Are you an experienced security leader looking for an advanced degree?

Ron Woerner introduces an accelerated degree program that brings experienced professionals together to learn from each other in a structured environment

Drew Saunders (Creative Commons BY or BY-SA)

What are you doing about the talent available in the security industry? With all the focus on the need to attract and develop more qualified professionals, are you investing in yourself?

What about getting a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity?

Set aside the time and effort. Is an advanced degree a benefit for current and future leadership positions? Maybe it unlocks a pathway to teach advanced courses and shape the future. Sometimes it’s just nice to learn and get perspective.

If you’re looking for a program designed for experienced professionals, Ron Woerner (Bio, LinkedIn, Twitter) just introduced something you might like.  

An accomplished security leader, Ron is now the Director of Cybersecurity Studies at Bellevue University. He spends a lot of time advancing high school and college students into our industry. In the process, he realized experienced professionals need a different approach.

“I love joining people in their educational journey and learn alongside them.  I see my job as coaching them to that next level of their career rather than professing what I know down to them,” says Ron.  

The result is a program that builds on the experience and knowledge of seasoned professionals. Acknowledging an underlying degree, industry experience, and various certifications creates a common foundation. The program builds on that with a structured approach that counts on peer interaction.

The accelerated program provides the structure necessary to advance your career while sharing and learning with your peers. These are other busy professionals, and you get the chance to help each other as you earn your degree. The accelerated format takes roughly 14 months and culminates in a Master’s of Science in Cybersecurity.

Ron shared some highlights of the approach:

  • Students start and end the program as a cohort; they take required courses together  

  • Twelve (12) classes, taken two at a time, for 9 weeks (each class is 9 weeks)

  • All classes are held online to provide the flexibility necessary for experienced security leaders

This program is in addition to the traditional program. Learn more

Leaders who invest in themselves tend to create more value in those around them. Let me know what you think of the role of advanced degrees, this approach, and how you’re investing in yourself.     

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