5 must listen to security podcasts

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There are a lot of podcasts out there that you can listen to these days. Now, today I’m writing about 5 must listen security podcasts that you should start adding to your rotation yesterday. So, let’s be fair right out of the gate. This is not a definitive list by any stretch of the imagination and I will share more in a future post. So, if I have not added your podcast favourites have no fear as I will revisit this topic again.

For this post I’m going talk about 5 that I like. OK, well at least 4 that I like and..well, one that I participate on.

Risky Biz Podcast: This Aussie weekly security podcast is a staple of any playlist. Be sure to spend some time with Patrick and Adam.

Link: http://risky.biz/netcasts/risky-business

OWASP Podcast: This is a podcast that is put together by the folks at OWASP. You know, the community folks who have been talking about web security issues for over a decade. The ones that run the AppSec conferences. You should check it out.

Link: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Podcast

Southern Fried Security: And now for some of my favorite southern folks. Be sure to tune in to listen to Martin, Joseph, Andy, Steve and Yvette as they share their reviews on the current security news.

Link: http://www.southernfriedsecurity.com/

Threatpost Podcast: This is podcast by Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook where they talk about the security news of the day. A solid outing worth adding to your play list.

Link: https://threatpost.com/category/podcasts/

And full disclosure, I’m involved in this last entry. So yes, I get the blatant self promotion badge for this one. That being said, I think it’s a solid addition to the list. What, you thought I would disagree with myself?

Liquidmatrix Hacker Radio Podcast: It’s really funny to find write ups about our podcast on some sites. I’ve seen it listed as us having 4 hosts (we actually have 5 of us) and other oddities. We try to keep this podcast on a weekly release cycle and in 2016 we’ve been pretty much on top of things.

Link: https://www.liquidmatrix.org/blog/category/podcasts/

There is a lot of good content out their and not all podcasts are for everyone. These are some examples worth checking out. There are others and I will be reviewing more at a later point.

Also, if you are an information security certificate holder from (ISC)2 or ISACA, as examples, these podcasts are items that you can listen to and report as credits towards maintaining your certificates if you are so inclined.

Let me know your favourite security podcasts.

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