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How to reclaim your privacy in Windows 10, piece by piece

Windows 10 has deep cloud hooks and shares a lot of data with Microsoft in order to create a smart, seamless experience across devices. If you prefer to keep some privacy, here's how to disable all of it.

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Vulnerability in enterprise-managed iOS devices puts business data at risk

A vulnerability in the iOS sandbox for third party applications, like those installed by companies on their employees' devices, can expose sensitive configuration settings and credentials.

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Adobe patches important flaw in LiveCycle Data Services

Adobe Systems released a security patch for LiveCycle Data Services, a development tool used by businesses to synchronize data between back-end servers and rich Internet applications built with Adobe Flex or AIR.

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Keep these cyberthug holidays marked on your calendar

They won’t knock on the front door bearing gifts and treats, but sooner or later, you’ll know these goons have arrived as you and your organization foot the bill for their good time.

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Microsoft drops emergency patch for Internet Explorer

On Tuesday, Microsoft released a patch for all supported versions of Internet Explorer, including Windows 10. The patch addresses a memory corruption vulnerability, one that is actively being exploited by criminals.

IRS: Breach larger than first reported, 220k additional taxpayers affected

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said on Monday that the data breach reported in May is larger than previously reported, impacting an additional 220,000 taxpayers, bringing the total to 330,000. In addition, the agency will send...

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The Oracle blog mess is missing a global business perspective

Lot of interesting opinions were expressed about recent Oracle's CSO blog post, however not many of them covered the business background of the story. Let's try to fix it.

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Security industry reacts to Oracle’s CSO missive

Reactions to the controversial post diverse and emotional.

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Lenovo's Service Engine marks yet another bloatware blunder for the company

By preventing laptops and desktops from performing a truly clean install of Windows, Lenovo may have left users open to attack.


Windows 10 gets its first set of security patches

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday for August contains critical patches for Windows, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office

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Oracle pulls blog post critical of security vendors, customers

Oracle's head of security advised customers not to submit bug reports from third-party security analysis tools and services

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The 4 most insecure areas of online behavior

When it comes to online security, experts and users don’t always agree on the most effective ways to stay safe.

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API security leaves apps vulnerable: 5 ways to plug the leaks

Why are APIs becoming the target of hackers? Because they’re everywhere.

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Sick of Flash security holes? HTML5 has its own

Web browsers and HTML5 technologies bring their own weaknesses to the world of Internet apps

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File sync services provide covert way to control hacked computers

File synchronization services, used to accommodate roaming employees inside organizations, can also be a weak point that attackers could exploit to remain undetected inside compromised networks.

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Continuous monitoring and web security: Are you competitive with Black Hats?

Nowadays security companies have to compete not only with other vendors, but also with sophisticated cyber gangs. If you will fail to detect and patch security vulnerabilities in a timely manner – Black Hats will do it for you, but...

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Don't get fooled into clicking phony Windows 10 upgrade emails

Fraudulent emails encouraging you to upgrade to Windows 10 will drop ransomware, not Microsoft's new OS, onto your PC.

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Time for a ‘Flash' extinction level event

Ages ago the dinosaurs roamed the earth. All evidence demonstrates that they met with an untimely end. Much in the same vein, I firmly believe that Adobe’s Flash has reached it’s own extinction level event. Time for this dinosaur...

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