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Lenovo store in China
broken window glass crack holes

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Dell support tool responsible for eDellRoot problems

The self-signed root certificate that has left Dell customers at risk was placed on affected systems after an August update to the Dell Foundation Services application.

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U.S. may be financing encryption apps to stay ahead of terrorists

The U.S. government's financial support for the development of smartphone encryption apps doesn't surprise security experts.

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Microsoft’s revised privacy policy curbs Windows 10 fears with more specificity

Microsoft's revised privacy policy addresses some extreme fears about Windows 10 data collection.

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10 dumb security mistakes sys admins make

Do as I say, not as I do: Admin mistakes often surpass the severity of those made by users. Here are 10 of the most common -- and their remedies

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FTC ruling suggests upcoming changes for data compliance regulation

Recent data breaches tell us what private and public sector victims are dealing with: disruption, reputational damage, and significant financial repercussions. They can also find themselves attracting the undesirable attention of...

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10 risky software that have passed their expiration dates

Applications that have reached the ends of their lives are no longer maintained by their original developers, and do not receive security updates. Keeping them around create a security hole.

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Dangerous bugs leave open doors to SAP HANA systems

The most serious software flaws ever have been found in SAP's HANA platform, the in-memory database platform that underpins many of the German company's products used by large companies

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No surprise here: Adobe's Flash is a hacker's favorite target

Adobe Systems' Flash plugin gets no love from anyone in the security field these days. A new study released Monday shows just how much Flash is favored by cybercriminals to sneak their malware onto computers.

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Deploying application whitelisting? NIST has some advice for you

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published a guide to application whitelisting that explains the technology in detail and offers practical advice for how it should be used.

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7 serious software update SNAFUs of the last 25 years

Microsoft’s Windows 10 eager early upgrade wasn’t the first software update gone way too wrong.

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Microsoft follows Mozilla in considering early ban on SHA-1 certificates

Microsoft is considering advancing the blocking of the SHA-1 hashing algorithm on Windows to as early as June next year, taking a cue from a similar decision by the Mozilla Foundation

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Apple wages battle to keep App Store malware-free

Apple is facing growing challenges keeping suspicious mobile applications out of its App Store marketplace.

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Trojanized Android apps flood third-party stores, compromise phones

Researchers from mobile security firm Lookout have found over 20,000 samples of trojanized apps that root devices.

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Apple users having trouble auto-updating QuickTime on Windows 8, 10

A glitch with Apple's QuickTime multimedia program has left some Windows users wondering why they're having trouble updating to the latest version.

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5 signs your Web application has been hacked

Website defacements? Database dumps? Mysterious files? Here's how to tell if your Web application has been hacked -- and how to secure it once and for all

Google threatens action against Symantec-issued certificates following botched investigation

Google wants Symantec to publicly disclose all the certificates it issues and to undergo a third-party security audit after an incident involving the CA issuing unauthorized certificates as part of internal testing.


Ellison: Oracle has fixed security

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison has put better security at the heart of his pitch for the company's new products.

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Oracle's Larry Ellison decries poor state of security, says he's fixed it

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison has put better security at the heart of his pitch for the company's new products, though it could be a tough sell for a man who's long claimed his products are "unbreakable."

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