Top 10 Windows 10 Technical Preview feedback requests after 1 week

A week after trying out Windows 10 Technical Preview, here are the top 10 most requested feedback issues.

Windows 10 Technical Preview
Credit: Microsoft

It’s only been about a week, but Matt Goldstein used a script to analyze the most popular feedback requests Microsoft has received so far for Windows 10; he then sent that data to Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows.

So far, the only two requests that have received more than 400 votes include:

1. “Let us move or disable the new search and/or taskview buttons;” it received 415 votes. Folks only have so much room on the taskbar so forcing permanent additions to take up that real estate is a bad idea. A grand total of 701 similar votes came from including 286 votes for the “option to remove search button from taskbar.”

2. “Add a little animation/transition when opening the Start menu” has so far received 453 “likes.”  

3. “Make it easier to use a local account;” it has been requested 329 times. Thurrott suggested, “Folks, it's time to enter the 21st century, and if you can't handle a connected account, maybe Windows 10 isn't for you.” Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but despite the fact that Microsoft did not recommend local account setup for Windows 8.1, I’m a pretty big fan of setting up local accounts so no email account is tied to Windows logon.

4. 325 people have suggested that Microsoft “Add tabs to File Explorer.”

5. “Can't access Charms” via a mouse; it is a problem so far reported to Microsoft engineers 296 times.

6. 293 folks have asked Microsoft to “Make a beautiful boot screen.”

7. “Unable to select multiple tiles when using CTRL.” Thurrott did not specify the number of votes for this feedback.

8. 277 people have requested “Complete the transition from the Control Panel to PC Settings.”

9. 271 people want Microsoft to move past Windows Vista’s vision for Windows and “Complete updating icons.”

10. “Allow specific background images and folders on each virtual desktop” is a suggestion that has received 266 “likes.”

Despite bringing back the Start Menu, Microsoft can’t please everyone. Suggestions made in the comment section on the Windows 10 announcement include completely killing off Live Tiles from the Start Menu. Microsoft said Windows Insider Program users will sometimes be asked for "feedback in real time." If, for example, "you open up the new Start menu and rearrange the tiles, we’ll ask what you thought about it."

Feedback on Windows 10 Tech Preview tiles Microsoft

If you are trying out Windows 10 Technical Preview, then you definitely should send feedback; otherwise Windows users might be stuck with another horrible flavor like Windows 8. Supposedly Microsoft is paying attention this time; some say the Redmond giant is paying too much attention, but if Microsoft engineers are watching anyway, then why not make your voice heard?

I think, in the name of transparency, it would be very interesting if Microsoft would setup a page showing feedback requests and the number of votes each received. That, as much as anything, would show how much the company is paying attention and making changes based on feedback from loyal Windows enthusiasts.

Windows 10 tech preview feedback Microsoft

For now, those who enter feedback can "vote" by selecting "me too" or entering their own words. Microsoft explains how to use the feedback app:

  1. Click the Start button Windows Start button, type Windows Feedback, and then click Windows Feedback.
  2. Pick the category that most closely matches your feedback (so it gets to the right people quickly). For example, if you want to give feedback about the Music app, click Apps, and then click Music.
  3. Type a few keywords to see if someone else has given similar feedback. If you find similar feedback, click it, add more details if you want, and then click Me too! If you don't see similar feedback, click New feedback.
  4. Enter your feedback (the more details the better!), add a screenshot if you can, and you're done.

Give your feedback; Microsoft says, "don’t worry about hurting our feelings—be honest!"

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