New York Stock Exchange to host CSO summit

Chief security officers are invited to a Wall Street cyber investing conference on May 3, 2016.

nyse building
Credit: Randy Lemoine

Chief Security Officers and CISOs will have a unique opportunity to meetup with the cyber investing community on Wall Street in May.

The Cyber Investing Summit is the world's first conference focusing on the investment opportunities, trends and strategies available in the $100+ billion cyber security sector.

Senior IT security executives will be networking with investment professionals, asset managers, industry experts, financial analysts, members of the media and others, on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. In addition to hearing about cybersecurity market forecasts, M&A activity, and other business-related topics, there are several technical sessions geared towards CSOs and CISOs including:

  • Investing in Personnel: Fixing the Issue of Demand Outweighing the Number of Skilled Professionals
  • Build vs Acquire: The Cost of Building New vs Acquiring Existing Technology
  • Hack Attack Recovery: Measures Taken by Cyber Breach Victims
  • Cryptocurrencies Benefits and Challenges to the Economy

A crowded field of cybersecurity startups and emerging players are aggressively pitching their solutions to corporate America and government agencies. The Cyber Investing Summit hopes to put security leaders face-to-face with the VCs and corporate investors which are funding some of these companies.

The Cyber Investing Summit is a one-day event being held on May 3. For more information, go here.

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