Why you need to develop an immersive security strategy

a1 immersive

What is immersive security and why it is it important?

Security solutions today are inadequate in part because they do not provide a truly effective experience for consuming security data and analyzing and responding to threats. In this evolving threat landscape, businesses will need to utilize intuitiveness and situational awareness to enable security professionals to really “experience” the data and become more efficient and strategic. Immersive security is a radical approach that utilizes advanced visualization techniques to enable a multidimensional situational awareness of the network. By being ‘in the data’ security professionals are able to better and more quickly understand intelligence in relative context to the rest of their environment. Scott Chasin, CEO and Co-Founder of ProtectWise, describes what you should know about what constitutes an immersive security strategy.

a2 interface

Intuitive interfaces

Your security team can’t be effective examining pie charts and line graphs, and toggling between several browser tabs to reference point products, as they are inundated with tens of thousands of new threats each day. The technology that analysts use must let them take advantage of multiple sensory inputs which provide an immediate situational awareness – as if they were standing in the same room as the invader. The next iteration of the user interface (UI) is designed with gaming mechanics in mind, with highly visual and dynamic displays, incorporating elements like holograms and virtual reality. This type of UI will make the analyst of today immediately effective and will be attractive to a new generation of analysts who were raised on video games, while the intuitive nature will help to close the talent gap in the security industry.  

a3 visibility

Pervasive visibility

The ultimate aim is to have omniscient knowledge of your network. Nothing goes undetected. Immersive security enables this, providing pervasive visibility into every dark corner and recess, and making you all the more effective in dealing with threats. Full packet capture is a fundament to pervasive visibility to capture and analyze the entire netflow, thus enabling the pervasive visibility that is a requisite to immersive security. Modern solutions should offer a contextual interface to give users a precise yet panoramic, multi-faceted window into what demands their attention most.

a4 past

Learn from the past, prepare for the future

Network events take place in real-time. This means they have important stages of development that go beyond the moment data is lost and most security technology alerts are launched. As a result, crucial events occur within the kill chain before security teams are even aware of the attack. The further along the chain an attacker goes, from reconnaissance through weaponization to action on objectives, the more leverage they gain. A retrospective viewpoint enables teams to study the genesis of complex threats as they form, and rather than patch the symptoms of a breach, teams can trace it back to its source. By analyzing the past, security professionals can direct intelligent action forward. When immersed in a network, time is relative.

a5 hunting

Threat hunting

The practice of proactively hunting down network threats – versus waiting for an alert – is the optimal way to thwart them before an attack can do damage or data leaves the environment. When teams implement an immersive strategy, they become even more precise hunters, tracking adversaries from an internal perspective. Teams are able to stalk the malicious threat within the digital realm of the network, making hackers realize that you may not be such an easy target.

a6 cloud

Moving to the cloud

The next frontier of security is the cloud. A hardware-free, cloud-delivered security solution is the only way to scale the type of data needed for pervasive visibility into the network – and it’s essential to enabling an immersive strategy. Leveraging the elasticity of the cloud, businesses can implement a frictionless solution that enables all of the aforementioned elements of an immersive experience, at the same time taking advantage of multiple threat intelligence sources and machine learning capabilities.

a7 summed up

Immersive security summed up

The current security model has failed and something has to change. Immersive security is a both an empirical and intuitive approach to protecting your network from the sophisticated hackers of today. It disrupts the way businesses traditionally evaluate data and is a 180-degree approach to how enterprises have dealt with threats. With this unprecedented level of visibility, a new generation of security professionals can act from concrete knowledge and collaborate in ways that enable faster, smarter and more self-assured responses to threats.