26 of the craziest and scariest things the TSA has found on travelers

Sickles, grenades, blasting machines and cannon barrels just a few items in your fellow travelers carry-ons.

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Guns were the big-ticket item the U.S. Transportation Security Administration found the most of in on the traveling public 2014. Through mid December there were almost 2,200 guns discovered at TSA check-ins, up about 20% over 2013. Unless you live under a rock, trying to carry a gun onto airplane should be an obvious no-no. But guns aren’t the only things that grab the TSA’s attention. Lots of grenades, and bomb-like gear is also out there – a lot. Here’s a look at some of the things the TSA confiscated or otherwise questioned in 2014.

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Not your average PlayStation

Gun parts stuffed ion a PlayStation 2. This one got the passenger arrested.

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Going farming?

A sickle. Hmmm perhaps a farmer forgot a tool?

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The parade of grenades

Grenades and grenade-shaped cologne bottles.

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A stocking stuffer?

A pen and highlighter combo concealing small knives.

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WWII blasting machine. Would put this in checked luggage just out of principle.

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No onboard fireworks, thanks

A fireworks-style smoke grenade was discovered in a carry-on bag at Washington-Dulles.

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Just scary

A machete was discovered concealed within the lining of a carry-on bag at Tampa.

011315 tsa 9

Fishing anyone?

Spear gun. Pretty sure you don’t need this is in the carry-on section.

011315 tsa 10

Useful if going to Gilligan’s Island

Flare gun.

011315 tsa 11

Things that go boom

An explosives training kit was discovered in a traveler’s checked bag at Northwest Florida.

011315 tsa 12

Just dumb

92 pounds of marijuana.

011315 tsa 13

Training warhead

An inert warhead used for training was discovered in a carry-on bag at Tucson.

011315 tsa 14

That’s a special cut

Nearly three pounds of cocaine discovered in meat.

011315 tsa 15

Slice and dice

A cane sword.

011315 tsa 16

100 small cuts

A Kubotan  is a small wooden, plastic, or metal self-defense weapon that’s usually found on a key chain ring . Certain varieties of Kubotans can pull apart to reveal a blade or pepper spray. They’re considered a martial arts weapon and are prohibited from being packed in your carry-on bags. They’re illegal in some jurisdictions and can lead to civil penalties or even arrest, the TSA said.

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Maybe John Belushi was around?

Samurai sword.

011315 tsa 18

Cannon Barrel

You can add this one to the “items we don’t see every day” category, the TSA stated. An unloaded cannon barrel was discovered along with a passenger’s checked items at the Kahului Airport.

011315 tsa 19

Just another training mission

A military training kit containing inert blasting caps, inert detonators, inert detonating cord, and inert C-4 were discovered in a checked bag at Honolulu (HNL). The baggage room was evacuated.

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Your basic stun gun disguised as a cell phone.

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Bear attack deterrent.

011315 tsa 22

Scary again

Loaded folding rifle in carry-on bag at DFW.

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Cheap knock-off

A notebook cover was discovered in a carry-on bag at Albany that looked like an improvised explosive device on the X-ray monitor. There was no malicious intent, but it’s important to remember that homemade DIY projects can often look pretty ominous to our X-ray operators, the TSA said.

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Again with the fireworks

Inert firework casing.

011315 tsa 25

More boom-boom

Aluminum powder (fireworks).

011315 tsa 26

Perhaps going to a “Game of Thrones” convention

A pretty good sized mallet.

011315 tsa 27

Um, yech

Your basic enchilada with a side order of knife.

011315 tsa 28

Not gonna be a good morning

Novelty exploding alarm clock.