BSides Toronto 2014


I'm very pleased to announce that BSides Toronto is returning for the second year! This year the conference is bigger, better, faster and...well, still one day in length but, we have an awesome line up. And no I'm not just paying "lip service". It's really here! Normally it would have been paired with the Sector Security Conference but, because stuff happens it has been pushed out to Nov. 22. 

Without further ado, here is the line up:

Speaker | Talk

  1. Augusto Barros | Security and Behavioral Economics
  2. Mark Baseggio | Shut the Front Door
  3. Lee Brotherston | Corporation in the Middle
  4. Eric Evenchick | CAN Bus Stuff
  5. Roy Firestein | Honeydocs and Offensive Countermeasures
  6. Dan Frisch | Black Hat Python
  7. Saurabh Harit & Stephen Hall | Gone in 60 seconds - Practical Approaches to Hacking with Yasuo
  8. Richo Healey | Debugging with, and Haxing on Voltron
  9. Jason Kendall | Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana: Not plain ol’ syslog
  10. Ben Hughes | Handmade, Artisan, Probably Knitted Security at Etsy
  11. Katie Kleemola | Communities at Risk
  12. Kellman Meghu | TBA
  13. Michael Perkin | Standardizing Security in the Cryptocurrency Industry
  14. Jeremy Richards | Fun with Firmware
  15. Allan Stojanovic | Logs and Tactical Defence
  16. Greg Wiseman | Introducing Recog

The conference will be held at a new location this year. This year we've moved over to the Studio Bar at 824 Dundas St W in Toronto. Better sight lines and more room this year. If you need a ticket (and you know that you do) you can find them here.

If you have some spare time you can have fun poking around the BSides Toronto website. Have a look at what I found (and no, I didn't know that was on the site). 

ascii james

Stop sitting around "waiting for the end of the world". Be sure to come out for a great BSides Toronto and join us for our triumphant return for a second year.

(Image used under CC from ocad123)

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