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Why cybersecurity will suffer the same fate in 2015 as it did in 2014

CISOs continue to beg for financial table scraps and the scraps they do get are used to double down on existing technology. The same technology that is failing them now but with a new twist or new buzzwords describing really what they...

FBI circulating IP address released by Anonymous after CENTCOM incident

In a memo released to insiders and experts in the public sector, the FBI has asked for additional details on the CENTCOM social media compromise. The memo has a particular focus on IP addresses released by Anonymous shortly after the...

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5 questions to ask before a breach happens

Use these five questions to start the conversations necessary to 'assume breach' and plan ahead.

Disney Magic Band

The magic of Disney MagicBands

Disney has turned boring physical security into convenience, better service, and an actual revenue stream…

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U.S. CENTCOM Twitter feed compromised by 'Cyber Jihadists'

The official Twitter account for the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) was compromised Monday afternoon, by attackers claiming to support the terrorist group ISIS.

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Staples says 1.16M cards affected during data breach

Staples, one of the nation's largest office supply retailers, said in a statement on Friday that at least 1.16 million credit and debit cards were impacted after POS malware infected systems at 115 stores nationwide.

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Questions remain after FBI charges North Korea with attack on Sony Pictures

The FBI formally accused North Korea of attacking Sony Pictures on Friday, citing three levels of evidence that has led to this conclusion. But does the FBI have it right, or are they missing the obvious?

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Setting the wrong precedent: Top theater chains drop Sony's 'The Interview' after threats

On Tuesday, the group responsible for the attacks on Sony Pictures made threats against the studio, and the theaters planning to show Sony's film, The Interview. Reacting to the message, Sony canceled press engagements with the film's...

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Hackers hint at terror attacks, release more data from Sony Pictures

The group responsible for the attack on Sony Pictures, the GOP (Guardians of Peace), has moved away from their normal rhetoric, issuing a thinly veiled threat of terror attacks on Christmas Day.

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Sony Pictures admits HIPAA data might have been compromised during breach

In a breach notification letter sent to employees this week, Sony Pictures outlines the full scope of data that was compromised by attackers shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Breach insurance might not cover losses at Sony Pictures

Documents leaked by the group claiming responsibility for the attack on Sony Pictures show that the company has upwards of $60 million in cyber insurance coverage after consolidating coverage with Sony Corporation of America. But will...

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Why disaster recovery planning can save lives

After Hurricane Katrina left its mark on Louisiana, the CIO of LifeShare Blood Centers says the need a disaster recovery plan hit home.

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Destover variant signed with stolen Sony certificate was part of a joke

On Tuesday, researchers at Kaspersky Lab reported that a sample from the Destover family of malware – the same family used to attack Sony Pictures – was signed by a stolen Sony certificate. As it turns out, the sample was part of a...

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FBI says there's nothing linking North Korea to Sony hack

During a panel discussion at a security conference hosted by Bloomberg Government, the FBI cyber division's assistant director, Joe Demarest, told attendees that at present, there is nothing to tie North Korea to the attacks on Sony...

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Report: Most companies fail at keeping track of patches, sensitive data

The majority of businesses don't have a solid system for tracking sensitive data or a mature patch management process, according to new survey of IT professionals.

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Mandiant to Sony Pictures: Nothing could have prepared you for this

In a letter to Sony Pictures' top executive on Saturday, Kevin Mandia, the CEO of Mandiant, said that the company's recent security problems were a well-planned crime that is unparalleled to anything his company has seen in recent...

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Sony's IT blueprints leaked by hackers

The hackers responsible for the nightmare at Sony Pictures have released more information, focusing on IT and sales operations.

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The breach at Sony Pictures is no longer just an IT issue

Sony Pictures is in the middle of a nightmare thanks to a group of people with an axe to grind. On Monday, Sony's hackers published thousands of documents compromised during the attack, exposing the company's most important assets -...

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