What to do when you are on the receiving end of a data breach

Earlier in the week I shared my experience, which is probably (or at least hopefully) like most, with having credit card information stolen
Since that time, there’s been a nice article written with some common sense ways for folks like us to proactively protect ourselves rather than relying on the measures financial institutions have in place (which are important as well):
1)      Monitor Your Bank Statements, At Least Monthly
2)      Use Your Credit Card, Not Your Debit Card
3)      Get Free Credit Monitoring
4)      Bank Smarter (set up account alerts, never use the same password for less secure sites, use paper checks, etc.)
5)      Don’t Depend on Companies to Inform You of a Breach
It’s mostly common sense, but not to be overlooked. Not sure about sure paper check part is necessary, but maybe I am just lazy). If you have other recommendations, please comment on this post.

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