Cybersecurity acquisitions, by the numbers

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Matt Suiche, a French information security expert and previously co-founder and chief scientist at CloudVolumes -- a startup acquired by VMware -- recently listed the top cybersecurity acquirers by crunching the Crunchbase numbers. The Crunchbase dataset is crowdsourced from a global community of users which includes leading technology VC firms and investors.

The number crunching reveals the U.S. leads all nations by a country mile when it comes to cybersecurity acquisitions, with 564 deals under its belt. Coming in at number two is the U.K., with 26 deals reported. Canada tallied 12 deals, for the third most. Japan and Israel recorded 10 deals each.  After that the numbers are almost too small to report unless they were joined together as international or non-U.S. deals.

A chart listing the number of acquisitions by country is here.

Drilling into the U.S. deals, California leads the nation with a whopping 229 deals. N.Y. trails behind in the number two spot with 54 deals. The number three spot goes to Massachusetts, with 50 deals. Texas comes in at number four with 30 deals. Virginia rounds out the top five with 24 deals.

A chart listing all U.S. states and their cybersecurity acquisitions is here.

Cisco is the number one cybersecurity acquirer with 28 acquisitions completed, according to Crunchbase. Symantec -- the world's largest pure-play cybersecurity company by revenues -- is number two with 15 acquisitions. Microsoft comes in third place with 13 cybersecurity acquisitions. IBM and EMC tie for the fourth most cybersecurity acquisitions, with 12 apiece.

Suiche provides a chart in his research which provides a long list of tech vendors and their cybersecurity acquisition totals.

CSO recently reported worldwide cybersecurity spending is forecast to exceed $1 trillion for the five year period 2017-2021. As the market continues its stratospheric growth, expect to see more VC backed startups, mergers, and acquisitions in the second half of 2016 and into 2017.

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