Happy New Year and welcome to XSS

CSO has launched a new blog geared towards consumers

Daily, CSO Online and the blogs that it publishes tell dozens of stories focused on corporate risk and security. That isn't going to change, but XSS is something new. This blog will focus on security from a consumer's perspective, as well as covering the latest scams and schemes cluttering the Web.

There will be some cross-over between corporate and consumer news, especially when a given threat impacts both segments -- like the ransomware application known as Cryptolocker -- but we'll try and keep that to a minimum. However, office workers are consumers too, and they're likely to face threats on both fronts (at home and at work) and that's who we're writing this blog for.

If you're familiar with security already, you might have spotted the tongue-in-cheek reference in our new blog's name. XSS (or Cross Site Security) is a bit of a pun at the expense of the real XSS (Cross-Site Scripting), which is a serious Web application flaw. We picked the name XSS for this blog because it ties into the security theme of the other blogs (including Salted Hash), and it allows us to cover topics across various domains.

If it's a security-related topic and impacts the consumer market, we're likely to cover it here. This includes, but by all means isn't limited to, malware, scams, hoaxes, phishing, how-to articles, daily news round-ups, and more.

So welcome.

Everyone at CSO will be posting to this blog, some more than others, but you should feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly at any time. We encourage feedback (good and bad) as well as suggestions.

Happy New Year!

Steve Ragan

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