization, desktop virtualization, and an ongoing need to improve efficiency.

How to gracefully fall on a sword

One pf the staples of the news around information security of late has been the data breaches that have made the headlines. Be they either of malfeasance on the part of an attacker or by error on the part of someone it happens a lot.

Cloud-based security services poised for rapid growth

Compelling business propositions and BYOD driving security exodus to the nimbus

Exploring the dark side DBaaS offerings

Earlier this summer, a report from 451 Research said that DBaaS offerings will drive IT over the next few years, and the DBaaS industry will grow to about $1.8 billion in 2016 (it was worth just $150 million in 2012).

Shadow IT is undermining your security

A new study from McAfee illustrates the ways shadow IT–employees going rogue and using unauthorized devices or apps–is affecting security

Audit Ready and Asset Optimized: The Solid Promise of an Intelligent Software Asset Management Solution

In this paper Frost & Sullivan examines the benefits of enterprise-grade Software Asset Management solutions, and how these solutions serve as the convergence point for other endpoint management and control functions.

Why security benefits boost mid-market adoption of virtualization

With virtualization on the rise in small- to medium-sized business, its security benefits may be a significant contributing factor

Critics say U.S. tech companies could suffer in warning against China-based cloud services

Congressional commission says that security risk could lead to backlash against American tech companies

Financial service industry takes the lead in curing the third party security headache

Aetna CISO Jim Routh discusses how the ever-expanding threat landscape has led the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) to improve software security at financial organizations

Best practices for safely moving data in and out of the cloud

Having Nirvanix nightmares? Use these safeguards and rest easy

Pragmatic Endpoint Management: Empowering an SMB Workforce in the Age of Mobility

Lacking the time for proper training and education, SMB administrators often resort to taking shortcuts to keep their environment running.This paper discusses the challenges of managing different endpoints in SMB-sized

Georgia Tech warns of emerging threats in cloud, mobile

Study finds that threats call for security measures that are not currently offered by service providers

A conversation with Dave Cole on successfully incorporating security into the product development lifecycle

Dave Cole has successfully addressed and navigated the challenge of incorporating security into product development for the bulk of his career. He recently shared some of his insights on successfully bridging the gap between product...

Let others define the security challenge to solve more problems

When Karen found the spreadsheet, she reviewed the information. What she found was clearly related to the trading floor. She then made an assumption that if the spreadsheet looked important, it needed to be protected. She saw a...

Seven essentials for VM management and security

Still progress to be made when it comes to implementing secure cloud-based initiatives

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