Niall Browne joins cloud BI startup Domo as CISO

Niall Browne
Domo (One-Time Use)

Cloud business intelligence startup Domo has hired Niall Browne, former chief trust officer at Workday, as the company's first CISO.

In his new role, Browne will be overseeing the security program at Domo, ensuring client’s data is securely managed and governed across the enterprise.

"Security is a key business enabler and we’ve always had a strong security posture in our platform and protocols," Domo founder and CEO Josh James* told CSO via email. "As we continue to expand our presence among the Fortune 1000, the addition of a CISO will ensure our security and trust programs keep us at the forefront of security in the cloud. The addition of a CISO allows us to engage in more meaningful conversations with CIOs and IT leaders on leveraging Domo as the central platform from which data access can be securely managed and governed across the enterprise."

“Companies want to work with providers that they can trust,” said Browne in a press release announcing his appointment. “Domo has done an amazing job embedding security throughout its platform and protocols. My job will be to enhance Domo’s security and trust programs to help keep Domo at the forefront of this wave of managing information in the cloud and allowing customers to more fully leverage their data to accelerate business.”

Browne is a data security veteran with 18 years of experience building and managing global information security and risk management for financial institutions, technology services companies and cloud software providers. Most recently he built up and managed the entire enterprise security program at Workday and prior to that helped asses the security of institutions like Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs.

He graduated from the University of Limerick with a BA degree in Information Technology & Telecommunications. He holds several security certifications as well as a patent on a system for managing adaptive security zones in complex business operations.


* James co-founded of web-analytics company Omniture, which went public in 2006 and was subsequently acquired by Adobe.

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