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Black Hat 2015
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Sensitive access tokens and keys found in hundreds of Android apps

A new study performed by cybersecurity firm Fallible on 16,000 Android applications revealed that around 2,500 had API keys and access tokens for third-party services hard-coded into them.

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Report: Attacks based on open source vulnerabilities will rise 20 percent this year

As open source code becomes more prevalent in both commercial and home-grown applications, the number of attacks based on its vulnerabilities will increase by 20 percent this year, predicted Black Duck Software, which collects...

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Security tops app services priority list

Organizations are increasingly deploying application services to keep their applications humming, and for the first time, they are prioritizing security services over availability services.

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Learning to love DevOps

Security professionals need to embrace DevOps and use it to their advantage. The DevOps Handbook offers an up to date guide for this process.

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There's Still Time! Go Here For Last Minute Deals That Will Ship Fast - Deal Alert

Amazon ships fast, so head to their "last minute deals" page and pick yourself some winners right now, before the 2-day shipping window closes for good.

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World will need to secure 111 billion lines of new software code in 2017

​A little known statistic is arguably one of the most important for CISOs and IT security pros to take note of as they head into 2017.

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What 2017 has in store for cybersecurity

There is much uncertainty surrounding the security industry for 2017. Many of the trepidations of experts in the field are directly connected to what the nation’s next president will do. Find out what else worries them.


What are Microservices?

Developers are finding a new way to create apps and programs - here's a quick look at how microservices work, and what it means for IT shops and their development operations.

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Why don't developers have a 'spellchecker' for security'?

Despite all the news coverage about successful cyberattacks, developers are still writing code full of security vulnerabilities. Of course, nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes, and as software projects get more and more complex,...

Real-world devops failures -- and how to avoid them

War stories: just shut off telnet

Years ago I was working on a project that had a rather interesting premise. It was a way to send a file between two parties that was stamped as verified by a third party intermediary. Pretty basic stuff but, in the 90s it was...

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Business transformation proves to be a catalyst for cybersecurity spending

Evolving risks and business technologies shift focus in security budgets

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7 ways DevOps benefits CISOs and their security programs

Many organizations are regularly pushing out tens if not hundreds of releases and updates on a daily basis. With help and guidance from the security team, organizations can push secure releases on the first try and save lots of money...

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DDoS takedown powered by IoT devices

Lack of security leaves enterprises cleaning up the IoT vulnerability mess

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$29 for This Premium 4-Course Training on Amazon Web Services- Deal Alert

Make yourself invaluable to any company reliant on AWS with The AWS Mastery Bundle, now just $29 for a limited time only.

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Banks find big innovation payoff in hackathons

U.S. Bank is the latest in a long line of banks to cultivate innovation through intense coding jams, but some analysts question whether such events yield tangible value.

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Adobe fixes critical flaws in Flash Player and Digital Editions

Adobe Systems has fixed over 30 vulnerabilities in its Flash Player and Digital Editions products, most of which could be exploited to remotely install malware on computers.

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Build security into software development

Devops improved software development and deployment. Rugged devops brings together security pros, developers, and operations to deliver better application security faster

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Bugcrowd, the for developers and researchers?

Is it better for business if developers and researchers can build a better relationship?

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