Hot products at RSA 2017

01 intro crowd conference
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RSA Conference underway

RSA, the world’s largest security conference, is underway this week in San Francisco with attendees from around the world gathering to hear the latest strategies for fighting cyberattacks. They’ll also be able to view the latest hardware and software to protect their most valuable corporate assets. Here is a brief description of some new security products being announced at the conference.

Credit: attivo

Key features: ThreatOps accelerates incident handling by automatically correlating attack information within one dashboard to score and create playbooks. Attacks are automatically quarantined, blocked, and threat hunting facilitated for attack eradication verification. More info.

appviewx 2
Credit: Appviewx

Key features: SSH+ is a web-based SSH key management solution for network infrastructures that support Linux systems. SSH+ provides powerful features aimed at making user access more secure and efficient 

Credit: bigid
BigID Data Mapper

Key features: BigID helps organizations protect and manage the privacy of personal data they collect and process. Software helps find personally identifiable information, inventory by data subject, map data flows, manage data risk and satisfy compliance for privacy regulations like GDPR. More info.

Credit: bay Dynamics
Risk Fabric Application Value at Risk

Key Features: Application Value at Risk, which is built into Bay Dynamics’ Risk Fabric cyber-risk analytics platform, enables enterprises to quantify the financial impact of cyber risk based on threats and vulnerabilities detected in their environment. More info.

Credit: bitdefender
Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection (HVI)

Key features: Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection is a security layer that defends enterprises against advanced targeted attacks through raw memory introspection directly ay hypervisor level. More info.

Credit: ciphercloud
Mobile App

Key features: Protects sensitive data as it leaves the cloud; it’s the first solution that extends customer-controlled, end-to-end data encryption from businesses, to the cloud, to mobile users, safeguarding the entire enterprise. More info.

Credit: correo
Corero SmartWall Network Threat Defense

Key features: SmartWall NTD1100 extends Corero’s real-time DDoS mitigation capabilities to 100 Gigabit Ethernet connections.  Protection is delivered in a 1 RU form-factor, scaling to 2.5Tbps of protection in a single rack. More info.

Credit: bluvector
BluVector 2.2

Key features: BluVector features improved machine learning performance for advanced threat detection and speed to resolution, expansion of targeted logging for threat intelligence hits that improves the effectiveness for cyber hunting, and enhanced enterprise manageability. More info.

Credit: comodo
Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

Key features – AEP utilizes Comodo’s default-deny endpoint security on Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux platforms; includes enhanced Secure Auto-Containment, protection against zero-day threats, malware (including fileless) and provides remote endpoint administration, control. More info.

Credit: df labs
IncMan 4.0

Key features: DFLabs IncMan 4.0 Security Automation and Orchestration platform is based upon Supervised Active Intelligence which helps cybersecurity operations and incident response teams orchestrate the triage, containment, reporting, and remediation of data breaches and other cyber incidents. More info.

Credit: cyberark
CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution v9.8

Key Features – This platform detects risky commands during user sessions, scores and prioritizes sessions based on risk, and triggers immediate threat response. More info.

Credit: countertack
Endpoint Threat Platform (ETP)

Key features: CounterTack's ETP delivers advanced endpoint security and dynamic threat prevention. The platform integrates multi-technique detection, analysis and auto-response functionality enterprise-wide, to help organizations intelligently counter the most dangerous cyber threats. More info.

Credit: finalcode
FinalCode 5.2

Key features – The newest release of this persistent, file-centric IRM solution includes a secure file preview capability in Box, enhanced support for EMC storage and macro-enabled Office files and screen watermarking. More info.

Credit: gigamon
SSL Decryption

Key features: SSL Decryption is a component of GigaSMART traffic intelligence and now supports delivering decrypted traffic to inline security tools – besides out-of-band tools – to optimize the security of the network infrastructure. More info.

Credit: hexadite
Hexadite AIRS

Key features: Hexadite AIRS, which has automated 1 million cyber investigations, now includes custom playbook capabilities, enabling organizations to find the right balance between automation and customization that fits their specific needs. More info.

Credit: easy solutions
Digital Threat Protection

Key features: Easy Solutions’ Digital Threat Protection suite, endorsed by the American Bankers Association, provides a proactive strategy against fraud by detecting and mitigating attacks aimed at stealing customer and employee information. More info.

Credit: lastline
Lastline Enterprise Spring 2017 Release

Key features: Rapid detection of browser-based exploits delivers superior visibility into/protection from malicious JavaScript within HTML code; faster incident response using shared global threat intelligence, and automated detection of anomalous/suspicious network traffic. More info.

Credit: Imperva
Imperva SecureSphere File Firewall v12

Key features: SecureSphere File Firewall v12 with real-time deception technology is designed to detect ransomware and prevent it from encrypting enterprise data. It adds decoy files to network file shares, luring hackers to strike there first so they can be neutralized before encrypting critical data. More info.

Credit: nsfocus
Threat Intelligence

Key features: NSFOCUS Global Threat Intelligence can help companies improve their situational awareness and enterprise security posture – delivering both strategic and tactical intelligence, and providing organizations with a complete view of the global threat landscape, including China. More info.

rsa archer
Credit: RSA
RSA Archer Ignition Program

Key features: With the RSA Archer Ignition Program, you can quickly and confidently get your risk program off and running. This integrated set of use cases addresses fundamental risk management issues, with professional services and education offerings to get your program off the ground quickly. More info.      

rsa adaptive
Credit: RSA
RSA Adaptive Authentication

Key features: RSA Adaptive Authentication provides visibility across web and mobile sessions and allows organizations to correlate insights from their business and other anti-fraud tools to enhance fraud detection. More info.  

rsa netwitness
Credit: RSA
RSA NetWitness Suite

Key features: RSA NetWitness Suite now provides visibility into organizations’ applications that are running on cloud and virtual infrastructures, and to be deployed to “run anywhere” – on physical, virtual and new cloud infrastructures. More info.

rsa secure 2
Credit: RSA
RSA SecurID Access

Key features: RSA SecurID Access is an innovative identity assurance solution that ensures organizations can provide the right individuals appropriate access, conveniently and securely, from anywhere to anything, from any device. More info.

Credit: sumologic
Integrated Threat Intelligence

Pricing: Sumo Logic Free – up to 500 MB a day; Professional Edition - $90/month starting at 1GB per day; Enterprise Edition – customized based on data need

Key features: Sumo Logic’s security analytics solution provides automated predictive analytics and deep insights for security operations (SecOps) teams to help them more effectively manage and audit their entire modern application environment. More info.

Credit: tenable

Key features: is a cloud-based vulnerability-management platform with an elastic asset-based licensing model to secure today's modern environment, including traditional and evolving assets like containers and web applications. More info.

Credit: topspin security
DECOYnet 3.0

Key Features: TopSpin’s enterprise IoT security is based on a combination of intelligent deception and traffic analysis to discover enterprise IoT devices and create realistic traps for attackers. More info.

Credit: varonis
DatAlert Suite

Key features - DatAlert Suite updates prioritize suspicious activities, accelerate investigations and highlight data vulnerabilities so organizations can quickly mitigate threats. More info.

Credit: vera
Vera for Mail

Key features: Vera for Mail is an enterprise-grade security solution that lets businesses secure, track, and revoke access to any email they send. It’s like having a recall button that actually works. More info.

Credit: untangle
Untangle Command Center

Key features - Cloud-based centralized management allows you to quickly and simply control your Untangle NG Firewall deployments from any browser—without the costly purchase and maintenance headache of an on-premise solution. More info.

Credit: zentera
CoIP (Cloud over IP) Platform

Key features: Zentera recently announced its CoIP (Cloud over IP) platform as the first infrastructure security solution for the multicloud, delivering workload isolation, shield, and filtering to secure enterprise production workloads. More info.

Credit: mimecast
Internal Email Protect

Key Features: Internal Email Protect is a cloud-based security service providing threat management capabilities for internally generated email. More info.

Credit: veridium

Key features: VeridiumAD is an enterprise-ready solution that adds biometric authentication and identity assurance to Microsoft Active Directory environments, allowing companies to eliminate traditional passwords for employees. More info.

1 anomali enterprise
Credit: anomali
Anomali Enterprise 2.0

Key features: AE 2.0 provides security teams with actionable threat intelligence and includes new features such as threat bulletin IOC matching, streamlined UI and timeline view of intrusion lifecycle stages and automatic identification of malware-infected hosts using distributed graph analytics. More info.

1 anomali threat
Credit: anomali

Key features: Anomali’s flagship threat intelligence platform now automatically extracts indicators from known phishing emails to provide early warning to users, and enables bi-directional threat intelligence exchange allowing users to access and distribute through STIX/TAXII protocols. More info.

1 anomali staxx
Credit: anomali
Anomali STAXX 2.0

Key features: Anomali created STAXX to provide the threat intelligence community a simple, easy way to receive STIX/TAXII threat intelligence feeds. New capabilities in STAXX 2.0 include bi-directional IOC sharing, threat intel expansion and export indicator information. More info.

3 globalsign
Credit: globalsign
GlobalSign Auto Enrollment Gateway

Key features: With added ACME protocol support and improved SCEP support, organizations with mixed environments of Linux Servers, Apple OS X clients, and thousands of mobile and network endpoints can automatically enroll and manage digital certificates. More info.

2 anomali splunk
Credit: anomali
Anomali Community App for Splunk

Key features: The Anomali Community App for Splunk combines Splunk’s powerful analytics with Anomali’s comprehensive threat data to identify and respond to detected threats. The addition of an adaptive response workflow from Splunk Enterprise Security promotes seamless investigation and sharing of threats between Security Operations Center and threat analysts. More info.

2 centrify
Credit: centrify
Centrify Analytics Service

Key features: This service uses machine learning to assess risk based on user behavior. It then assigns a risk score, and determines whether to grant access, require step-up authentication, or block access. More info.

Credit: cavirin

Key Features: Based on an agentless, open and scalable architecture, Pulsar offers the transparency required for enterprises to de-risk cloud migrations, simplifying security configuration management and checking posture against known security baselines. More info.

Credit: res
RES ONE Security

Key features: RES ONE Security protects your organization from threats, reduces risk and helps you prove compliance with new capabilities around data masking, service versioning, context-aware security controls and governance reporting. More info.